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Why Humility and Gratitude?
Retreat Recorded live, Sarasota FL, May, 2012
Total Length: 2 hours. 5 minutes. 29 seconds

Lynn McGonagill, Instructor

Looking for a very solid peaceful quality time?
Yearning for a Union with The One Who Cannot Be Named?
Then take a seat with us while we gladly rearrange the circle to let you in!

Lynn McGonagill is guiding the Blessings from Source.
Channeled through Untold Guides and Higher Beings acting as a riverbed for the Divine River of Love. Pouring this River right into our midst!
And you know what? The more people join in, the deeper the peace!
Time is only now, so you cannot be late.
Observe and feel how direct transmissions work.
Taste what Lynn tastes when she exclaims during this session: "I am the happiest person in the world."

Simply fill out the short form below to view this magnificent video and work with us in this 2 hour session titled: "Why Humility and Gratitude?" Humility opens doors to Gratitude and thus to Peace and Joy.

6 cycles:

  • Concentration and insight.
  • Transforming Resentment to Gratitude with Insight.
  • Transforming Resentment to Gratitude with Structural Work.
  • Humility as the Gateway to God.
  • Restoring Humility.
  • Final clearing and alignment. Reactions from the group. Email us your reactions.

Thank You for joining in!

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    "Early in the mind/body/spirit health movement I read two books that made me glimpse the truth about health and healing, Deepak Chopra's Creating Health and Gary Zukav's The Dancing Wu Li Masters. Both are classics explaining how our energetic fields influence our physical bodies.

    "Until now, though, I never really understood how to work with those ideas in 'real' life. Lynn McGonagill's Cellular Healing class was the experiential version of the (now numerous and mainstream) books like that. My entire being was shimmering with healing energy as she guided me through breaking down old beliefs and molecular structures. And smiling all the while at her Light and playful presentation.

    "I took the class at the end of a difficult day. When I finished, my world had changed from scary to hopeful. Understand, not just my attitude but the events of my world got better, including the realization of three solutions in the next twelve hours to things that had seemed impossible before the class...all because of Lynn, Einstein, and a tube of toothpaste. Trust me, you'll get it when you take the class :-).

    "Once again, I can't thank Lynn enough for her life-changing teachings."

    Lisa Bedoya LMT, Brighton MA
    "I have been practicing yoga and reading spiritual texts for 35 years. Nothing prepared me for the profound depth of these Higher Level Class teachings and transmissions. They are simple, direct teachings. Truth is always like that. I will attend any future HL class when it is offered if it is within my possibilities."
    Rik Tackenberg, Florida
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