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Ways of Relating to the Lightworkers Healing Method®

Dear friend, there are many ways of bringing LIGHT to the planet, and they all have their place. We honor and recognize the beauty and importance of all other spiritual paths and healing paths. We also recognize the effectiveness of the Lightworkers Healing Method®, which opens an unusually deep access into the Higher Dimensions. This doorway opens because our entire focus is to bring people (and all beings) into alignment with their individual Soul Plans, and that is what the Guides and Angels care about.

There are also many ways of relating to the Lightworkers Healing Method®: as a client, as a classroom student, as one who completes the Core Curriculum, as a Certified Lightworker, and more.

Client. Some people are happy to be clients, to receive the benefit of this amazing healing art from a Certified Lightworker. This is a wonderful way to heal and to move forward in life.

Classroom. The skills we teach can help you effectively relate to and live your life path, whatever it is. Learning the Lightworkers skills does not create a new path for you; rather it shines the Light on your existing Soul Plan. Some people take a class or two, find it catapults them forward on their life path, and move on happily. This too is absolutely fine! Take what you are ready for now, and leave the rest for another day. Sometimes these people return a year or so later to review a class, and then move on to complete the Core Curriculum. Their lives and work transform.

Core Curriculum. Some students complete the entire Core Curriculum so they are eligible to continue on into the Higher Level classes and retreats. They don't pursue certification, but they find their lives change in amazing ways. The Lightworkers community is important to them, and they are important to the community. These students may incorporate what they are learning into their existing healing practices or other work. They find it opens and expands their previous work, and this too is fine! It is not the same as the full Lightworkers Healing Method® access into the Higher Dimensions, but it's enough to transform their lives.

Certification. Some people chose to complete the Certification Program, and earn the title of Certified Lightworker. These people want to learn how to get the Lightworkers Healing Method® access into the Higher Dimension world, and to have the magical amazing experience of life that occurs when that trapdoor opens. They are willing to do what it will take to get proficient, to move beyond the early stages of Higher Dimension access they are probably already experiencing, and into a space where there are truly no limits and where miracles happen daily, in our presence and in our lives. If you are ready to become a Certified Lightworker, read on.

Become a Certified Lightworker in the Lightworkers Healing Method

Certification Program

Our Guarantee. We believe in you, and hold fast to that belief. We never give up on anyone or anything. We will match your efforts on your own behalf, and will walk with you along this path as far as you wish to go. We will tell you the truth with love, and will call you into your greatness. We will always be here for you.

In order to help you most effectively, we speak and write as clearly as we are able to, telling you what has proven to work in the past, and what has proven to not work. Our words come from a space of deep love and respect for you, and a profound wish to help you. Feel our love as you read the words. It's real.

Why Get Certified? In seven years, no one has achieved proficiency without it. We are blind to what we need to do to improve; the mentors can help you see yourself clearly. They help you move beyond the temporary access that occurs through grace, and into proficiency.

Eligibility and Cost. After completing Level Two: Letting Go of the Past, you are eligible to enter the certification program. We do not charge for the Certification Program, although you are expected to both complete and review the Core Curriculum, either at your own expense or with scholarship assistance. At first, all we ask of you is that you be coachable. To be coachable means, "to listen with the intent to learn rather than to show what you know, to lack arrogance and defensiveness, to be completely teachable, trainable, and malleable."

Steps in the Certification Program.

  1. When you express a desire to seek certification, you are matched with a mentor. This is usually your first or second choice of the mentors available at that time. You can expect to have more than one mentor during the course of your journey to certification.
  2. You practice facilitating Lightworkers Healing Method® sessions, which we refer to as Case Studies. More on this below.
  3. As your skills develop, you will be given more advanced training opportunities, which are often tailored to your specific needs.
  4. When Lynn and the Mentoring Team are in consensus that you have met the standards for certification, you will be eligible to demonstrate proficiency. You must pass two separate proficiency demonstrations with two separate Certifying Mentors.

Continuity. You must maintain the Certification standards in order to maintain your status as a Certified Lightworker. If your skills lapse, so does your Certification. Please refer to Maintaining Your Certification.

Case Study Process Explained

Why Case Studies? There is so much Grace as we learn this Divine healing art! We do our best, and some element of the Divine supplies the rest. We can stink at the art, but if we are really trying, the Guides, Lightbeings, and Angels will reach down and create miracles in our presence and in our lives. Grace will only carry us so far, however. Our mentors help us move beyond depending on Grace to carry the sessions, and into true proficiency.

Mentored practice sessions have proven to be the only way to learn the alignment and characteristics necessary to gain the Lightworkers Healing Method® access into the Higher Dimensions. Assessing the alignment of an energy body is an objective, quantifiable, precise, and subtle skill. Your mentor will observe your alignment in the case studies, help you to notice the learning opportunities the sessions present to you, and will help you become aware of what you can do to progress. Therefore mentored case studies are the heart of the Certification Program.

Record, Write Up, and Submit. Record your practice session (explained below), write up the case study in two pages or less (format explained below), and submit it to your current mentor by email. All case studies are submitted and reviewed by email so we all have a record of the session and the discussion that follows.

Please submit only recent studies. What matters now is the work you are doing now. Let the past be the past; let old cases be simply practice for proficiency. If the case is older than two weeks old, it's time to facilitate another session anyway. Practice is after all how we actually learn any art! If this bothers you, please speak to your mentor about it. Let us help you. We want to help you. It brings us JOY.

Recording Your Sessions. It is important to record all sessions for two reasons. First, so you can remember what happened in order to do the write-up. Second and more importantly, each client should receive a recording of each session. The energy of the session is in the words. Your client should listen to it repeatedly to continue to strengthen and solidify the changes to the energy body that occurred during the session. Part of your role is to explain this to him/her so s/he can do his/her part in the healing dance.

Write-Up Process. Listen to the recording and summarize what happened. Don't feel overwhelmed by this. Consider one to two pages in length to be plenty. If you feel it simply must be longer that's okay, but a one-page write-up is often enough for us to connect with what happened, and help you take the next step forward. Be as detailed as you feel you must be while staying inside the two-page limit. This isn't an English test. We don't care about grammar or spelling. We aren't judging you. We LOVE you. We are here to support you in learning this Divine energy healing art.

Examples of what to include: How did you do the Opening Process? What did you say? What did you sense? How did the session proceed then? Give examples of the images-sounds-feelings-perceptions as the session unfolds. Was there a trauma, and if so, was it from a past life? Did you work with a life path? Did you sense Lightbeings? How did each part resolve? What did you do? What did the Guides say, and what did the Lightbeings do? How did you know when one part was over and it was time to continue on? Did you and your client feel complete? What results did the client experience? Most importantly, do you have unresolved questions about what happened?

Include notes about your awareness of your alignment and functioning. Examples include: when you lose or deepen the merge, or where your channels were pointed at various points in the session, and what you did to draw them UP. Note when and how you refresh your UREE (Upward Rising Earth Energy). Note when you get lost, and how you get back on track. Note how you know it is time to close, and how you do the Closing Process.

The subject line of your email should be:

Your name, case study #___, date of the session.

The body of the email should contain:

  1. Your name - sometimes subject lines change, so this is important
  2. Case study number - again, we need this here too
  3. Date of the session - yes, we need this here too
  4. Client's first name or initials, approximate age, occupation, and brief description of his or her intention/intentions
  5. Description of the session begin with the Opening Process, continue into the body of the session, and end with the Closing Process. What did you observe? What was your part in the session? How did the client's symptoms respond? This narrative is the main part of the case study.
  6. What you learned from the session: this is crucial and is perhaps the most important part of the case study.

Please keep the total write-up to two pages or less and until your mentor says otherwise, include a full description of your Opening and Closing Processes. Until those are solid, nothing else matters more.

Paste the write-up into the body of your email. Please do not send it as an attachment. Sometimes they won't open and that makes extra work for all of us.

Submit case studies as you go, so you can incorporate the feedback into your next practices, and make progress. Please do not submit old cases; we want to know what you're doing now! You should receive a response within a week. If that hasn't happened, it may be lost. Please follow up.

Review Process. When we receive your case studies, we do our best to review them and return them to you within a week. In rare occasions it may take as long as two weeks to get a response. Remember we are all volunteers here. However we also remember how it was to be waiting for feedback ourselves, so we strive to get back to you in a week.

We review the case studies in "session mode," not as our "regular" selves. Exactly as when we facilitate a healing session, we begin with an Opening Process, point our channels UP to the Lightworkers Healing Method® Teachers and to your Guides, and allow them to work through us. We read your study with the intention of helping you reach proficiency in the Lightworkers Healing Method®. As we do so, the Guides and Teachers will prompt us to comment or ask questions. Therefore, when we ask questions, please answer them; reply to the email with those answers. Lynn still reviews all case studies, including the mentor's review. If she comments on a case, please respond fully to her comments or questions. Just as with a session, you, your mentor, and Lynn must all feel complete with the case study before it is declared complete.

Final Steps in the Process of Reaching Certification

Proficiency in the Core Curriculum means that you can demonstrate:

  • Level One alignment: You must able to merge effectively, to keep your channels pointed UP to the Guides, and to keep your pillar stable, balanced, and clear, with a strong flow of UREE (Upward-Rising Earth Energy).

  • Techniques of Levels Two and Three: This must include: trauma release including past life traumas, all phases of soul fragment healing, life path work, soul contract work, books of knowledge, and future life assistance.

  • Level Four characteristics: You must demonstrate integrity, the ability to discern truth, humility, trust in the Guides and the Plan, and (after those three are in place) stability.

  • Level Four access: you must have a variety of Lightbeings showing up in your sessions, willing to use you as a channel.

Advanced Training to Achieve Proficiency. As you begin to have some level of ease in the sessions themselves, the training process will change. This is similar to what occurs in other professions. For example, after two years, medical school students take their Board exams. Then they begin hospital rotations in which they see patients in hospitals while other doctors are supervising them. Similarly, our Certification Program has other aspects to it that come after your basic skills begin to fall into place. For example, because developing awareness of where our channels are pointed is so crucial to the ability to discern the truth, you will be given many opportunities to learn skills of assessing channel alignment, and of recognizing where your own channels are pointed.

When the teaching and mentoring community reaches consensus that you have the requirements for certification, you will be ready to demonstrate proficiency. Readiness is not determined by the number of case studies you have completed or by the number of classes you have taken, but rather by your proficiency with the art.

Proficiency Demonstrations. You will be assigned two Certifying Mentors, and will arrange a session with each of the Certifying Mentors (sometimes by telephone). The session will be like a regular session, with the mentor as your subject. S/he will be a vessel for the Teachers and will evaluate the sessions. Sometimes an extra demonstration is necessary to include material from all four levels, or to tweak an area not yet mastered. If this happens, don't be discouraged! You are almost there! Keep going; you can do it!

When Lynn, and the Mentoring Team agree that you have demonstrated proficiency in the Core Curriculum, you will begin as a Certified Lightworker. See Maintaining Your Certification.

Charging and Speaking to Clients about Lightworkers Healing Method® Sessions

If you have an established healing or counseling practice, we encourage you to begin incorporating the Lightworkers Healing Method® techniques right away. Typically students find this deepens and enriches their existing skills. Please let your clients know you are studying this method but are not certified in it. Don't imply a level of proficiency that you don't yet have. Tell the truth about where you are in the process. That way your clients don't get a misconception about the Method based on your early attempts, and later on they will be open to having more Lightworkers sessions with you.

While you can begin to practice with your client base right away, we recommend offering some free Lightworkers sessions until you feel you are giving enough value to charge for them. You'll know when you should charge for these practice sessions. Sometimes the client offers to pay; that's a good signal. Sometimes people begin charging by accepting love offerings, and that is fine.

If you don't have a previous healing practice, we request you wait until you are certified before charging.

Privacy Considerations

Lynn's Participation. All case studies and communications will be shared with Lynn by bcc and forwarding emails. She may or may not participate in any of the discussions about your session. Out of respect for the demands on her time running all aspects of the Lightworkers Healing Method® program, please direct all communications to your mentor unless Lynn asks you a question or makes a comment directly to you. In that case, please do respond to both Lynn and your mentor.

Sharing with Clients. It will be assumed that you will not share the discussion of your sessions with your clients, and all comments in your reviews will be worded according to that assumption. Your clients will not have the same understanding of the process as you, so sharing what the Teachers say is not usually helpful to them. If you feel there is something that would truly benefit your client, please let your mentor know so you and he/she can discuss how to approach that.

Teaching Team

The teaching team works as a group, and mentor assignments shift over time. You will have the opportunity to work with multiple mentors so you can see what is individual and what is system-wide. Therefore, there are times when information about your progress will be shared with other members of our teaching team. These communications are essential in order to provide you with the best mentoring experience possible.

Remember that the mentors and the teaching team are all volunteers and that they are offering you a priceless gift, asking in return only that you be coachable. All of us are also learning and growing. Sometimes we too get afraid and resist our growth, and sometimes we are able to live from the perspective of our Higher Souls and offer ourselves fully as vessels to the Teachers. The gift in this is it keeps us humble, and also helps us have compassion for you as you go through the identical cycles of fear, resistance, surrender, and breakthrough.

Closing Thoughts

Lynn supervises the entire mentoring process, and continually looks for ways to make it even better. As a result you can expect the process to evolve. Please be open to whatever happens during your process, and please communicate your needs and concerns as they arise. We will do the same. Truth is always best.

Please understand that all questions are welcome. No matter how trivial it may seem at the time, the answer to your question could be exactly what you need to have a breakthrough. Don't hold back; if there is any doubt, please ask. This is what we are here for, and it brings us JOY.

Dear friend, don't let this overwhelm you. This is a LOVING process that supports people to achieve access at whatever level they wish to achieve - and then to keep that access going. We never give up on anyone or anything, and the only way to fail is to quit. It's true - we are here for you, for the duration. You can do it, you can! We will help you, but more importantly, the Guides and the Teachers will help you. By working together, each doing our part, the world transforms!

Energy Healing Certification - Ways of Relating to the Lightworkers Healing Method®
Become Energy Healing Certified with the Lightworkers Healing Method
From a student in the certification program:

"Dear Lynn,

I am thanking you and the true Guides for giving me an incredible lift. Every word rings true. I will follow the guidance...Your teaching/coaching approach case after case is consistently phenomenal. Thank you so much.

Big Hugs,"

Walter Chrisman, Saugerties NY

"Hi Lynn,

Thank you for your wonderful feedback. I've been supervising other family counselors for over 20 years. You are a remarkable mentor who instills hope & possibility- a supervisee's dream. I've gotten new tips with every case study. I reread my other cases studies a few days ago. The mentoring is more advanced than the book-- and continuously fresh. I agree with all of it. Matter-of-fact, I always do. I'm not going to argue with Divine wisdom. Sometimes I'm lazy when writing the CS and word things poorly. I do strive to report my struggles so that I can eventually improve. Speaking for myself, there is an ecstasy in doing this work. Yet, it doesn't allow gloating and/or chest-thumping. Being in closer proximity to the Divine is about as good as gets in life.

With Deep Gratitude,"

Walter Chrisman, Saugerties NY

"Dear Lynn and Donna,

I'm always blown away by your supervision. Thank you! I could go on & on about it.... I will strive to follow your directives/suggestions. All of it resonates with me. I am so-o blessed!

Donna, you put your heart & soul in it. The Lightworkers Healing Method® is the best healing/therapeutic system I've experienced. Lynn is the most aware individual I know of regarding the higher dimensional realms. Her profound knowledge and skillful means are precisely channeled from the extraordinary Beings who are actively accessible in teaching, healing & guiding us to a more meaningful way of living. Training protocols are provided for serious students who wish to participate in an amazing healing process or journey that deeply enhances soul development. Beyond doubt, LHM is the absolute real deal!

Big Hugs,"

Walter Chrisman, Saugerties NY
From a Core Curriculum graduate now actively in the certification process:

"Dear Lynn!

Your support is so amazing! Thank you so much for all your words! This learning point was so important to me. I couldn't go any further with my crazy ways. This problem ruined my days and nights; it was taking me down. It was hard to admit my big big mistake, and face it! But now I don't see it that way. Now I only see that I've learned a huge lesson. After Your letter Lynn, I understand on a deep level and I feel changed. Now I am so at peace with people! I love them just the way they are. I am not circling around in my mind. I can focus on more important things.

Also, I asked myself, 'why would we not listen to the Guides?' Why? In the past, my ego-mind said: 'I can fix this, I know how to do this, I don't need help.' Now I see we have to let go of that. We don't know what we really need as well as our Guides do. They are teaching us, helping us.

I will go back into the case again, as you have suggested. What else is the learning, otherwise.

Thank you so much!! Lynn thank you!

Love and Love"

Olivia Odor, Norwalk CT
"The Lightworkers Healing Method® has changed my life and is, by far, the most powerful healing method I have experienced as a Lightworker and as a receiver of healings.

"Lightworkers Healing Method® has also has given me a much more positive and hopeful way of experiencing life. The people who come for healings have experienced physical as well as mental, spiritual and emotional healing."

Linda Sanda DMT, Venice FL
"Working with the future gave me a sense of a full circle and completion. Working with my own future self has been such a comfort and joy. This is me, and this 'me' understands and has already lived my present lifetime. The healings that have been handed down from the future really 'grease the works.' The life-lessons come with more ease, and can pass and be incorporated far more quickly."
Stephanie Aaronson, St Petersburg FL
"The Lightworkers Healing Method® is an extraordinary and wonderful method that teaches Lightworkers to channel powerful healing energy to alleviate pain and suffering. Lynn and her teaching staff present in-depth workshops and on-line webinars demonstrating the Lightworkers Healing Method®, they instruct and coach students in the method, and they identify the guiding principles for this amazing healing method. I have been in nursing for over thirty-five years and am thrilled to learn a healing method that reduces pain and suffering without using medication or invasive techniques or procedures. I highly recommend everyone involved in the healing arts to learn and practice this approach to health and wellness."
Doreen Barrera, RN from Boston
"Lynn, you are awesome. Thank you so much for your responses. So many issues are clearing up for me. I am writing you quickly here after case #6, but have absorbed your responses to me from case #5 also. I feel like I understand our life on this planet, and also how it relates to our contribution in the Universe. It's like the pebble effect on water; the effect keeps spreading. There's no end, just growth, and it's our job to make it so.

Beats the heck out of traditional college for sure!

Tons of gratitude and love,"

Doreen Barrera RN, Quincy MA
"I was totally blown away by the Level One weekend! I'm still high on the experience as I try to integrate all of the knowledge given, my emotions, and revelations that occurred to me during the healing and things Lynn would say! I'm trying to write it down but more importantly my intent is to live it daily to best of my ability at this point. My brain and my heart have been peeled back allowing for Highest Source to fill me up and use me.

"I'm intending to organize my life with LHM as the Biggest and Most Important Priority.. breaking down old habits of willfulness, laziness, and loosing focus, is at the forefront. I hold onto Lynn's - what I call her little voice - saying over and over in my ear "you can do it, you can do it!" and trying to suck up FatherEarth energy with every breath.... Loving Living in the Light!

"I am so very grateful to you, to Lynn, and to all who make LHM happen! I totally Rejoice in all of you and my good karma that brought me into the circle!

"Yippee skippee!"

Patty Carpenter, FL
Lightworkers Healing Method®
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The Lightworkers Healing Method® is a system of Angelically guided energy healing and a powerful spiritual growth vehicle with the exceptional goal of aligning us with our own soul's life purpose.

The Lightworkers Healing Method is an all-volunteer organization on a mission to help all beings live their own soul plans, creating lives of JOY in a world that works.

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