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Perhaps you've arrived at the Lightworkers Healing Method™ website because you are in the healing arts and needed CE credits, or maybe you feel something missing in your life, or a burning need to find your true life path! Healing ourselves and healing others are goals of the Lightworkers Healing Method™, but on a much larger scale than you may think.

Our goal is no less than to heal our planet and every being on it. We can do this by building a critical mass of people who have raised the vibrations of their energy bodies, healed their own lives, and reached out to help others. This is no small task!

For that reason we must seek to engage some of the world's most powerful and well-known spiritual leaders. We must be strong and we must walk past our fear. We must believe that by healing ourselves and helping others to heal, we can change the world!

Here are some of our letters of invitation for others to join us.

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Gay Hendricks, PhD
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Every Moment Life Begins Again
July 20, 2013

"I saw it plain as day."
Lisa Bedoya, MA
"I clearly saw you disappearing and the other High Being come in. I felt the download from the High Being.... Thank you."
Rik Tackenberg, Yogacharya, Ft. Lauderdale FL
"When I went back in time to view the incident, I saw a large golden explosion of light engulf Lynn in that moment."
Kristen Coury, Naples, FL


Dear Friends who were with us on July 20, 2013,

Would you go back in time, just like re-entering a session? Rewind to 9:29. BE there again. Press Play and let the scene unfold, this time looking for it.

What do you notice, if anything? It may not be visual. It may be some other way of perceiving.

Please, my dear friends. Just the TRUTH. That is what must be shared here.

Lynn McGonagill

"Two days ago in a session a client was asking for some quick concrete 3D answers and seemed unsatisfied with her Guides' metaphoric HD offerings. Thank you! Opportunity for simultaneous healing for me...but I didn't get that...yet.

"I found myself standing there with Them moving my arms this way and that. Over here. No. Over there. Stop. Go. Do a pirouette, Lisa. What? A pirouette? What kind of Screwy Louie thing are we doing here?

"They stop my arms and slowly bring my hands together in prayer position. What do you want, Lisa? You want some cool Angel tricks? You want us to convince your client that you can fix her refrigerator? You can't if she comes here with that attitude. It's not your fault. She needs to sit down and do her work. You need just do your work. Sit down and pray. Every day. That is the work. Spend time with your Guides. Show them Gratitude and Love.


"So let me spend some time with You today, showing Gratitude and Love. I love You so much. You have truly changed my life. I was afraid I'd never find a teacher I could believe in to show me the things that have been missing to heal my life. Thank You, God, for sending me Lynn and all she represents. Guess what. I love the body/mind Lynn as well, struggling and hurting like the rest of us, with Love and Knowledge almost too hard to bear on this sad and broken planet. I believe you are an Angels because I see You, whether you disappear in front of me or not."

Lisa Bedoya LMT, Brighton MA
"I first worked with Lynn in 2005, working with regression therapy. In 2010 I enrolled in her Level1 class for the Lightworkers Healing Method™. The classes have been life-changing in every respect. And not only do I notice it in myself, I notice it in others. From the physical ways, such as weight loss, and increased confidence, I also notice in others and in myself more financial stability, an increased connection to source, and a general sense of one-ness with the world around us.

Lynn McGonagill is the "real deal." So often in metaphysical circles, people can "talk the talk" but they don't necessarily "walk the walk." Lynn is genuine in everything she says and does, from the way she lives her daily life, to her interactions with all people, and the joy and deep love she brings to both her healing sessions and teaching the Lightworkers Healing Method™. I have been taking classes with her for nearly two years now and am proud to have been chosen to be a Teaching Assistant. It is an honor to work alongside Lynn and learn from a Master. I have also had the privilege of receiving healing treatment from her, and I can vow that they are absolutely life changing in every respect: physical, mental, spiritual and multi-dimensional.

I couldn't recommend Lynn more. The world has been given a gift."

Kristen Coury, Florida
February 2, 2012
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The Lightworkers Healing Method® is a system of Angelically guided energy healing and a powerful spiritual growth vehicle with the exceptional goal of aligning us with our own soul's life purpose.

The Lightworkers Healing Method is an all-volunteer organization on a mission to help all beings live their own soul plans, creating lives of JOY in a world that works.

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