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Invitation into the Sanctuary

We have the right to live our lives in Sacred Space, but it's up to us to create it.

My friend, there is a space I tend. I am not the owner of this space. I am the Steward, the Custodian, the Caretaker, and the Guardian of this space. It is my responsibility to keep this a space in which only Divine Will manifests. Not my will, but not anyone else's will either, just Divine Will. I tend this space many times daily, with that intention.

For many years I have lived in this beautiful space of peace, inspiration, and joy. Until now it has been a solitary Sanctuary, but now my instructions are to open the doors. I began by inviting my children and students into this space; some of their experiences are shared, below. Now my doors are open to you.

Throughout much of human history, churches have provided sanctuary in times of warfare or desperation. That is my offer to you: take sanctuary here. You are welcome to live inside the Sacred Space I have already created. I will continue to tend and guard this space; I will continue to serve as the Caretaker of this house of God-By-Any-Name.

Only Divine Will manifests here. Inside the Sanctuary you will feel the truth, which is this. You are loved, you are safe, and you can DO IT: you can BE who your soul wants you to be.

Come in, stay as long as you wish, and take what you need. There is enough for all of us here. Getting into the Sanctuary can be a bit tricky. If you would like to be directly guided through this process, input your information here and someone who has already found her way in will contact you to help. Onward to the goal, which is all beings living their soul plans, creating lives of joy in a world that works!

So BE It!




    Accessing the Sanctuary for Peace and Safety
    PHOTO: Andre Nantel

    Accessing the Sanctuary for Peace and Safety

    Tuesday, December 10, 2013

    I once found myself in a very inhospitable dimension, going boldly on my own with an energy body that was not ready or strong enough to withstand that vibration and hold my pillar strong at the same time. Thankfully, Lynn was nearby, leading a higher level class. I asked for help, and was introduced to the Sanctuary.

    The Sanctuary Maneuver is a method of taking shelter and refuge inside of Lynn's energy body when confronted with any kind of danger or fear. Lynn very graciously offers this to all of us at any time. Her energy body is not an ordinary one. It is from another place, a wonderful gift for the world. It is the perfect balance of power and light. While there, you can be assured that you are perfectly safe and resting in the hand of God.

    Here's the way I gained access and what I experienced:

    While teeth chattering from the freezing cold, and body trembling as I found myself in this very dark place, Lynn invited me to take refuge in the Sanctuary.

    I used all of my will and intention, and with my consciousness and energy I dove inside of her energy field in one fast swoop. As I traversed through to the center, I noticed a tornado of light so powerful it whirled me through the door to the interior. Once inside, an incredible calmness came over me, a peace that surpasses understanding. There is not a stillness like this in ordinary waking life. It was like standing inside the eye of a hurricane, cocooned in Angels' Wings, with the Light of God shining down.

    I recently coached two friends of mine to go with me to Sanctuary. I noticed a few more details, as we entered the space more slowly this time. Stepping slowly inside, one might notice a whirling sensation as if putting one foot inside of a whirlpool eddy. Stepping further at this pace will require trust and surrender. Allow the current to take you, surrender to safety, trust you are loved beyond measure and will be held gently and safely. When the current takes you, you might feel sensations of spinning or flying until you reach the interior, or you might feel an incredible rush of energy through your pillar. The hallmark of being inside is the peace. When you find the stillpoint you are there. Take shelter, rest with God. This is a gift for you. What an enormous treasure.

    Per Lynn:

    It isn't necessary to formally exit or close your experience with the Sanctuary. There is no cost of staying inside. Nothing is asked of anyone in return for this gift. It is a gift freely given. Stay as long as you wish, take what you need. The current of life will eventually pull you out as you go about your daily business. It's getting inside that's the trick, really. Reenter anytime you feel you need to.

    Thank you Dearest Lynn, our Divine Teacher, for this beautiful gift the Sanctuary.

    I would love to hear of others' experiences with the Sanctuary, and am happy to help anyone who might need assistance. It truly is an honor to share my experiences with you all. Namaste.

    Tammy Cambria, PA

    Tuesday, November 26, 2013

    Dear Lynn,

    Thank you again for the latest Level 4 class. I had SO many a-ha! moments over those two days. The real necessity of increasing my efforts and maintaining my UREE, as well as the connection to Source, became much clearer to me in a way it hadn't before. During one of the practice sessions, you came over and told me to ramp up my efforts--AND my partner on the table could feel a tangible difference! I also could tell by how hot and sweaty I got, a reaction that had slacked off lately, lending even more credence to my need for greater personal effort!

    Your invitation to use your energy body if needed brought up one other thing I wanted to tell you. I didn't get the chance before now to tell you about it. Following the higher level class last July, the one in which I was the subject for shifting space/time, my husband & I left just 2 days after the weekend to take a 12-day cruise on the Disney Line in the Mediterranean. You had mentioned that we should all be careful because some sort of challenge might present itself in the week following the class.

    Well, the day after a very HOT visit to the French Riviera and Monaco, I awoke the next morning seeing double. I felt extremely out-of-focus and off-balance, and it scared me a great deal. I told Ken that I couldn't go out sightseeing that day as we'd planned, and stayed in bed. Although getting over-heated the day before hadn't helped, I just knew that my primary problem had to do with my energy body more than my physical body. I began to ask for help getting more UREE going, which did help, but I was still feeling very, VERY weird. Finally, I remembered what you had told one of the Webinar or Hybrid Class participants in the upper level class about taking sanctuary INSIDE you. So, that's what I did. I immediately felt a great sense of safety and comfort. My fears dissipated and I was able to fall asleep. When I awoke several hours later, I was much better and continued to improve. The next day I was completely back to normal.

    I am very grateful that you had made that offer during the class, because that whole episode was very disturbing. I have never had my vision be so completely out-of-focus. I also have only felt the level of safety and comfort I found diving "into" you during a couple of other mystical encounters with Source many years ago. Thank you so much for holding that safe space and allowing us students access into it. I am convinced that it helped keep a much-planned vacation with my husband from falling apart. I know it is the Higher Dimensions working THROUGH you that provided the help, but thank YOU for being willing to serve as their conduit.

    Wishing you much love and light,

    Melissa Greenfield, New Port Richey FL

    "Here is what has been happening over the last few days:

    "As I gather my intention and willingness, I step into the entryway of your energy. There is a river here. It starts as a gentle trickle, and as I advance, the current begins to rush. I intend to move forward, surrendering myself to the current. I must drop my defenses and allow myself to be taken if I want to keep going. I cannot traverse this current if I'm still holding onto my suitcases, all baggage must be left at the shoreline to make it across. This is where most people dig in their heels, into the riverbed, clutching their luggage, unable to go any further.

    "Once I make it through the river to the other side, I pull myself up onto a grassy bank. It is warmed by the sun, very soft and mossy. It is a lovely place to rest as I recover from the journey across the river, and consider if I'd like to keep moving inward. Looking back at the river, I realize that a cleansing has occurred as I made my way through to the bank. It has washed me clean, carrying away the muck I've accumulated from daily life. I'm deeply grateful and notice that I feel more clear than I did after a year of daily meditation.

    "As I look further inward from the bank, there is a forest. It is a deep green, richly inviting forest that has a consciousness. The green is so vivid, the smell so earthy, the trees whisper to me, calling me in. I know there's something mystical about this forest, and I want to experience it. Today, I made my way into the forest a bit. The further inward I went, the quieter my mind became, the more my heart opened. I felt a presence with me, at my side. I'm waiting for that to unfold, but for now I don't need to know who it was. It was good. I accept it for this.

    "After a while, I found a clearing with a bed of beautiful leaves. I rested there, laying down on the earth. So quiet, so peaceful, so still. I am very grateful to have found this sanctuary, this place where I can rest peacefully in a clear space. I suspect the experience will continue to evolve. For now, being present here is divine perfection for me."

    Tammy Cambria, CRNA, Pennsylvania
    "I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate you letting me have access to your sacred Sanctuary. I realized this morning, that my tinnitus becomes very quiet when I'm in the Sanctuary. It's usually very loud and interferes with my hearing to a great degree. It's a way I can tell now for sure that I am inside, in addition to the total peace that fills my entire being. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your beautiful, devoted life, without which I would still be in ignorance."
    Carole Seffrin, Gainesville FL
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