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About Lynn McGonagill

Lynn McGonagill is the Founder and Teaching Channel of the Lightworkers Healing Method™. To date, she has invested twenty-three years in training with higher-dimension Avatars. For the past thirteen years, she has maintained a full time Lightworkers Healing Method™ practice working with thousands of clients. And for the past six years, she has taught this unique and powerful Angelically guided energy healing art through a progressive series of experiential weekend workshops at various locations including Kripalu and the Institute of Noetic Sciences. Her first book, The Lightworkers Healing Method: BE Who Your Soul Wants You To Be, is a how-to manual of the Lightworkers Healing Method™ core curriculum.

Yes, she channels Higher Dimension teachers like Esther Hicks channels Abraham. Yes, she heals people just like John of God. But the most amazing thing about her is that she teaches other people to do the same thing. She is creating a WAVE of Esther Hicks/John of God healer-channelers. Her mission? To help everyone to live their own missions, their own soul plans. To help everyone BE who their souls came here to be, and become part of the transformation.

Prior to dedicating herself to her work with the higher-dimension Avatars to channel this healing method, Lynn had a successful 20-year career in business. She began that career at the prestigious Price Waterhouse Accounting firm, was the Controller with a $200 million manufacturing company, and was a partner in another CPA (Accounting) firm.

Lynn has been heard on Wall Street Journal Radio's "The Daily Wrap with Michael Kastner," WPKZ-FM Boston's "The Daily Pulse," KHHT-FM Los Angeles, WLW Cincinnati, Michigan Talk Network's "Michigan's Morning Show," WIOD Miami, "Talk of Connecticut," KTOK Oklahoma City's "Oklahoma's First News," KKNW Seattle, KROI-FM Houston, KSL Salt Lake City, the Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network, "The Sheila Show," "Sheila Show Celebrate," "Seeing Beyond," "Planetary Spirit," "Good Vibrations," and "You Wealth Revolution." Her own radio show, BE Who Your Soul Wants You To Be, is featured on the Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network, which reaches over 1 million listeners in 125 countries.

Lynn's Story:

Before Lynn's brother Allen died, she was living a "normal" life as a CPA with her own firm. Allen had experienced a death and revival experience in his final weeks. Back in his body afterward, he promised Lynn that if he died, and if he could, he would come back to tell her about it. Two weeks after his death, in February 1990, Allen kept that promise. Over the next 16 months, Lynn gradually followed her brother into the higher dimensions. By requiring that she reach higher to meet him each time, Allen was teaching Lynn inter-dimensional travel.

One day in June of 1991, the breakthrough occurred. Lynn was asking Allen for help about a particular issue when he exclaimed, "You're just missing it! You're missing the whole thing!" He then turned sideways and disappeared. Behind where he had been, she could see many beings, all out-of-body, just like him. Eventually, Lynn realized there were Guides in that group: wise, loving beings absolutely determined to support those of us who are in bodies. At that point, the Guides, Angels and Lightbeings took over Lynn's training. They started showing her ways to work with the energy of the Universe. The Guides opened doors to other times, other dimensions, other vibrations, to the endless healing power and loving force of Divine flow. The Lightworkers Healing Method™ was born.

In 1994, the messages began: "You aren't doing your work in the world. Sell your accounting practice." As so many of us so often do, she ignored her guidance. Almost five years later, the Universe pushed her out of the nest: she got ill. Disabled with fibromyalgia, she could no longer work. She was forced to walk away from the business world.

After trying everything from western medicine to raw foods to reiki and finding no relief, she decided to try the "energy tricks" she'd been learning. This powerful method brought her back to vibrant health, and through her own healing journey, she found healing for so many others. In 1999, she began seeing clients - just a few friends at first, then friends of friends, and so on and so on. Her training intensified as she facilitated these healing sessions. In every session her Teachers showed Lynn new facets, new techniques, new doorways to helping people come into vibrational alignment with their soul's plan for their life.

In 2007, the messages began again: "You are not doing your work in the world. We didn't go through all of this effort just for you. Share with others what we have taught you." Lynn began to experiment with teaching a few select students. Encouraged by their success, she gradually expanded into larger groups. The Lightworkers Healing Method™ is now spreading peace, joy, and healing both nationally and internationally.



Lynn McGonagill
"I first worked with Lynn in 2005, working with regression therapy. In 2010 I enrolled in her Level1 class for the Lightworkers Healing Method™. The classes have been life-changing in every respect. And not only do I notice it in myself, I notice it in others. From the physical ways, such as weight loss, and increased confidence, I also notice in others and in myself more financial stability, an increased connection to source, and a general sense of one-ness with the world around us.

Lynn McGonagill is the "real deal." So often in metaphysical circles, people can "talk the talk" but they don't necessarily "walk the walk." Lynn is genuine in everything she says and does, from the way she lives her daily life, to her interactions with all people, and the joy and deep love she brings to both her healing sessions and teaching the Lightworkers Healing Method™. I have been taking classes with her for nearly two years now and am proud to have been chosen to be a Teaching Assistant. It is an honor to work alongside Lynn and learn from a Master. I have also had the privilege of receiving healing treatment from her, and I can vow that they are absolutely life changing in every respect: physical, mental, spiritual and multi-dimensional.

I couldn't recommend Lynn more. The world has been given a gift."

Kristen Coury, Florida
February 2, 2012
"When asked to be a part of team universe by my beloved teacher Lynn McGonagill, of course I wanted to be a part of such a sacred task. I consider it a privilege and and a duty to contribute to the healing of our planet and our universe. It is through the collective, the interconnectedness of everything, that each person's offering results in a sum greater than its parts. The end result is a reverberation of loving energy that circles back around, picking each of us up and enveloping us into grace even further. This beautiful interweaving stirs the soul, and opens the heart. It is something I cannot ever get enough of, and I will come back again and again to be a part of this birthright of service that belongs to each of us. Love and light!"
Tammy Cambria, CRNA, Pennsylvania
"I have had panic and anxiety attacks for 30 years. I heard Miss Lynn on You Wealth Revolution and I purchased the offer. I have listened to it, keep listening daily, and am reading her book. I feel my whole soul came back to me, and that daily I'm becoming more congruent, as is a state of rebirth. I have tried so many healers; no one improved my state like she did. Allow my excitement to speak without redefining the reality."
TT, Lebanon
"Lynn's commitment to being led to come forward with her open heart is extraordinary. It is unusual to feel that much love, compassion, and caring for people. This class was well worth the time and money I invested, and it was an honor to be witness to sacred service in action."
Jeff Ferrannini, Producer/Host of, Boston, Massachusetts
"Lynn is an amazing conduit of healing-love energy. Words cannot describe her honest real deliverance of the Lightworkers material."
Diane Brennick, FL
"What I deeply, deeply respect and honor is your gift of words, and how you have developed the expression of ideas with your words. To me, it is very clear that you have methodically worked with precise expression of the most effective and beautiful words to be spoken in all that you do. One of the reasons people trust you so deeply is that you openly share when you have been inaccurate in your expression of words - and you correct your expression for greater precision and accuracy in front of us."
Elizabeth Wagner, Florida
Lightworkers Healing Method®
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The Lightworkers Healing Method® is a system of Angelically guided energy healing and a powerful spiritual growth vehicle with the exceptional goal of aligning us with our own soul's life purpose.

The Lightworkers Healing Method is an all-volunteer organization on a mission to help all beings live their own soul plans, creating lives of JOY in a world that works.

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