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Lightworkers Healing Method® - common questions

  1. What is my goal with this method?

    To align each subject with his/her Soul's Plan. This is how we engage true Higher Dimension (HD) Beings rather than Astral Beings, and is what sets the Lightworkers Healing Method apart from other energy healing modalities. To bring health, happiness, fulfillment, peace, love, and JOY into the subject's life and our own lives by helping the subject heal on all levels, and become who s/he came into a body to be. Our Soul Plans are the best plans for JOY!

  2. What am I supposed to be doing?

    Be a channel for the Higher Dimension (HD) Beings, and witness the Lightbeings' work. Begin to work collaboratively with Lightbeings to create healing and growth. Remember "AMCAT": Align with Divine flow, MERGE with subject, Channels UP to the Guides, Ask for help with what the issues represent, be the witness. all techniques go here, and Trust with a proper close to create the Sacred Seal. Techniques are taught so you can recognize and apply them within the natural context of a healing session, when the Guides direct you to do so. The goal is to follow the GUIDES, not follow step-by-step protocols. Begin the Beguine.

  3. How is this different from other energy healing modalities?

    Higher Dimension (HD) Beings aren't interested in manipulating energy; they only care about us living our Soul Plans. The focus on the Soul Plan opens up the full power of the Universe.

  4. How is this different from giving an intuitive reading or leading a guided meditation?

    Much more powerful configuration: MERGED with subject, intuitive channels pointed UP, drawing up Upward-Rising Earth Energy (UREE). Be a strong vessel for Divine healing. Intuitive insights are present and valuable in the Lightworkers Healing Method, but provide less than 5% of the benefit to the client. This method aligns lives with their Divine plans by shifting energy during the session.

  5. How is this different from affirmative prayer?

    Affirmative prayer on steroids. It adds energetic assistance, intuitive awareness (effective witnessing), and specific access to Divine HD healers. It adds a focused, detailed, interactive, progressive system to the power of prayer; we participate in the "giving." In addition, we are blessed with simultaneous healing.

  6. Why don't I "get" the Guides' instructions of what to do

    Either your field is fogged, your alignment is off, the intention needs to be revised release attachment to outcome, or the instructions are not as you expect. This is true in sessions and in life.

    If you're "stuck," first clear the space: pulse the Vortex and Living Waters. Next refresh your alignment. More Upward-Rising Earth Energy ((UREE), deepen and lengthen the merge, channels UP. Go back to the last clear message. Re-frame the requests - heal "what this represents, to align with the Soul Plan," heal the root causes, rather than symptom relief. We aren't manipulating outcomes, we are helping to manifest the soul's Divine Plan. This heals the symptom!

    Relax, stop forcing, listen quieter. Messages can be subtle since energy is subtle. Notice how you feel. Be mindful of small signals.

    Over time, improve receptivity by changing your life habits.

  7. Am I making this up?

    Beware the powerful trap of wishful thinking. It severely distorts outcomes. If what you're perceiving is painful, it's likely to be true. Unresolved painful situations are what need healing, and that is what comes up.

    Notice the surprises: the differences between what you (and your subject) expect to happen and what actually happens. Follow what seems random; follow the bouncing ball.

    Notice how it feels: strong emotions, deep joy afterward. Decoy sessions feel less intense. To move beyond decoy sessions, act to deepen the merge,move channels more UP, create stronger UREE (Upward-Rising Earth Energy).

    Ask for confirming signs both in your sessions and throughout your life. Watching the lives of your subjects change creates the best proof.

  8. What are the typical mistakes for students?

    If already comfortable with energy - STRONG tendency to fall into old patterns, to wish to stick with the familiar ways. The vertical focus is new. MERGE and Channels UP are essential, and are new configurations.

    If you're new to energy awareness - "I don't have the gift" thinking blocks the "I can do this" realization. Step past giving readings or leading meditations:CLAIM your ability to allow Divine healing to occur.

  9. What if I only want to work on myself?

    There is personal benefit to working with other healing subjects. We are blind to what we don't know about ourselves, but our Guides know. They will send subjects who need healing on our identical issues, so we too can be healed.

    Paradox: the deepest healing and growth for ourselves is possible by working for others' healing and growth.

  10. Can I do this?

    Hope! Trust! Act! You can DO this, for REAL! No need to fake it! That doesn't help! In fact, faking it makes it impossible to do it for real. Be willing to do it badly, until you can do it better and eventually do it really well.

    "Start where we are, use what we have, do what we can." --Arthur Ashe.

    It's normal to feel "I can't" - but we can ALL do it. Step by step it happens.

About the Lightworkers Healing Method®

  1. From what octave do the Healers come from?

    These Higher Dimension healers come from many different dimensions, from the fifth through the ninth dimensions and beyond, depending upon how far along the path a Lightworker goes.

  2. What form of healing energy do they channel?

    The healing energies that are channeled are specific to the individual Higher Dimension healing beings. It is up to the Higher Dimension beings to decide whether or not they wish to work with any of us in the 3-D world, so different Lightworkers will be able to channel different Higher Dimension healers and therefore different healing energies.

  3. Would the healer receive or take on the karma or sickness of the person being healed?

    Absolutely not; quite the contrary. Through the miracle of simultaneous healing brought about by the merge, the healer is healed of whatever matching vibrations s/he carries.

  4. Can the course be taken at home without attending the classes?

    Yes. The four levels of the core curriculum can be taken at home in either of two ways - through the webinar program where our classes are live-streamed to your computer, or through the Self-Paced Distance Learning program where you work one-on-one with a mentor.

About Energy Healing
  1. What is energy healing?

    Energy healing, energy medicine, energy therapy, also known as alternative medicine, holds the belief that a healer can channel healing energy to the person seeking help by different methods: hands-on, hands-off and distant (or absent) where the patient and healer are in different locations. Some forms of energy healing are Reiki, Healing Touch, Therapeutic Touch, and the Lightworkers Healing Method®.

  2. Can it be felt physically?

    Our whole body is a HUGE energy field, therefore, energy healing can be felt physically when the facilitator's (healer's) subject has physical pain, discomfort or tightness. For a subject who has never had energy work, having an intention for healing something physical is most helpful because the subject can 'feel' (subtly) the energy shift (pain release) during the healing session.

  3. Can it be felt mentally?

    Mental pain, as well as emotional pain (or suffering) can also be healed through energy healing. The subject's mental well being can shift during the healing and will feel noticeably better when the session is complete.

  4. Where can it be done?

    Energy healing can be done anywhere, i.e. healing space, home, hospital, at healing events, outdoors, over the phone, computer (Skype or similar), and distantly.

  5. Can it be done in groups?

    Energy healing is facilitated on a one-to-one basis with a Lightworker and subject; however, it can be also done in healing groups.

  6. Is energy healing only for men and women?

    Energy healing can be done for anyone: adults, children, groups, pets, etc.

  7. Why would someone have this done?

    Someone would have this done to feel better in any arena of their life; to heal the whole person and transform dis-ease and illness to health and well-being.

  8. What are the benefits?

    Science has begun to understand the link between a healthy mind, body, and soul. The benefits of energy healing range from feeling better physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, financially, with personal relationships, thereby emerging as the victor in one's life and not the victim, creating lasting change (transformation) in your life.

  9. How long would it take to know if it is beneficial?

    Physical pain, discomfort or tightness can be felt immediately as the healing is being facilitated. Once the energy healing shift has taken place (at its deepest level), it is gone.

  10. Why would someone seek the help of an energy healer?

    Someone would seek the help of an energy healer to heal ANY pain (or suffering) in their life: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, financial, and interpersonal relationships.

  11. What do I (the subject) do during a session?

    Wear comfortable clothes. Get comfortable (a massage table and pillow are provided) if you are not having the healing session in your room. Arrive with an intention to heal one or two of the many life challenges currently going on in your life. Remember, NOTHING is off limits!

  12. Do you have to be of a certain age to experience energy healing?

    There are no restrictions on age, babies included!

  13. What is the length of a healing session?

    The length of a healing session is about an hour, sometimes more.

  14. How often can someone have this done?

    Energy requires time to fully shift; therefore, a reasonable time between sessions is about a month. We are eternal beings on an eternal growth path. We are never 'done'. Many people have had their lives transformed by taking responsibility for themselves, their lives, and their health to include regular energy healing sessions into their schedules, just as they would for massage therapy, yoga class, acupuncture,

  15. I understand the term chakra, but don't know how to discern others or mine.

    The best way to find your chakras is to rub your hands together. Then, hold your arms out and slowly bring your hands together. At some point you will feel some resistance. Please refer to our free 80-minute intro class and practice this skill. It's included in detail there.

  16. How can you tell that you are not breathing fully in one lung?

    For many people the shoulder on the side of the less used lung is lower. So if your right shoulder is higher try breathing into the left lung and then check the mirror again. Your shoulder should equalize.

Channeling Divine healing is not a gift.
It is a teachable, learnable skill.
"Sometimes I am taken over by feelings of severe JOY in the middle of a regular day and that's a little funky, but nice. Still getting used to it :-)"
Lisa Bedoya CL27, MA
"This is the best class I have ever taken. I don't just mean the best class in energy healing, or even the best class about spirituality. I mean the best class I have ever taken on any topic. Period."
Patrick McManus, Florida
"Imagine that you lived at the time of Buddha. That you became an acquaintance of him. Not a major disciple, just becoming aware of him. He was walking on a road, and you shared a piece of it. You have been looking for a truth in this life yourself. Got some glimpses, followed by big times of nothing. You became aware that Gautama, as this is how he is still called when you meet him, has access to this Truth.

You have now become uncomfortable. Why? You have to acknowledge two things, that he is better then you at this then you, and that if you let go of his slipstream, you may not learn much anymore - for a long time. These are instant blows to your ego. And you have your life, your routines, a way to stay alive.

Should you bow deep to Gautama, wave goodbye and follow your routines? Besides, you are not a spring chick anymore! It is too late for you to change course! Then you realize that this course you are on is not a course at all. You are lost and walk in circles, passing the same road signs again and again, as in a stupor.

This is how I met Lynn. And yes, she is a Buddha. And no, I cannot comprehend her majesty. She does not make it easy either, dressing casually, a mother who is working out in the Gym, no funny hats, no spiritual language that is derived from the classics. She does not quote literature, except for poems she likes, from someone who speaks about surrender in fluid words of love.

She is not from any religion. Picture her as rowing on a water to the other side, with what ever she finds floating around. If this piece of wood says Buddhism, she uses it to point her boat. At an instant swapping it for a holistic drift wood using it as a rudder for a while, to keep pointing North. Her secret is that she knows where she is going to, and how to get there. Actually, she is effortlessly propelled by a constant wind in her sails by this breeze called surrender on this Unnamed Current called Source. You cannot keep up with her. You have to make the plunge and find your driftwood yourself. Build a boat called surrender. But here is the real miracle happening: She shows you where your connection is, you become aware of where you are going and how to get there.

Do it. Go for it. Get the book, absorb the powerful Transmissions, follow the classes. Walk with a Buddha for a while. Yes, she is channeling the higher energies that reveal the ancient truths. Not the ancient texts, the ancient truths behind the texts. A truth that pertains miraculously and simply directly to you.

I happened to walk into her office almost 7 years ago. Requesting to show me my path in a clear way. That required no effort on her part, as she channeled my higher energies effortlessly. But it took all this time before I was ready and able to listen to the message about my life. And she never let me down once."

Rik Tackenberg, Yogacharya
"I never heard of learning a healing technique via webinar, and to watch Level One at the Institute of Noetic Science... I was even more intrigued. Level One was great. I grew, felt a new shift with awareness, Source, Guides, Lightbeings, and shared wonderful healings. Thank you for answering all of my questions. I had a huge pep in my step after that weekend.

"The Level Two learning process this past weekend was really shaaazzzaaammmness.... I learned so much that I'm still digesting and absorbing the info.... What an experience. Love it! I love you Lynn and your Guides for sharing this skill for all to learn anywhere in the world. Thank you for all that you do."

Elaine Connor, Massachusetts
"I am so grateful and appreciate all that you are doing for me and my family. It is one miracle after another. I needed a job and didn't know how to find one. After one Lightworkers Healing Method® session, out of the blue a friend approached me to manage her business, and now I have the job.

"I also wrote you about my long-term stomach pain. We didn't even talk, you just did the work by email, and now the pain in my stomach is completely gone. Wow wow this is amazing. I am overwhelmed and have no words to express myself - except to say, 'Yay Source!'"

Gillian Hoops, Tanzania
"'Using the Power of the Future' class is my favorite class!

"The practices: the learning sessions with other students are great very inspiring, and as an extra bonus forge deep bonds between all students in the class, based on a rekindling of deep hope and understanding.

"The technique: understanding how to work with the path to the future self was a completely new and delight full revelation to me! How beautiful this tool of unfathomable value was handed to me!

"The format: the class is a perfect balance of passive and active learning and infusion of transmissions. By learning for the first time, as far as I can see back, to discover and understand the future chakra, and to opening, straightening and balancing it. Wow. To learn to help people to move forward in life.

"What else can be more important?

"I am deeply grateful to the Teachers, the channel and the students to make this an unsurpassable experience.

"Now, a year later, nothing has changed about this testimony. If possible, it has become more strong."

Rik Tackenberg, Yogacharya, Ft. Lauderdale FL
"I was totally blown away by the Level One weekend! I'm still high on the experience as I try to integrate all of the knowledge given, my emotions, and revelations that occurred to me during the healing and things Lynn would say! I'm trying to write it down but more importantly my intent is to live it daily to best of my ability at this point. My brain and my heart have been peeled back allowing for Highest Source to fill me up and use me.

"I'm intending to organize my life with LHM as the Biggest and Most Important Priority.. breaking down old habits of willfulness, laziness, and loosing focus, is at the forefront. I hold onto Lynn's - what I call her little voice - saying over and over in my ear "you can do it, you can do it!" and trying to suck up FatherEarth energy with every breath.... Loving Living in the Light!

"I am so very grateful to you, to Lynn, and to all who make LHM happen! I totally Rejoice in all of you and my good karma that brought me into the circle!

"Yippee skippee!"

Patty Carpenter, FL
"The Lightworkers Healing Method® has changed my life and is, by far, the most powerful healing method I have experienced as a Lightworker and as a receiver of healings.

"Lightworkers Healing Method® has also has given me a much more positive and hopeful way of experiencing life. The people who come for healings have experienced physical as well as mental, spiritual and emotional healing."

Linda Sanda DMT, Venice FL
"I completed the Level Two class this weekend in Boston and it was as incredible as I hoped. As energy medicine fields thankfully become more mainstream, the Lightworkers Healing Method® is the next step forward. I am so thankful to Lynn for all of her efforts to bring this to us. I am excited to continue learning and practicing and knowing as this makes a big difference in my life it will do the same in some big or little but incredible fashion for everyone I now come in contact with. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"
Nancy Senior, Spiritual Life Coach, Boston
"I first worked with Lynn in 2005, working with regression therapy. In 2010 I enrolled in her Level1 class for the Lightworkers Healing Method®. The classes have been life-changing in every respect. And not only do I notice it in myself, I notice it in others. From the physical ways, such as weight loss, and increased confidence, I also notice in others and in myself more financial stability, an increased connection to source, and a general sense of one-ness with the world around us.

Lynn McGonagill is the "real deal." So often in metaphysical circles, people can "talk the talk" but they don't necessarily "walk the walk." Lynn is genuine in everything she says and does, from the way she lives her daily life, to her interactions with all people, and the JOY and deep love she brings to both her healing sessions and teaching the Lightworkers Healing Method®. I have been taking classes with her for nearly two years now and am proud to have been chosen to be a Teaching Assistant. It is an honor to work alongside Lynn and learn from a Master. I have also had the privilege of receiving healing treatment from her, and I can vow that they are absolutely life changing in every respect: physical, mental, spiritual and multi-dimensional.

I couldn't recommend Lynn more. The world has been given a gift."

Kristen Coury, Florida
February 2, 2012
"My time and money were well spent; I learned a lot. The instructor is definitely an expert on the subject and I like her style very much. She was very prepared and her assistants definitely added to the class."
Antonio Da Silva, Licensed Acupuncture Physician, Massachusetts
"I have taken many different "energy healing" courses. This is so far beyond everything else there is really no comparison."
Deb Chance, Florida
"These classes have allowed a real experience of another layer of life. They have given me several tools to use in my healing ministry and for personal growth."
Bob Sanda, DMT, MSW, MA, Florida
"You have changed my life completely. Now JOY rings all around me, and I can hear the Angels whispering "Grow, grow." Thank You Thank You Thank You!"
Luci Belknap, California
"The awareness of past lives and the ability to personally peer into them can help spiritual evolvement tremendously. When you look at life considering past lives, the fabric of connectedness becomes clear. We are all working on something, and we are learning with each other. The effect is compassion, understanding, and acceptance."
Kathryn Hynds, LMT, Florida
"Whether Lynn knows it or not, she is always very dear and close to my heart. Our Lightworkers Healing Method® session last February impacted me deeply, and was instrumental in helping me embrace a deeper relationship with an aspect of my own higher self and being open to receiving important messages for my life. After that session, I took two months just clearing and cleaning out lots of old stuff through the house (physically, psychologically and spiritually), all the while being supported by the Universe. On the morning of May 25th a surge of energy flooded through my entire Being while doing yoga, and I could see, hear, smell, touch, and taste what I was supposed to do next. Now I am finally back to writing my book, Sacred Typology; but at a whole new level. Plus I have begun writing a new book called Conscious Entertainment; sharing how to "read energy" and the meta-meanings of our experiences (messages from our soul). My session with Lynn was one of the instrumental pieces in this journey of writing my book...the catalyst for the jump start. It has been a privilege and an honor to have tapped into the Lightworkers Healing Method® journey and the depth of Love and Light that Lynn and the Light Beings share with others. Lynn and the Lightworkers Healing Method® have been a Bright Light along my journey that I love and appreciate the specialness of."
EW, Florida
Lightworkers Healing Method®
Angelically Guided Energy Healing

The Lightworkers Healing Method® is a system of Angelically guided energy healing and a powerful spiritual growth vehicle with the exceptional goal of aligning us with our own soul's life purpose.

The Lightworkers Healing Method is an all-volunteer organization on a mission to help all beings live their own soul plans, creating lives of JOY in a world that works.

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