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Testimonials for the Lightworkers Healing Method®:
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"Sometimes I am taken over by feelings of severe joy in the middle of a regular day and that's a little funky, but nice. Still getting used to it :-)"

Lisa Bedoya CL27, MA

"I feel more intense happiness and joy than I've ever felt. It's so so wonderful."

Cathy Lozier, Fairfield CT

Not "just another spiritual healing modality,"

The Lightworkers Healing Method® is an AWESOME, powerful, spiritual healing modality. The stories reported here, the healing miracles, are the results that prove the theory. It's about supporting people in discovering and living their soul plans. By working together, each doing our part, the world transforms.
"Great news: I am walking! Last Sunday I just had to try... and I'm walking! I walked into my appointment with the pain specialist on Tuesday, and he was very upset with me for not buying and wearing the BIG boot he prescribed for me. So, I went back to my podiatrist on Wednesday and had an x-ray. The bone is healed! I am so HAPPY!

"Virtually no improvement in 5 months, and then it is healed after one session with you! I am still having pain and swelling (from the "complex regional pain syndrome"), so apparently still a work in progress, but such a big step! Literally. You cannot argue with the x-ray results! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"

Kara Keidinger Florida

Note from Lynn: it is common for deep issues to require more than one session to resolve all layers. We recommend multiple sessions to fully heal the root causes of all of life's symptoms, and come into alignment with your soul's plan for your life.

"How lucky I was to have known Lynn McGonagill, when my son was found unconscious in his home. We did not know how long he had been there unconscious laying on his arm. As he was taken to ICU at the hospital, I was afraid for his life. We were advised by the doctors that he had a multi-system failure, his heart, liver, kidney, and lungs were all not functioning properly. Also, the surgeon warned us that they may need to amputate his right arm.

I remember sending Lynn a email asking for anything she could do. The doctors gave him 25% chance to live. It was so grim to hear that.

Then I got an email from Lynn, where she gave me hope for grace for him. Lynn was regularly sending me emails explaining the healing process my son was going through. Each and every step she informed me of, was lived out only days after I was advised by her. The emails between us during those difficult times, helped me and gave me so much hope.

I knew she was helping in a powerful way, which I have never felt before.

She gave me advice which I was able to use directly for my sons recovery.

My son today, only 3 weeks of being in the hospital, is now off the breathing machine. His kidneys are not yet fully recovered but have showed signs of progression. The doctors have been able to save his right arm and any day now he will be transferred out of the ICU unit of the hospital.

I am forever thankful to Lynn for all the help and support she gave me and my son. What a wonderful gift she has for healing. Now that my son is on the road to recovery, though it will take a long time, I am feeling much better, with all the help Lynn gave. I look forward to reading and learning from her book, The Lightworkers Healing Method®."

Gudrun I. Jenkins, Orlando Florida
Greetings dear friends,

Sometimes testimonials that speak directly to physical healing as this one does can be helpful. I am grateful to Gudrun for speaking up about how our healing art was able to help in such a critical situation.

To clarify what I mean by that, the help I gave was the healing work, not simply "messages." My emails to her were narrations of the healing work I was doing for her son while he lay in ICU fighting for his life. As always those healing sessions also include instructions of things we can do to help ourselves - or in this case, things Gudrun and her son could both do to help themselves.

Lynn McGonagill,

"I have been a nurse for 23 years and a CRNA for 12. I felt called to work in healing, which is why I've chosen this profession. Most nurses understand the power of a person's energy or spirit, even though it's not taught in school. Most nurses look at the healing Western medicine offers and know that it's lacking something we just can't put our fingers on. Nurses seem to understand the energy work from the laying on of hands, family interactions, spiritual connections, and general caring expressions.

When I was a pediatric oncology RN my colleagues and I could determine rather correctly which patients would go into a remission from a standard chemotherapy round and which would end up in bone marrow transplant. This we saw through the family interactions, not the blood work. The children who were the emotional sponges of the families were the ones who would end up in transplant more often than the others. This energy the little patients absorbed seemed toxic to them, something the radiation and chemo just couldn't touch. Just another one of those things you could see, but hardly put into words or study or dissect. I wheeled many tiny bodies to the morgue and pondered my role in the healing that we offered.

I believed in nursing as a sacred profession and became an anesthetist because I felt it was the paragon of the nursing profession. Surgery can be necessary, and when you need it you do want good anesthesia. I have loved the profession and endeavored to perfect my practice. However, I see that when a patient consults a surgeon, surgery is most always their answer. I see that patients who would've been refused major back surgeries years ago because of their pre-existing conditions and frequent lack of self care are now the regulars on the schedule. I see that surgery is now the answer for morbid obesity. I see repeat plastic surgery patients who never seem happy with their physical bodies. Again in my field I have pondered my role in the healing that we offered.

My spiritual journey has been long, varied, and shaped by much of what I've experienced in my career. As a Christian I believe we are all here to help each other and I certainly believed the Bible when Jesus said we could heal in his name. My role in this was limited to my skills and just taking time to pray with patients when they requested. I volunteered as a staff RN at a free clinic and the previous supervisor and I had kept in touch. I had a continuing nagging need to contact her and we played phone tag for weeks. When I finally reached her she told me of the Lightworkers Healing Method® classes. I can't even recall how she explained this energy work, I just felt the pull.

It has been more than a year since I attended my first Level One class (I had to go through twice because my wheels were so blown off) and it has altered the course of my life. I feel all the truths I have been chasing have become answered and that ultimate calling to healing fulfilled. In this work of energy healing I don't need a stethoscope, a syringe, a narcotic box, an order or any instruments- I become the instrument to hold and create the sacred space to allow God to perform the deep healing we all are capable of giving each other, just as Jesus said.

I hope if you feel called to healing as I was you will explore this path and be a gift to the world."

Stephanie Aaronson, CRNA

"The other day I went to a psychic and it hit me that she was communicating with my mind. It also hit me that mediums communicate with dead folks' energies, shamans communicate with earth energies, bodyworkers communicate with body energies, that in LHM we are learning to communicate with Lightbeing and Angel energies...and that YOU communicate with ALL those energies and have the ability to distinguish between them and communicate that information to all of us! Wow."
Lisa Bedoya CL27, MA
"Imagine that you lived at the time of Buddha. That you became an acquaintance of him. Not a major disciple, just becoming aware of him. He was walking on a road, and you shared a piece of it. You have been looking for a truth in this life yourself. Got some glimpses, followed by big times of nothing. You became aware that Gautama, as this is how he is still called when you meet him, has access to this Truth.

You have now become uncomfortable. Why? You have to acknowledge two things, that he is better then you at this then you, and that if you let go of his slipstream, you may not learn much anymore - for a long time. These are instant blows to your ego. And you have your life, your routines, a way to stay alive.

Should you bow deep to Gautama, wave goodbye and follow your routines? Besides, you are not a spring chick anymore! It is too late for you to change course! Then you realize that this course you are on is not a course at all. You are lost and walk in circles, passing the same road signs again and again, as in a stupor.

This is how I met Lynn. And yes, she is a Buddha. And no, I cannot comprehend her majesty. She does not make it easy either, dressing casually, a mother who is working out in the Gym, no funny hats, no spiritual language that is derived from the classics. She does not quote literature, except for poems she likes, from someone who speaks about surrender in fluid words of love.

She is not from any religion. Picture her as rowing on a water to the other side, with what ever she finds floating around. If this piece of wood says Buddhism, she uses it to point her boat. At an instant swapping it for a holistic drift wood using it as a rudder for a while, to keep pointing North. Her secret is that she knows where she is going to, and how to get there. Actually, she is effortlessly propelled by a constant wind in her sails by this breeze called surrender on this Unnamed Current called Source. You cannot keep up with her. You have to make the plunge and find your driftwood yourself. Build a boat called surrender. But here is the real miracle happening: She shows you where your connection is, you become aware of where you are going and how to get there.

Do it. Go for it. Get the book, absorb the powerful Transmissions, follow the classes. Walk with a Buddha for a while. Yes, she is channeling the higher energies that reveal the ancient truths. Not the ancient texts, the ancient truths behind the texts. A truth that pertains miraculously and simply directly to you.

I happened to walk into her office almost 7 years ago. Requesting to show me my path in a clear way. That required no effort on her part, as she channeled my higher energies effortlessly. But it took all this time before I was ready and able to listen to the message about my life. And she never let me down once."

Rik Tackenberg, Yogacharya

"I am walking on truly new ground for me...I have felt bits and pieces of these feelings my entire life while not having any portion of my life reflecting such impressions.... I am surprised at how I feel differently here and now...I see things in a new way and while it is all still familiar, my perspective has changed dramatically."
S.B., Jacksonville FL

"It was great meeting you. You have an incredible talent. It was worth all the driving*. You changed my life. I will listen to the CD's over and over...Big Hug."
Roland W. Springall, Houston TX
*estimated at 2,500 miles total

"This Higher Level Class of Conscious Connection with the Higher Soul has been hugely life-changing for me! It really goes down to the deepest root, solving all the big problems. I got such a deep understanding and awareness about my soul, and I got exact answers for the situations I never knew what to do with. Now I know exactly what my soul is working on, and I know exactly where to change my ways.

"I am changed; I am acting differently in my life. I have unlimited freedom to create who I really am! I am standing at the door. I am very excited about my new life, and about what is starting to happen already. From Saturday to Tuesday the awareness kept coming to me. To come back to my old life wasn't easy; my stomach squeezed when I saw what I've been creating, but at the same time I know exactly where to change it in every moment!!

"My Guides play music in my head to send me messages. I first heard this in our class at Kripalu, and now they are playing it again louder. This is how I feel:

"Celine Dion, New Day Has Come, Click to Hear

"My soul is flying now! Thank you for all the Higher Dimension Beings, and ALWAYS FOR YOU and YOUR BRAVENESS, bringing this to Earth and for us!!! I could never imagine we could have this type of experience in a human body! We truly live in a magical time!"

Olivia Odor, Norwalk CT

"Two days ago in a session a client was asking for some quick concrete 3D answers and seemed unsatisfied with her Guides' metaphoric HD offerings. Thank you! Opportunity for simultaneous healing for me...but I didn't get that...yet.

"I found myself standing there with Them moving my arms this way and that. Over here. No. Over there. Stop. Go. Do a pirouette, Lisa. What? A pirouette? What kind of Screwy Louie thing are we doing here?

"They stop my arms and slowly bring my hands together in prayer position. What do you want, Lisa? You want some cool angel tricks? You want us to convince your client that you can fix her refrigerator? You can't if she comes here with that attitude. It's not your fault. She needs to sit down and do her work. You need just do your work. Sit down and pray. Every day. That is the work. Spend time with your Guides. Show them Gratitude and Love.


"So let me spend some time with You today, showing Gratitude and Love. I love You so much. You have truly changed my life. I was afraid I'd never find a teacher I could believe in to show me the things that have been missing to heal my life. Thank You, God, for sending me Lynn and all she represents. Guess what. I love the body/mind Lynn as well, struggling and hurting like the rest of us, with Love and Knowledge almost too hard to bear on this sad and broken planet. I believe you are an Angel because I see You, whether you disappear in front of me or not."

Lisa Bedoya LMT, Brighton MA

"This past Monday I had a checkup with my pain specialist, who was astounded to discover how much less pain/narcotic medication I've been taking due to a decrease in my bone pain, especially since my last visit with you. I shared with her I have been having sessions with you once a month for the past six months, and that in the last few we began to work for relief of the bone pain. The last visit, my sixth, resulted in my being nearly pain free for a full five days, after two years of having pain as my constant companion! I have gone from taking pills two to four times a day to taking them only when I'm feeling overwhelmed by the pain, which is now intermittent.

My doctor is open to 'alternative' forms of pain relief if it will enable a patient to discontinue or decrease narcotics, and is asking for brochures or other information regarding the energy healing I have been receiving from you. My heart is overjoyed to have one of my doctors express an interest in my recovery when, to her, there is no reason I should be feeling so good. She may be mystified, but I feel as though my eyes are finally open."

BJ Seffrin, St. Petersburg FL

Team Universe

"I am feeling everything viscerally----a sensation of being microcosm and macrocosm simultaneously with the main experience being immediate. Not so much having a clear view as an observer but an immersion and feeling a full soulful participation in shifting in the universe and within. There is a heightened clarity and an upsurging of the eternal energy present in the earth (no surprise to you I am sure) bringing a spinning sort of sensation on a vertical axis within me. Since flowing of Source from without (usually do not refer to things as coming 'down' but I suppose it is a good descriptor) has always flowed abundantly it feels the focus for me is on the upsurging, contributing calibration to the world.

"Keep me on team universe! Thank you for creating the opportunity for us to consciously unite."

Kimberly Braun, Florida
"I have found joy by being part of Team Universe. It's truly a wonderful way to heal and to make a difference on the planet. In the work, I think about my central challenges, my goals for myself, and how can I do better. I use them as intentions for the planetary healing work knowing I'm not the only one with these challenges and goals, and that we are all ONE. I am grateful that the more I live my life on this path, I truly feel joy. Love to you, and us all."
Rebecca Harp, LMT, Florida
"When asked to be a part of team universe by my beloved teacher Lynn McGonagill, of course I wanted to be a part of such a sacred task. I consider it a privilege and and a duty to contribute to the healing of our planet and our universe. It is through the collective, the interconnectedness of everything, that each person's offering results in a sum greater than its parts. The end result is a reverberation of loving energy that circles back around, picking each of us up and enveloping us into grace even further. This beautiful interweaving stirs the soul, and opens the heart. It is something I cannot ever get enough of, and I will come back again and again to be a part of this birthright of service that belongs to each of us. Love and light!"
Tammy Cambria, CRNA, Pennsylvania

Sanctuary for Peace and Safety

"Here is what has been happening over the last few days:

"As I gather my intention and willingness, I step into the entryway of your energy. There is a river here. It starts as a gentle trickle, and as I advance, the current begins to rush. I intend to move forward, surrendering myself to the current. I must drop my defenses and allow myself to be taken if I want to keep going. I cannot traverse this current if I'm still holding onto my suitcases, all baggage must be left at the shoreline to make it across. This is where most people dig in their heels, into the riverbed, clutching their luggage, unable to go any further.

"Once I make it through the river to the other side, I pull myself up onto a grassy bank. It is warmed by the sun, very soft and mossy. It is a lovely place to rest as I recover from the journey across the river, and consider if I'd like to keep moving inward. Looking back at the river, I realize that a cleansing has occurred as I made my way through to the bank. It has washed me clean, carrying away the muck I've accumulated from daily life. I'm deeply grateful and notice that I feel more clear than I did after a year of daily meditation.

"As I look further inward from the bank, there is a forest. It is a deep green, richly inviting forest that has a consciousness. The green is so vivid, the smell so earthy, the trees whisper to me, calling me in. I know there's something mystical about this forest, and I want to experience it. Today, I made my way into the forest a bit. The further inward I went, the quieter my mind became, the more my heart opened. I felt a presence with me, at my side. I'm waiting for that to unfold, but for now I don't need to know who it was. It was good. I accept it for this.

"After a while, I found a clearing with a bed of beautiful leaves. I rested there, laying down on the earth. So quiet, so peaceful, so still. I am very grateful to have found this sanctuary, this place where I can rest peacefully in a clear space. I suspect the experience will continue to evolve. For now, being present here is divine perfection for me."

Tammy Cambria, CRNA, Pennsylvania

"I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate you letting me have access to your sacred Sanctuary. I realized this morning, that my tinnitus becomes very quiet when I'm in the Sanctuary. It's usually very loud and interferes with my hearing to a great degree. It's a way I can tell now for sure that I am inside, in addition to the total peace that fills my entire being. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your beautiful, devoted life, without which I would still be in ignorance."
Carole Seffrin, Gainesville FL

Messages from Lightworkers' Awakening Angels

"What an amazing opportunity we have to join a class like this. It is amazing to have the Higher-dimension Teachers teaching us from upstairs. It is amazing that Lynn gives her time and that we are offered such a class. What a support!!!

"The most important things I take away from this class are to remember who we are and not to lose focus; that we are here for a Higher Purpose and to know we can make a difference on Earth.

"The class recordings are one of the best parts. I can listen again, maybe in a quiet afternoon, when I need to tune back. Each time there is a deeper understanding than before. I have no problem paying for the recordings. They are a gift for the price."

Olivia Odor, Norwalk, CT

"I started the Angel Classes in October. Each one is like a mini workshop in itself! There is a high level of healing energies and love that come through in the classes. I missed January due to travels, and can't wait to listen to the recording."
Madhavi Chalasani, The Woodlands, TX

"I've been working my way through the Harry Potter series and of course it is not lost on me that the wizards are going to classes with Professor McGonagall. I often find myself thinking "Oh, that must be fun...potions class or divination." But tonight, I went to ANGEL CLASS.

"I mean, COME ON!

"I think sometimes it's just so UNBELIEVABLE...or I should say INCOMPREHENSIBLE...that I don't fully absorb it. The portion on merging into our own molecules in tonight's class was quite PROFOUND and I just kept typing "thank you" into the chat box. I wrote it so many times the monitor stopped saying it.


"I am so grateful for your service to this Universe, and to me personally. You are teaching me what unconditional love really means. It's magnificent and I thank you."

Kristen Coury, Naples, Florida

"Thank You for opening your home and heart and Awakening Angels Circle to me. All are transforming me, my life and my mission.... I had asked "Source" to be shown the next level of my soul/spirit journey and instantly you appeared! Your mind-blowing knowing and understanding of truth and your occasional loving/endearing goofiness-moments had my human side perplexed at first, yet all the while my soul/spirit encouraged me to just let go and see what transpires and to TRUST the TRUTH!

Yesterday, my Guides asked me to enroll and start your Level One course, and they asked that I start it immediately. Lynn, I LOVE IT! I love you!!!! I LOVE the gift you are sharing (even though you say it is not a gift) and the JOY surrounding you. I know, on some level, we are doing the course together and you are with me and guiding me personally. And you are smiling :)

As I am going through the course, I am blown away by your subtly throwing in answers to life-altering questions I have been asking recently, and your casually mentioning information that is world changing (sort of sneaking mind-blowing truths in between the lines) that I was wondering if anyone else was aware of! I can hardly wait to absorb the information and re-connect with the TRUE Lightworker-healer that is the true me. I can hardly wait to see what my next step of service will be. I am humbled and I am grateful. I am flapping my wings as fast as I can!"

Carol Vengroff, Florida

This Spiritual Healing Work Is Really Important
Testimonials for the Lightworkers Healing Method® recorded during the Closing Circle of a Level Two class.

Level Two: Letting Go of the Past is part of the Core Curriculum of The Lightworkers Healing Method.
Recorded in Somerville, near Boston on September 22, 2013.



Praise for our Certified Lightworkers

This method works. It is not a gift; it is a teachable, learnable skill. You CAN learn to do this. All of our Lightworkers have. They have come to us from diverse and varied backgrounds. Some worked in healing arts; many did not. Lightworkers Healing Method® Founder, Lynn McGonagill, was a CPA before learning Angelically Guided Energy Healing. Yes! A CPA.

The following testimonials are evidence that our Lightworkers have the same impactful, profound healing affect.

"When I first began treatments with the Lightworkers Healing Method®, I was a little skeptical. However, having continued with sessions, I am amazed at the progress we are making. When we began, I had severe osteoporosis in my hip and back. I had tried various prescribed medications, and while the osteoporosis did not get any worse, it had not improved. I discontinued the medication. This year, when I had my bone density test, my doctor was amazed that my hip had improved almost 95% from my last year's report. My doctor asked what I had been doing, and the only thing that had changed from prior years was the addition of Lightworks.

In addition, things in my life just seem to be getting easier. Answers to questions just seem to flow to me. I find that I am able to help others without even realizing I am doing it.

Thanks so much for your efforts."

Joyce Fox, Florida

"Hi Wendy, I can't stop thinking about you concerning our session. The dizzy spells have never returned. Something happened there for sure.... I am really excited to continue."
Anna Freeman, Jackson WY

"The Lightworkers Healing Method® has been a touchstone for growth and expansion in my life for over a year. It has supported me during an important life transition by speedily removing internal obstacles with love and ease. I have gained a greater understanding of my soul's long journey which has helped me clarify my purpose and settle into joy. Each session leaves me feeling at peace. What a gift!"
Elizabeth, NYC

Testimonials About Our Advanced Classes

"Dear Lynn,

The Level Four in the Search for Truth format was an incredible class. My experience is that it was indeed priceless. Thank you!

Love and Gratitude,"

Mara Bjornstad, Sarasota FL

Testimonials About the Lightworkers Certification Program

"Dear Lynn,

I am thanking you and the true Guides for giving me an incredible lift. Every word rings true. I will follow the guidance...Your teaching/coaching approach case after case is consistently phenomenal. Thank you so much.

Big Hugs,"

Walter Chrisman, Saugerties NY
"Hi Lynn,

Thank you for your wonderful feedback. I've been supervising other family counselors for over 20 years. You are a remarkable mentor who instills hope & possibility- a supervisee's dream. I've gotten new tips with every case study. I reread my other cases studies a few days ago. The mentoring is more advanced than the book-- and continuously fresh. I agree with all of it. Matter-of-fact, I always do. I'm not going to argue with Divine wisdom. Sometimes I'm lazy when writing the CS and word things poorly. I do strive to report my struggles so that I can eventually improve. Speaking for myself, there is an ecstasy in doing this work. Yet, it doesn't allow gloating and/or chest-thumping. Being in closer proximity to the Divine is about as good as gets in life.

With Deep Gratitude,"

Walter Chrisman, Saugerties NY
"Dear Lynn and Donna,

I'm always blown away by your supervision. Thank you! I could go on & on about it.... I will strive to follow your directives/suggestions. All of it resonates with me. I am so-o blessed!

Donna, you put your heart & soul in it. The Lightworkers Healing Method® is the best healing/therapeutic system I've experienced. Lynn is the most aware individual I know of regarding the higher dimensional realms. Her profound knowledge and skillful means are precisely channeled from the extraordinary Beings who are actively accessible in teaching, healing & guiding us to a more meaningful way of living. Training protocols are provided for serious students who wish to participate in an amazing healing process or journey that deeply enhances soul development. Beyond doubt, LHM is the absolute real deal!

Big Hugs,"

Walter Chrisman, Saugerties NY
"This document on Maintaining Certification feels loving, and still feels like an opportunity to go for something that truly does mean something. I do not have any suggestions for improvement for now. It feels like that may come later as we grow, but for now it feels like Truth and Love. Much love to you too."
Mara Bjornstad, Sarasota FL

"Dear Lynn!

Your support is so amazing! Thank you so much for all your words! This learning point was so important to me. I couldn't go any further with my crazy ways. This problem ruined my days and nights; it was taking me down. It was hard to admit my big big mistake, and face it! But now I don't see it that way. Now I only see that I've learned a huge lesson. After Your letter Lynn, I understand on a deep level and I feel changed. Now I am so at peace with people! I love them just the way they are. I am not circling around in my mind. I can focus on more important things.

Also, I asked myself, 'why would we not listen to the Guides?' Why? In the past, my ego-mind said: 'I can fix this, I know how to do this, I don't need help.' Now I see we have to let go of that. We don't know what we really need as well as our Guides do. They are teaching us, helping us.

I will go back into the case again, as you have suggested. What else is the learning, otherwise.

Thank you so much!! Lynn thank you!

Love and Love"

Olivia Odor Norwalk CT

"Lynn, you are awesome. Thank you so much for your responses. So many issues are clearing up for me. I am writing you quickly here after case #6, but have absorbed your responses to me from case #5 also. I feel like I understand our life on this planet, and also how it relates to our contribution in the Universe. It's like the pebble effect on water; the effect keeps spreading. There's no end, just growth, and it's our job to make it so.

Beats the heck out of traditional college for sure!

Tons of gratitude and love,"

Doreen Barrera RN, Quincy MA

"Sometimes I am taken over by feelings of severe joy in the middle of a regular day and that's a little funky, but nice. Still getting used to it :-)"
Lisa Bedoya CL27, MA



Learning Energy Healing by Self-Paced Distance Learning

"I have really liked the Distance Learning program. For me, I learn really well on my own, at my own time. Because I've received so many sessions from Wendy, I am somewhat familiar with the work anyway. Reading the book and doing the calls has allowed me to hone it. I feel very free to call my mentors at any time with other questions that crop up. I have already started reading Level 4... I am doing the work on my clients and everybody is LOVING it and having amazing experiences and results. I am so pleased to have undertaken this process."
Randi Botnick, Baltimore area, MD

"You are wonderful. Such brightness, love and peace!! I feel a giggle in my heart when I think of you! Second, the energy we worked with is very high! Wow! Now I need to start practicing. That is the next step. I can now say this with all truth...I believe that life is beautiful and it supports me. I BELIEVE THAT LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL AND IT SUPPORTS ME!

I will spend this week practicing; I'm not done with Level One yet. It needs to work in some more."

Love from Pam in Turlock, CA

"Lightworkers Healing Method® is a gift given to all of us to reach our Source and Angels/Lightbeings/Guides. We can use the Lightworkers Healing Method® to heal ourselves and others, and having clear energy gateways helps us to reach the Angels waiting for us. The Lightworkers Healing Method® was given to us from our Guides and Angels and it does not take many people with the understanding to change our planet and infuse our lives with love!"
Noelle Spinosa, MA

"I have not had the pain in my sacrum since our distance learning practice session. The stiffness is also gone. I used to take advil during the day and before bed for various joint and muscle pains, but this week I have not taken any pain meds. I am in shock and dare I say Awe. Thank you Mary I am most grateful.

"Also, my Guides are communicating with me much clearer, or maybe I am doing a better job of listening. Whatever it is I am very grateful for it and I want to thank you for your gracious feedback and your serene, loving way of guiding me through the distance learning practice session. You are a Blessing Mary, and I am so thankful that you are my mentor."

Veronica J. Anderson, Franklin MA
"The Lightworkers Healing Method is a cutting edge energy healing method. Ms. McGonagill has an amazing fund of knowledge that she meticulously shares with all participants. She is an incredible facilitator who strives to enable participants to learn as much as they can, regarding this dynamic material. I would highly recommend this Level One class to anyone who has met the prerequisites."
Walter Chrisman, NY
"I was privileged to watch this practice session at the Level 3 workshop. Because I am a client of Lynn McGonagill's, now almost a year, and having healing sessions with her, I am aware of how wonderfully honed her skills of channeling are. I have never met a more disciplined person/energy in my life. If you observe her closely, you can see in her mannerisms and hear how her voice changes as various higher dimension beings use her to heal, reveal, teach and even make passionate statements (i.e., don't cage the Orangutans). This is a beautiful, loving, quiet spoken, soul doing her best to follow her assigned path."
Carole Seffrin, Gainesville FL
"Dear Lynn, I just want to take a minute to thank you for all your help. I know you directly answered some major issues I was dealing with during the past year's classes, and I laugh when you casually say in class that you can read minds - because I know you read mine. So thank you again for answering my call for help, my life is soo much better as a result. I no longer look at life as being such a struggle, I don't look at anyone or any situation the same way, and that is just great. So once again thank you, thank you, thank you for being strong enough to be you."
Doreen Barrera RN, Quincy MA
"This is amazing and powerful work. The more I facilitate, the more my old reality changes!!! I feel like I finally found a way to access and understand my purpose! I am so grateful!!"
Kerry Reardon, Rockland MA
"I am so grateful and appreciate all that you are doing for me and my family. It is one miracle after another. I needed a job and didn't know how to find one. After one Lightworkers Healing Method® session, out of the blue a friend approached me to manage her business, and now I have the job.

"I also wrote you about my long-term stomach pain. We didn't even talk, you just did the work by email, and now the pain in my stomach is completely gone. Wow wow this is amazing. I am overwhelmed and have no words to express myself - except to say, 'Yay Source!'"

Gillian Hoops, Tanzania
"Having a private session with Lynn is an experience one should not miss. In an hour, Lynn reaches through all the barriers to self-discovery with ease, and exposes our biggest obstacles for us to see. With kindness that is unmatched, and the power of divine forces behind her, she leads one to the precipice and gently takes us over into the start of a new way of life. The jump may scare, but the other side is freedom. The experience is life-changing and priceless. She could charge $2500, and people would happily pay it. It's definitely worth it! To have her ongoing powerful energetic support after the session would be such a blessing, helping one to stay in that space of what has transpired. Do this as a kindness to yourself. You only live once (in this body)!"
Tammy Cambria, PA
"Working directly with an Archangel is profound beyond anything I have ever experienced. It not only feels like but IS a direct connection to Divine Guidance. Following their instructions has created miracles before my eyes and I am deeply grateful."
KC, Naples Florida
"The level 3 class has taught me the skill of accessing and working with the future. Life and Energy is always in motion, so tending to my future path is an ongoing process that I practice on a regular basis. I am grateful for this gift!"
Tere Greenwald, FL
"'Using the Power of the Future' class is my favorite class!

"The practices: the learning sessions with other students are great very inspiring, and as an extra bonus forge deep bonds between all students in the class, based on a rekindling of deep hope and understanding.

"The technique: understanding how to work with the path to the future self was a completely new and delight full revelation to me! How beautiful this tool of unfathomable value was handed to me!

"The format: the class is a perfect balance of passive and active learning and infusion of transmissions. By learning for the first time, as far as I can see back, to discover and understand the future chakra, and to opening, straightening and balancing it. Wow. To learn to help people to move forward in life.

"What else can be more important?

"I am deeply grateful to the Teachers, the channel and the students to make this an unsurpassable experience.

"Now, a year later, nothing has changed about this testimony. If possible, it has become more strong."

Rik Tackenberg, Yogacharya, Ft. Lauderdale FL
"I am unaware of any other healing method or soul path work that uses the power of working with future lives to heal the present life. This extraordinary and powerful access into our future selves, who have already mastered the life challenge(s) that we are currently working to heal in this life, proves once and for all that working with the fabric of space/time truly has no boundaries, and that we have available to us unlimited resources to heal ourselves and align us to our soul's purpose."
Donna Wylly, Florida
"I have had panic and anxiety attacks for 30 years. I heard Miss Lynn on You Wealth Revolution and I purchased the offer. I have listened to it, keep listening daily, and am reading her book. I feel my whole soul came back to me, and that daily I'm becoming more congruent, as is a state of rebirth. I have tried so many healers; no one improved my state like she did. Allow my excitement to speak without redefining the reality."
TT, Lebanon
"The experiential way of learning, the energy shifts I personally experienced, and the loving energy from Lynn, her team, and the other students were all fabulous. My thanks, love, and gratitude!"
Audrey Holm, Mendocino, CA
"Thank you for an explicate and integrated healing method that seems to be effective on a permanent level. All the parts I had learned elsewhere have been explained and integrated. This is way beyond 30 years of past experiences in healing."
Rosemarie Willaford, Florida
"I completed the Level Two class this weekend in Boston and it was as incredible as I hoped. As energy medicine fields thankfully become more mainstream, the Lightworkers Healing Method® is the next step forward. I am so thankful to Lynn for all of her efforts to bring this to us. I am excited to continue learning and practicing and knowing as this makes a big difference in my life it will do the same in some big or little but incredible fashion for everyone I now come in contact with. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"
Nancy Senior, Spiritual Life Coach, Boston
"The Lightworkers Healing Method® is an extraordinary and wonderful method that teaches Lightworkers to channel powerful healing energy to alleviate pain and suffering. Lynn and her teaching staff present in-depth workshops and on-line webinars demonstrating the Lightworkers Healing Method®, they instruct and coach students in the method, and they identify the guiding principles for this amazing healing method. I have been in nursing for over thirty-five years and am thrilled to learn a healing method that reduces pain and suffering without using medication or invasive techniques or procedures. I highly recommend everyone involved in the healing arts to learn and practice this approach to health and wellness."
Doreen Barrera, RN from Boston
"I have begun working with the planetary healing techniques the next Higher Level class will cover. It's been a true adventure, an incredible learning experience, and has filled me with unspeakable joy and gratitude to play my part in transforming the world."
Kristen Coury, Florida
"I have been practicing yoga and reading spiritual texts for 35 years. Nothing prepared me for the profound depth of these Higher Level (HL) class teachings and transmissions. They are simple, direct teachings. Truth is always like that. I will attend any future HL class when it is offered if it is within my possibilities."
Rik Tackenberg, Florida
"Lynn's commitment to being led to come forward with her open heart is extraordinary. It is unusual to feel that much love, compassion, and caring for people. This class was well worth the time and money I invested, and it was an honor to be witness to sacred service in action."
Jeff Ferrannini, Producer/Host of, Boston, Massachusetts
"This is the real deal. It's obvious that healing and teaching are Lynn's calling. Thank you!'
Lisa Bedoya, LMT, Massachusetts
"This class was invaluable to me both as a spiritual life coach and as a spiritual being. The material is incredible. Brave, necessary and so much appreciated. Thank you!"
Nancy Senior, Spiritual Life Coach, Massachusetts
"My time and money were well spent; I learned a lot. The instructor is definitely an expert on the subject and I like her style very much. She was very prepared and her assistants definitely added to the class."
Antonio Da Silva, Licensed Acupuncture Physician, Massachusetts
"I will never be able to pay you back for what I learned or experienced in your class this weekend and you made it look so easy. I experienced the healing effect of your technique when I was being worked on and it helped a lot. You are a very good instructor, enthusiastic, knowledgeable and personable. Your team was awesome and the way they handled everything was amazing. You all did it with such ease. Can't wait till next class. Thanks for everything, I mean it, thanks!"
Philip Craig, Naturopathic Physician, New York
"These classes have allowed a real experience of another layer of life. They have given me several tools to use in my healing ministry and for personal growth."
Bob Sanda, DMT, MSW, MA, Florida
"Lynn is an amazing conduit of healing-love energy. Words cannot describe her honest real deliverance of the Lightworkers material."
Diane Brennick, Florida
"This is the best class I have ever taken. I don't just mean the best class in energy healing, or even the best class about spirituality. I mean the best class I have ever taken on any topic. Period."
Patrick McManus, Florida
"As a surgical intensive care nurse, I believe that the human energy system is all related; the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. I have seen the triumph of the human spirit over great odds in the ICU setting and have come to realize there was much more to healing than just the physical. I wanted to learn more about working with energy healing. That's when I heard about the Lightworkers Healing Method® and took the course.

From the course, I have learned how to improve my overall energy awareness. Before going to work, I use the opening process to achieve optimal alignment and become a clear channel for the source energy. In addition, I surround myself and my patients rooms with protective and healing energy on a daily basis. I have expanded on this process and surround the entire unit and then the hospital with this healing energy. I also ask for help from the Lightworkers Healing Method® teachers when I'm working with a patient. This one step has improved the outcome of my work in many, many ways. I usually find my patients are generally more calm and relaxed while working with them. Also, my day is less stressful and I have a deepened sense of well being. In the end, both my patients and I benefit from a healing experience.

Overall, the Lightworkers Healing Method® has increased my awareness that healing is more than physical. By using the Lightworkers Healing Method® in my daily practice, I have increased my awareness of the harmony that can be achieved between body, mind and spirit."

Ellen Shelby, RN
"This method is completely unique. I am so grateful you had that cancellation. I was on the edge and if this help hadn't been there I would have literally gone insane. I've had a dramatic improvement in my mental and emotional well-being. I feel freed to love that certain person without obsessing about him. The changes happen so easily it feels like we are cheating. It's been miraculous."
KE, Florida
"The very first time I asked my guides for help with my business in a Lightworkers session, they sent light under my path and then my work schedule picked up. When asked a second time, things really took off. Now I have a second person helping me handle all the work. Thank you, guides!"
SEA, Florida
"We found that our visits with Lynn provided profound knowledge and information that is still working in our everyday lives, many years later."
S&BE, Alabama
"I want you to know the value your work has. After our session, the leg pain I had for 39 years disappeared. It's been a year since that session, and it still hasn't returned. I value my legs now and have become a runner. I've even run a half marathon, and have lost 46 pounds. I also released a bad relationship that I felt very stuck in. Thank you."
Sherry Gerodimos, Florida
"I have more clear direction for my own life, a stronger connection to Source, and amazing insight into the healing method."
HF, Florida
"The awareness of past lives and the ability to personally peer into them can help spiritual evolvement tremendously. When you look at life considering past lives, the fabric of connectedness becomes clear. We are all working on something, and we are learning with each other. The effect is compassion, understanding, and acceptance."
KH, Florida
"It gives me great peace to know that in this work, both people involved (giver and receiver) become clearer, fuller, and more whole."
Lori, Florida
"I never knew the purpose of my life, now I do. For that I am eternally grateful."
Joan, Florida
"This is extremely powerful energy healing. You are an incredible channel of Light and Love, and I am so grateful to be a student of yours. Thank you so much for your love, teachings, and incredible energy."
JA, Florida
"I find I am able to do things I thought were impossible. With Lynn's constant encouragement, I overcome my fear and anxiety and just do it!"
Madeline, Florida
"Since class, long-term health issues have been completely healed. I had a pinched nerve in my neck, which caused nerve pain down my left arm. While I haven't done anything different, and have started doing some medically prohibited activities, the pain is simply GONE. DONE."
MH, Florida
"That is the most incredible experience I have ever had. English doesn't have words to express how this energy feels. All I can say is 'wow'."
Pauline, Florida
"Thank you for a profound healing resulting from our last interaction. I have had absolutely no abdominal pain whatsoever. This is a more than 30 year issue. It's a total miracle. Thank you...thank you...thank you...from all my physical cells and all my energy bodies."
CC, AP/DOM, Florida
"It's amazing how fast, deep and powerful this method is."
YB, Munich, Germany
"Thank you for an amazing session! I feel so free and light, like something heavy has been released. I am looking forward to releasing even more, and finding more support in my life. This work with you is so exciting; grounding and yet so expansive. Thank you so much!"
BD, Florida
"Having worked with you for years now, and having covered so much time and so many changing periods of my life, I want to thank you for all your support. I am grateful for your clarity, integrity, and talent. Working with you has been a contribution to me on many levels; my own personal journey, my relationship to my work, my relationship to my family are but a few. Clearing away the energetic blockages, creating a clear and open path for the present and the future, connecting me to me and to support that is available to me daily has been so valuable. You are truly gifted and I appreciate you!"
ST, Florida
"What I deeply, deeply respect and honor is your gift of words, and how you have developed the expression of ideas with your words. To me, it is very clear that you have methodically worked with precise expression of the most effective and beautiful words to be spoken in all that you do. One of the reasons people trust you so deeply is that you openly share when you have been inaccurate in your expression of words - and you correct your expression for greater precision and accuracy in front of us."
Elizabeth Wagner, Florida
I have taken many different "energy healing" courses. This is so far beyond everything else there is really no comparison.
Deb Chance, Florida
"Thank you for the life-changing, soul-evolving experiences in this Higher Level class. We were witness and catalyst to the most profound Universal inter-dimensional healing. WOW.

Thank you for the techniques that limit backsliding into old patterns."

Dawn Mammone, Florida
"Bravo! The weekend was fabulous. The class was so totally NEW. It really gave people a feeling of how to connect with the Guides. I could really hear how much was being presented, and then I experienced the results in the practices. It is really deep. Lynn is so in sync with the Guides. This is more than a healing method; it's an honorable way of living."
Candace Carlucci, Florida
"You have changed my life completely. Now joy rings all around me, and I can hear the Angels whispering "Grow, grow." Thank You Thank You Thank You!"
Luci Belknap, California
"I am learning to trust and believe I can actually do this work. I felt safe to step out and not worry that I might get it wrong. I am left with a wordless feeling of wonder, being in the presence of the Lightbeings. I have an incredible sense of knowing they are there, and helping."
Jen Alexander, MSW, Florida
"Dear Lynn,

I mentioned earlier this morning that I am being drawn to send you an email outlining how the Lightworkers Healing Method® has affected me and my daily habits, and what I do to work with the Lightworkers Healing Method® daily. I will do my best to tell you everything in a cogent, cohesive and concise manner...."

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Kristen Coury, Florida
"Lynn McGonagill is a teacher for the 21st century. Combining wisdom, intuition, practicality and pure love and light, her class in the Lightworkers Healing Method® will give you tools above and beyond what you could ever imagine. This is a class that has to be experienced to fully absorb what it teaches. With patience and infinite support, Lynn takes her students through the basic concepts of energy, why we are here and how to get into touch with the highest level of heavenly guidance. She teaches tools for healing at every level and every comprehension. No one will leave her class unchanged. It is truly life changing!"
Cindy Snowball, Life Coach, Florida
"There are a few key points that constitute a superb class or training program. Lynn McGonagill's Lightworkers Healing Method® training program encompasses all of the most important ingredients that allow the student the ability to grasp the material, feel comfortable learning new sets of skills and gain proficiency in the modality. As you consider Lynn's courses, add to your evaluation the following key components: Highly skilled teacher; Safe, sacred learning environment; Clarity of vision; Clarity of teaching material; Support group and refresher training; Content of training program is comprehensive; Multiple learning styles & techniques used."
Carol Wentz Randaci, DOM, AP, Florida
"It is wonderful to experience the variety of styles shown by the Teaching Assistants. They really help solidify the information given."
Jody Jordan, Florida
"The Level One Class was very helpful and made a significant transformation in my practice. I have a better understanding of the process and I feel more confident when I practice. The instructions were clear, simple, easy to follow and profound. The way Lynn conveyed them with so much grace, assurance and generosity was inspiring and uplifting."
"Thank you for the understanding that there are subtle signs in everything that occurs, and that we can learn by paying attention to them. It is wonderful to realize soul growth is never done - that it is about continued refinement, not completion."
Jen Alexander, Florida
"Thank you for the life-changing, soul-evolving experiences in this Higher Level class. We were witness and catalyst to the most profound Universal inter-dimensional healing. WOW."
A Student, Florida
"Lynn is such an amazing teacher! She makes the concepts and hands on experience of the Lightworkers Healing Method® clear and fun. I have had the opportunity to travel thousands of miles to attend many of her classes, and am looking forward to taking the Lightworkers Healing Method® classes in other locations."
Samantha Durfey, Florida
February 12, 2012
"As a person who has been in the "health and wellness" field for over 15 years I had found myself searching more and more down a spiritual path when I met Lynn McGonagill at a healing workshop somewhere around 4 or 5 years ago. After realizing this was "Lynn" who I had heard about since moving to Sarasota I scheduled an appointment for my first Lightworkers Healing Session® with Lynn. Having already tapped into working as an "energy healer" with family, a few close friends and clients here and there I immediately wanted to learn more about the healing that I experienced in my session. It was PROFOUND HEALING, unlike anything I had experienced before. I attended my first Level One Lightworkers Workshop in 2009 and my life has never been the same. And it just keeps getting better!! The more I participate, the more I learn, the more I grow! And being a witness to so many others growth has got to be the best gift of all. There simply is no limit to the Lightworkers Healing Method®. Physical, emotional, mental, financial challenges, goes on and on. Lynn's connection to the Divine is so clear and each workshop is more amazing, educating and transforming than the last. I am so blessed to have met Lynn and feel so grateful to have her as a mentor and friend. I highly recommend anyone seeking healing for themselves and others to come to an intro class and see for yourself how your life can also be transformed, as we are all on a journey! So why not "live the life your soul was meant to live" I can't express enough how truly grateful I am to be part of the Lightworkers Healing Method®! Let's heal the world!!!!"
Dawn Mammone , Florida
February 7, 2012
"I first was introduced to Lynn and the Lightworkers Healing Method® when I was going through a very traumatic time in my life. Lynn's expertise in helping me to connect to my higher self, Angels, and divine light beings created a pathway to peace and life management on this life's journey. Lynn's courses are an incredible way to share the evolution of one's soul with other individuals in wondrous ways - Thank you Lynn!!!!"
Karen, Florida
February 3, 2012
This class gave me confidence to practice and gain even more validation. The learning and doing was fun! I like the format, including the movement breaks. The time moves quickly. It all works.
CS, Florida
"Lynn is an amazing healer. I first began working with Lynn for help with my life path, thinking I might find a new career. I quickly learned that her Lightworkers Healing Method® could change my life and the lives of others around me. The Lightworkers Healing Method® courses work with specific topics and are structured to teach you, step by step how to become a Lightworker, or to go deeper into personal healing. Taking these classes is an extraordinary opportunity to finely tune your inner intuition and use it for good in the world. I highly recommend Lynn and her Lightworkers Healing Method® for anyone on the path of personal growth."
Jane Talbot, Florida
February 4, 2012
"Lynn is such an amazing teacher! She makes the concepts and hands on experience of Lightworkers Healing Method® clear and fun. I have had the opportunity to travel thousands of miles to attend many of her classes, and am looking forward to taking Lightworkers Healing Method® classes in other locations."
Samantha Durfey, Florida
February 3, 2012
"Lynn is one of the most professional and loving teachers I've ever encountered. She presents the material in a concise yet exciting format. Each class builds more skill and proficiency. She is also a believable healer with a high level spiritual connection. The Lightworkers Healing Method® took my practice to the next level. I highly recommend her and her classes."
LB, Florida
February 4, 2012
Thank you for an amazing Level Two Class. I noticed that as I grow and evolve, the classes do too, so I get the sense of it being a living being - the Lightworkers Healing Method®.
RF, Florida
With each class I leave thinking and feeling that I couldn't possibly learn more, yet here I am again: rising way above the level of what I thought I could and would absorb. Once again, I'm overwhelmed by the loving, safe, non-judgmental space you provide for optimal growth. Thank you.
LL, Florida
I gained more peace and trust, and the knowledge that I'm surrounded by help and support. Most importantly, I learned we are all connected and brought together for a reason. It gives me great peace to know that in this work, both people involved (giver and receiver) become clearer, fuller, and more whole.
LZ, Florida

Learning Energy Healing by Webinar

"I never heard of learning a healing technique via webinar, and to watch Level One at the Institute of Noetic Science... I was even more intrigued. Level One was great. I grew, felt a new shift with awareness, Source, Guides, Lightbeings, and shared wonderful healings. Thank you for answering all of my questions. I had a huge pep in my step after that weekend.

"The Level Two learning process this past weekend was really shaaazzzaaammmness.... I learned so much that I'm still digesting and absorbing the info.... What an experience. Love it! I love you Lynn and your Guides for sharing this skill for all to learn anywhere in the world. Thank you for all that you do"

Webinar student, Elaine Connor, Massachusetts

"Thank you so much for the incredible weekend life changing event. Even though I viewed the class through my computer, from thousands of miles away, I feel a deep shift within my being and I don't think I'll be the same again. You are a beautiful soul and with your great helpers have provided a loving and safe environment to let go of our burdens and transform ourselves. I'm very, very grateful."
Webinar student, Gizel Molnar, Australia

"I attended the Level One webinar with a friend. We plan to view the recorded seminar and practice together. The Lightworkers Healing Method® reminds me how powerful a simple system can be, linking me to what is so close and allowing me to be a conduit of infinite love, wisdom and possibilities. Many blessings!"
Maria Meyer, Austin, Texas

About Lynn McGonagill as a Speaker

"Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed having you on my show. You are such an inspirational person and your gentle yet powerful approach will touch many people. Your opening process was just incredible. I could feel the wonderful energy moving through me!

"My producer was also very much impressed with the opening process and asked me if you would be okay if we took that segment of the show and put it in our meditations on with information about the Lightworkers Healing Method and website. Please let me know if you are comfortable with this.

"Again, it was such a pleasure."


"Though we may use different words to describe our experience of healing there are certain universal themes and truths. Lynn's book presents us with her technique and makes the energy available to all of us to assist us in achieving our healing potential. I have lived what she writes about and know the truth she shares in her book."
Bernie Siegel, MD
Author of A Book of Miracles and 365 Prescriptions For The Soul

"I love having you on Seeing Beyond. You are so composed, informational and inspirational. I know that our listeners love hearing you."
Bonnie Coleen
Seeing Beyond

"Lynn McGonagill, founder, teaching channel, and author, of The Lightworkers Healing Method® was a pleasure to have as a guest on my program. What is most remarkable, after 22 years of facilitating the Lightworkers Healing Method®, Lynn still approaches each question with enthusiasm sparkling with wonder. Her book, a joy to read, contains easy to follow steps, written in a wise and loving voice.

"Thank you for being my guest today on Planetary Spirit. I enjoyed the full presence you brought to the interview along with your tears and open heart."

Jeff Ferrannini, Producer/Host of, Boston, Massachusetts

"It was a pleasure having you as a guest on my show. The Lightworkers Healing Method® is a fascinating topic and I look forward to having you back again soon."
Bob Harden
The Bob Harden Show
Naples Florida

"It was absolutely awesome having you on the Shift Happens Radio and Road Show! You are a true Angel and gift to humanity. As a Light worker, it takes courage, strength, faith a belief in yourself and humanity... and a VERY open mind. Thanks for stepping up and helping to lead the way!"
Reverend "el"
The Shift Happens Radio Show

"I was totally blown away by the Level One weekend! I'm still high on the experience as I try to integrate all of the knowledge given, my emotions, and revelations that occurred to me during the healing and things Lynn would say! I'm trying to write it down but more importantly my intent is to live it daily to best of my ability at this point. My brain and my heart have been peeled back allowing for Highest Source to fill me up and use me.

"I'm intending to organize my life with LHM as the Biggest and Most Important Priority.. breaking down old habits of willfulness, laziness, and loosing focus, is at the forefront. I hold onto Lynn's - what I call her little voice - saying over and over in my ear "you can do it, you can do it!" and trying to suck up FatherEarth energy with every breath.... Loving Living in the Light!

"I am so very grateful to you, to Lynn, and to all who make LHM happen! I totally Rejoice in all of you and my good karma that brought me into the circle!

"Yippee skippee!"

Patty Carpenter, FL
"The class was AMAZING, I learned so so much. There isn't anything I would change. I felt just as if I were in the room, very included, very much connected to the group and the process. Technology is such a blessing. I also appreciate the matching up with another webinar student, it was so streamlined. Perfect!"
Tammy Cambria, CRNA, Pennsylvania
"Early in the mind/body/spirit health movement I read two books that made me glimpse the truth about health and healing, Deepak Chopra's Creating Health and Gary Zukav's The Dancing Wu Li Masters. Both are classics explaining how our energetic fields influence our physical bodies.

"Until now, though, I never really understood how to work with those ideas in 'real' life. Lynn McGonagill's Cellular Healing class was the experiential version of the (now numerous and mainstream) books like that. My entire being was shimmering with healing energy as she guided me through breaking down old beliefs and molecular structures. And smiling all the while at her Light and playful presentation.

"I took the class at the end of a difficult day. When I finished, my world had changed from scary to hopeful. Understand, not just my attitude but the events of my world got better, including the realization of three solutions in the next twelve hours to things that had seemed impossible before the class...all because of Lynn, Einstein, and a tube of toothpaste. Trust me, you'll get it when you take the class :-).

"Once again, I can't thank Lynn enough for her life-changing teachings."

Lisa Bedoya LMT, Brighton MA
"The Lightworkers Healing Method® has changed my life and is, by far, the most powerful healing method I have experienced as a Lightworker and as a receiver of healings.

"Lightworkers Healing Method® has also has given me a much more positive and hopeful way of experiencing life. The people who come for healings have experienced physical as well as mental, spiritual and emotional healing."

Linda Sanda DMT, Venice FL
"This is fascinating work...opening up to the Universe and Source. I have never experienced meditation success like I have with your transmission tapes. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Many good blessings."
Pauline Horvath, Michigan
"Working with the future gave me a sense of a full circle and completion. Working with my own future self has been such a comfort and joy. This is me, and this 'me' understands and has already lived my present lifetime. The healings that have been handed down from the future really 'grease the works.' The life-lessons come with more ease, and can pass and be incorporated far more quickly."
Stephanie Aaronson, St Petersburg FL
"Level 3 was such a powerful workshop. Right afterward, big shifts and changes occurred in my life. Because I had taken the class, I knew the changes were happening to bring me into alignment with my soul plan, and was able to trust. The unknown doesn't have to be scary; there is a plan for you, and help available from your future self to live that plan. Take the step forward."
Rebecca Harp LMT CNMT, FL
"I really got a lot out of the class on Working With Dreams For Guidance. I usually do not remember my dreams, but one particular dream stayed with me for a couple of weeks. I knew it had a message regarding my life path at the time. Any kind of interpretation I gave the dream seemed shallow. The dream had 4 or 5 characters and I was focused on one in particular and had basically dismissed another character as insignificant. During the Dream class exercise, it became clear that the "insignificant" character was the key to the message of the dream. This understanding of the dream proved amazingly affirming and energizing. While this class taught a most effective way for understanding the real message of the dream, it also released a healing energy."
Bob Sanda LCSW, Venice FL
"The Lightworkers Healing Method® Working With Dreams For Guidance class was entirely different from any other dream work I had experienced. I learned how individualized our dream messages are, and how to work with and in the higher dimensions for personal growth. Our busy minds blur and / or ignore messages too easily in our waking hours. When you learn to spend your resting hours in the Higher Dimensions, both your personal growth and your work enters a level of fullness that makes all other dreaming time feel empty."
Stephanie Aaronson RN CRNA, St. Petersburg FL
"The Lightworkers Healing Method® has changed my life.The transformation began three years ago when I received my first healing, and the amount of joy that I feel on a daily basis is continuing to grow! Everything around me is transforming. EVERYTHING! I know this is just the beginning. The ripple effect of this work will continue to grow, and I'm grateful to be a part of it."
Lindsay Mammone, Sarasota, Florida
"I first worked with Lynn in 2005, working with regression therapy. In 2010 I enrolled in her Level1 class for the Lightworkers Healing Method®. The classes have been life-changing in every respect. And not only do I notice it in myself, I notice it in others. From the physical ways, such as weight loss, and increased confidence, I also notice in others and in myself more financial stability, an increased connection to source, and a general sense of one-ness with the world around us.

Lynn McGonagill is the "real deal." So often in metaphysical circles, people can "talk the talk" but they don't necessarily "walk the walk." Lynn is genuine in everything she says and does, from the way she lives her daily life, to her interactions with all people, and the joy and deep love she brings to both her healing sessions and teaching the Lightworkers Healing Method®. I have been taking classes with her for nearly two years now and am proud to have been chosen to be a Teaching Assistant. It is an honor to work alongside Lynn and learn from a Master. I have also had the privilege of receiving healing treatment from her, and I can vow that they are absolutely life changing in every respect: physical, mental, spiritual and multi-dimensional.

I couldn't recommend Lynn more. The world has been given a gift."

Kristen Coury, Florida
February 2, 2012
"I've gotten more out of two sessions with Lynn than in 17 years of psychiatrists and therapists. It has made such a huge difference; it's amazing. I feel lighter and better in every way.
RJ, Tampa, Florida
"My daughter's suicide attempt had shaken me to the core, to a place where I couldn't even talk about it to those closest to me, and I haven't been able to sit and reflect about it either. I felt consumed with despair and terror and coped by just not thinking about it except when despair and terror crept up on me once again, whisking me away before I became aware. There were days when I felt successful by being able to put one foot in front of the other. I had not talked with Lynn or anyone about my feelings of blame toward myself, but my guides knew, of course, and the love and reassurance expressed were healing for me in such a profound way. I trust completely that my guides know my daughter's strong desire to live and to work on her life goals. Knowing that releases me from the deep fear of loss and the shame of judgment and allows me to let go of the clinging or resistance once again. This is an ongoing process, but I am lighter by a thousand pounds. (Is that how much fear weighs?) I feel at peace for the first time in a very long time and know that I can honor my daughter in her journey, whatever form that takes. Thank you, Lynn, with all my heart for the life-changing work you do with me."
JM, Florida
My life is more joyful since I began these classes. I am seeing and experiencing more of life's celebration. I like the clear instructions and deeper understanding of this wonderful Level Three Class.
I liked absolutely everything about this Level Three Class. I love knowing I can reach out to my higher self in future lives. The only thing I didn't like is that it had to end!
"Whether Lynn knows it or not, she is always very dear and close to my heart. Our Lightworkers Healing Method® session last February impacted me deeply, and was instrumental in helping me embrace a deeper relationship with an aspect of my own higher self and being open to receiving important messages for my life. After that session, I took two months just clearing and cleaning out lots of old stuff through the house (physically, psychologically and spiritually), all the while being supported by the Universe. On the morning of May 25th a surge of energy flooded through my entire Being while doing yoga, and I could see, hear, smell, touch, and taste what I was supposed to do next. Now I am finally back to writing my book, Sacred Typology; but at a whole new level. Plus I have begun writing a new book called Conscious Entertainment; sharing how to "read energy" and the meta-meanings of our experiences (messages from our soul). My session with Lynn was one of the instrumental pieces in this journey of writing my book...the catalyst for the jump start. It has been a privilege and an honor to have tapped into the Lightworkers Healing Method® journey and the depth of Love and Light that Lynn and the Light Beings share with others. Lynn and the Lightworkers Healing Method® have been a Bright Light along my journey that I love and appreciate the specialness of."
EW, Florida
"In working with my guides and Lynn, I am aware of the sacredness of the task at hand, and also their respect for me and for our work together. A strong connection is made between us and the guides, for my highest good on all levels. I love the humor and laughter that will occur at times, in spite of whatever lifetime may be surfacing. There is no judgment ever of what happened or what is being felt. Initially, before we begin, I experience a holy welcoming and this continues throughout until the work is completed. My life has been graced by my work with Lynn and my guides."
CS, Florida
"I know many people who have also experienced the Lightworkers Healing Method®, and there is a theme in the comments they make about it. They feel a release, as if they are free to move forward again. They have an increase in inner peace and greater acceptance of life's challenges. Even though the details of life may not change, it feels less stressful. In addition, they feel an internal excitement about life's potential or opportunities that was not felt before. Life's journey is more clear, more enlightened and more inspirational. I myself have been working with Lightworkers for approximately two years now. This has been instrumental in shifting things, both directly and indirectly, to fulfill my soul's purpose. I also feel that the Unity flowing through all things has been blessed with Divine energy from the work."
NS, Florida
"Lynn has a unique way of using second sight. This method allows her to see, hear and feel the communication from guides and transmit divine pranahuti and assistance. With many seers and psychics you experience communication with guides and with others you may undergo a healing. The uniqueness of her method is this: you receive blessings, guidance and healing. Receiving a treatment session is taking a journey into the depth of your soul to meet the person you really are and find pieces of your self that were hidden beneath layers of samskara. There is also the issue of authenticity and safety, and Lynn takes every measure to ensure both. I am deeply thankful to have this connection and attest to the pure joy of having this present of transmission available."
CWR, Ohio
"Thank you so much for our session today. It was amazing! Afterward, I walked on the beach for about 20-30 minutes and then I went to the exercise room and get on an exercise bike. I must say this is unheard of for me! I have not been on an exercise machine of any kind in several years, and have only taken a handful of walks in the past few years. I was extremely sedentary. Today it feels like my spirit or body is saying, 'wow what a load got lifted today! We are (literally) running with this profound new freedom we feel! Let's get this girl moving!' Since then I feel so much better I don't know what to do with myself."
HP, Illinois
"The demonstration of inter-generational genetic healing was extremely effective. While observing it, I felt a personal healing that I had not expected. Thank you!"
Donna Wylly, Florida
"Thank you for the group healing on being paid what we are worth, and for pushing me to understand my messages. Thanks also for the protocol for self-healing. I wish we could live in these classes!"
"Every workshop is a step in the staircase of growth. I love being able to heal my soul family, physical family, and unborn generations. This is a huge gift to offer this planet. I could feel the power and weight of this in the exercises that we did.

I am so thankful for the tools that I'm learning and how useful they are. I see the difference they have made in my personal life, and know I can apply them to help others on their own path in the Divine plan.

It's amazing to know that we are the catalyst of something so big. It feels great to be a part of something so special. I look forward to doing this more and seeing the effect this will have globally."

Lori Zaworski
"The level of encouragement was remarkable. The continued support makes it possible to keep reaching the ever-expanding goals. Thank you for a wonderful two days!"
Madeline Miller
"I love the emphasis on self-healing in these Higher Level classes. It resonates at a deep level that this is necessary in order to be effective in this work."
Mary Pogan, Florida
"The way the classes are broken up with lessons, practices, and movement is extremely effective."
"This Higher Level class on Inter-generational Genetic Healing was powerful and meaningful. The experientials, the group self-healing, and the transmissions were wonderful. Thank you."
Susan Hourihan
"The demonstrations helped me to understand how the process works. The practices helped me to feel comfortable and fluid in the work."
Mercedes Smith, Florida
"You engage your students with anecdotes, personal experiences and life lessons. You are approachable, personable and caring and comfortable being in front of an audience all day. Your energy level stays high because you love the subject you are teaching. Every student receives personal attention, as needed. You do exercises in movement consistently throughout the day to keep students from going into a "slump." By demonstrations, hands on student sessions and infusions of energy, students are always learning and working on the concepts. The class atmosphere develops friendships and a real team effort."
CI, Florida
"It gave me so much strength and helped me recognize my past experiences were REAL. Now I see that I can do what you said is possible: be a channel for healing."
MM, Florida
"I love the humor and laughter that will occur at times, in spite of whatever lifetime may be surfacing. There is no judgment ever of what happened or what is being felt."
Cynthia Snyder, Florida
"I have more confidence in my ability to be a channel for healing. Lynn and the teaching assistants are so kind, gentle, and helpful in making us feel capable."
Elaine Hettema, Florida
"These practices are amazing times 10,000! This method works, and it's Divinely directed. I am so grateful for the GIANT growth experience your classes have offered me and the others, and for the way and means to aid others...again...through the Guides."
Cynthia Snyder, Florida
"Before I began learning this method, 90% of the time, I was not feeling joyful. Now, 90% of the time, I am living in joy. It is such a blessing."
Mercedes Smith, Florida
These weekends are amazingly transformative! The experiential exercises and demonstrations are so helpful. I appreciate the opportunity to practice this work in a loving environment.
Mary Pogan, Florida
I was truly amazed at the difference in the energy of the room during your class. I could feel love everywhere. It just oozed sweetness. The walls, floor, ceiling, people, were all painted with richness, warmth and love. When I went back to the same space on a different day, it was just an empty room. It's obvious the way it felt before was because of your class, not because of the room itself. I have more respect for what I have learned from you. I really have to prepare the space where I work ahead of time. The difference is truly amazing.
Diane Brennick, Florida
In all these weekend classes I find I am able to do things I thought were impossible. With your constant encouragement, I overcome my fear and anxiety and just do it!
MM, Florida
Since I have been introduced to The Lightworks Healing Method® my life has taken an amazing and blessed turn. I'm very grateful for and humbled by this gift. It is very clear to me: the beauty of the Lightworkers Healing Method® is that it can help us humans reconnect with our Divine Source and make it possible for us to live on this planet surrounded by love, peace, joy and abundance. Lynn, I will be eternally grateful to you for this. I will follow your sweet advice: "Now you go out there in the world, share your love, and help others." With much gratitude and love.
MS, Florida
What an amazing weekend! After participating in the Level One Class, I feel more at peace with myself than before. I feel like anything can happen and I will still be great. I know I can accomplish anything. I feel very expansive - it's amazing. I feel like I understand everything that I already knew at a new level. This was a big reminder that everything is just great.
DM, Florida
This method is so easy, so natural and so powerful. Thank you for a great Level One Class.
CS, Florida
This Level One Class was everything I hoped it would be, and more!
CC, Florida
I really enjoyed the Level One Class. My awareness and ability expanded immensely and the wonderful feeling from the opening exercise is like nothing I have ever experienced. I endeavor to make it a part of my life constantly.
LS, Florida
The Level One Class took me from a conceptual and theoretical framework of belief to the experience itself. I am grateful for the opening Lynn facilitated through her presence and her teaching.
LC, Florida
While I have studied multiple healing practices, the Level One Class really opened the channels of Divine Connection even wider for me. I now experience much more clarity and power in energy movement, vision, sight, setting sacred space, and feelings of love, joy, and compassion. There is definitely more of an ability and desire to release all resistance to the Divine Path and say 'Yes!' to life. With gratitude and love....
AB, Florida
That was one incredible Class! Huge hugs and thanks! I have attended week-long retreats, intensive weekend workshops and I have never come away feeling as great energetically as I did from this awesome Level One Class! You had the whole weekend planned perfectly. It felt good, smooth, and easy to be. You kept to your intention of beginning and ending on time, and gave just the right amount of info we needed to hear. I never was left to feel inadequate in all this, or left behind, or unworthy. As soon as I walked in, I felt safe and good. It was my honor to work with partners presented to me, and an absolute honor to be included in this life-altering and opening, uplifting class. Thank you for your beauty and grace, knowledge and gifts to help and guide us into our own path to assist others with theirs! Namaste, from my heart.
DW, Florida
The schedule of talking, movement, and practice works well. I felt a gradual opening in my energy - gentle but effective, which allowed me to break through blockages.
EW, Florida
In this Level Two Class, I truly felt (as opposed to thinking) that we are all One. I also gained deep awareness of the abilities inside of myself. I love the practice segments in these classes. Seeing that I have the ability to help someone is the greatest gift of all. It's also wonderful to see how there is a mutual benefit to the Lightworker!
LZ, Florida
In the Level Two Class, I gained an increased ability to connect with my guides and intuition. My capacity to be an instrument of healing for others expanded. I received lots of light and blessings!
MT, Florida
I love the safeness of trying this method on. Knowing I was in a loving place in the Level Two Class helped me to not be afraid to voice aloud what I was seeing, feeling, hearing, and thinking.
LL, Florida
I appreciate having an opportunity to learn and grow in a non-judgmental, safe space. I learned to actually let go, not worrying about if I can do it or not, just do it already!
SB, Florida
I would recommend the Level Two Class to others. It is a great course for personal growth as well as for a professional healing modality. The awareness of past lives and the ability to personally peer into them can help spiritual evolvement tremendously. When you look at life considering past lives, the fabric of connectedness becomes clear. We are all working on something, and we are learning with each other. The effect is compassion, understanding, and acceptance.
KH, Florida
I enjoyed the Level Two Class more than any because I felt the cumulative progress of the other classes, allowing me to feel more confident and proficient in the practice. I also benefitted from learning from other people's techniques, what I liked about their skills, what I preferred of my own. I felt as though I was really helping to heal people rather than just practicing the techniques.
LS, Florida
"I have been a student of the Lightworkers Healing Method® for over a year now and it is incredible how much it has changed my life. It has helped me to develop a deeper connection to Source and reach a greater awareness of the abilities residing within me.

I was originally drawn to these teachings from a need for my own personal growth but as I experience the inner connections and the teachings of the Lightbeings I am naturally drawn to working with others. When helping others you learn that we are all one and in the process of channeling the energies for another you are also helped by those very energies."

PB, Florida
February 3, 2012
I gained so much from participating in your Level Two Class! I have more clear direction for my own life, a stronger connection to Source, and amazing insight into the healing method. Thank you!
HF, Florida



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