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The Angelic Initiative

The Angelic Initiative is an all-volunteer organization on a mission to trigger the Awakening NOW. In an age in which incredibly dangerous weapons are continuing to proliferate, nothing matters more than enlisting Higher Dimension support to create a climate for peace. We conduct daily, Angelically-Guided, Multi-Dimensional Energy Healing sessions in Washington D.C. to heal the root causes of warfare and trigger the Awakening whose time has surely come. We are compiling footage of our work in the Capitol and post videos daily.

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“We have come to move them toward the change…”

Dear Jamie and Lynn,

I am watching every installment and a very real sadness has come over me, when you offered yourselves as vessels to those plants and animals who might wish to cross over now. The pentagon sad clowns profoundly affected me and I can't run from the feeling of imminent danger for many anymore. I haven't watched the latest one yet but I remain hopeful for a turn, for a blessed shift. Obamas car detail felt so incredibly ominous to me it has grown in length and complexity greatly since I saw it here in Tucson.

We have come to move them toward the change, toward themselves, and toward the light. Books, teachers, miracle signs and wonders, healers, and artists have all come with the same message: follow me because I follow Him, and somehow we'll get there together.

God, open all ears to Love, all eyes to Love and come through and shine in all the cracks in all people. I crossed when I was 5, and I spent so much time after returning looking for that love: that all-encompassing, deeply enfolding, completely Alive feeling love. I searched for it in places, in people, in work and never found it in that measure. I finally woke one day and realized that love like that was not to be found anywhere; it was given to me to become; to become that love to any and all degrees of it that I can. To give it out freely.

I am tired and guiding many in an unfortunately abusive and unloving work environment.

You are far from home and I see you working with all that you have in you. We are trying with all that we have in us to move them, by any amount.

God, bless Jamie and Lynn on their god given path. Father, we know that you like boots on the ground and we are here. Make soft, beautifully paved, safe and protected, and deeply meaningful and prosperous our walk here. Watch over Jamie and Lynn, energize them, light them up, (and) make them even (more) beautifully radiant and charismatic than they already are, so that all will draw near to them. Fill them with every good thing and go before them always.

We love you.

Annette, Tucson, AZ
June 26, 2014

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The Lightworkers Healing Method® is a system of Angelically guided energy healing and a powerful spiritual growth vehicle with the exceptional goal of aligning us with our own soul's life purpose.

The Lightworkers Healing Method is an all-volunteer organization on a mission to help all beings live their own soul plans, creating lives of JOY in a world that works.

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