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A 5-minute overview of the Lightworkers Healing Method®.

Come discover for yourself when you live your soul plan -- the life your soul intends -- the stuff of your live suddenly begins to work. Be witness to the miracles possible in your life and live a life of JOY.

This 14 minute overview provides a deeper look into the Lightworkers Healing Method®.

It explains The Core Curriculum level by level. Learn how we become healed in the process: through the paradox of simultaneous healing, we are healed as we help to heal others. Nothing is off-limits.


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BE the Light that you are - anytime, anywhere!
Opening Process (10.35 Min)
Opening Process (10.06 Min)
Closing Process (4.12 Min)

Dear Friends,

This is an energy healing transmission to help your higher souls come into your bodies, so you can live the lives you have come here to live and BE who your souls want you to be. It came through in the July 2013 Higher Level class, Conscious Connections with the Higher Soul, above.

Unlike all the other transmissions which are available at extremely low cost of $9 apiece when you buy them in groups, we are giving this one away. Why are we giving it away? Not because it is worth less than the others - but because it is so important and so valuable that it can't wait for people to rise above their financial fears and risk $10 on a recording.

Please, dear friends, accept this gift from us. Download this transmission and absorb it daily. Support yourself in living your life from the perspective of your higher soul. We can DO this, dear friends. We CAN live the lives we came here to live, and BE who our souls want us to be. We can!

Concurrent Lives and Higher Soul

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Spiritual Healing Resources

Every Moment Life Begins Again

This is a free will Universe. We have a choice in every moment. Life begins again in every moment, and we create our own experiences. Truth. Courage. Love. JOY!
July 20, 2013


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Spiritual Growth
A Powerful Spiritual Growth Vehicle for your Soul Growth
"I feel more intense happiness and joy than I've ever felt. It's so so wonderful"
Cathy Lozier, Fairfield CT
"How lucky I was to have known Lynn McGonagill, when my son was found unconscious in his home. We did not know how long he had been there unconscious laying on his arm. As he was taken to ICU at the hospital, I was afraid for his life. We were advised by the doctors that he had a multi-system failure, his heart, liver, kidney, and lungs were all not functioning properly. Also, the surgeon warned us that they may need to amputate his right arm.

"I remember sending Lynn a email asking for anything she could do. The doctors gave him 25% chance to live. It was so grim to hear that.

"Then I got an email from Lynn, where she gave me hope for grace for him. Lynn was regularly sending me emails explaining the healing process my son was going through. Each and every step she informed me of, was lived out only days after I was advised by her. The emails between us during those difficult times, helped me and gave me so much hope.

"I knew she was helping in a powerful way, which I have never felt before.

"She gave me advice which I was able to use directly for my sons recovery.

"My son today, only 3 weeks of being in the hospital, is now off the breathing machine. His kidneys are not yet fully recovered but have showed signs of progression. The doctors have been able to save his right arm and any day now he will be transferred out of the ICU unit of the hospital.

"I am forever thankful to Lynn for all the help and support she gave me and my son. What a wonderful gift she has for healing. Now that my son is on the road to recovery, though it will take a long time, I am feeling much better, with all the help Lynn gave. I look forward to reading and learning from her book, The Lightworkers Healing Method®."

Gudrun I. Jenkins, Orlando Florida
Lightworkers Healing Method®
Angelically Guided Energy Healing

The Lightworkers Healing Method® is a system of Angelically guided energy healing and a powerful spiritual growth vehicle with the exceptional goal of aligning us with our own soul's life purpose.

The Lightworkers Healing Method is an all-volunteer organization on a mission to help all beings live their own soul plans, creating lives of JOY in a world that works.

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