Discover Your Soul Plan with the Lightworks Healing Method Energy Healing Classes

Level One: The Foundation
A Core Curriculum Class

Recorded live, Tampa FL, March, 2013
Total Length: 9 hours, 45 minutes, 49 seconds

Lynn McGonagill, Instructor

Expand your connections to the Guides, Lightbeings and Angels, and improve your capacity to channel Divine healing energy. Strengthen your subtle energy awareness and learn to create sacred space for healing sessions and for your life. Through the paradox of simultaneous healing, learn how you can be healed as you learn to heal others. Learn to facilitate energy work so it strengthens rather than drains you.

Learn the five steps that matter most in a healing session, and how to close a healing session so it is Divinely sealed. Finally, practice facilitating foundational healing sessions for others to cement your learning.

This two-day energy healing class includes demonstrations, hands-on practice, step-by-step explanations and walk-throughs, as well as energetic transmissions and movement segments. Experiential as well as informational, it is a wonderfully uplifting weekend.

Please come with intentions for your own growth and healing.

The Level One energy healing class is a prerequisite to all other Lightworkers Healing Method™ classes. This is a progressive curriculum. Classes must be taken in numerical order.

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"I never heard of learning a healing technique via webinar, and to watch Level One at the Institute of Noetic Science... I was even more intrigued. Level One was great. I grew, felt a new shift with awareness, Source, Guides, Lightbeings, and shared wonderful healings. Thank you for answering all of my questions. I had a huge pep in my step after that weekend.

"The Level Two learning process this past weekend was really shaaazzzaaammmness.... I learned so much that I'm still digesting and absorbing the info.... What an experience. Love it! I love you Lynn and your Guides for sharing this skill for all to learn anywhere in the world. Thank you for all that you do."

Elaine Connor, Massachusetts
Webinar student
"Thank you so much for the incredible weekend life changing event. Even though I viewed the class through my computer, from thousands of miles away, I feel a deep shift within my being and I don't think I'll be the same again. You are a beautiful soul and with your great helpers have provided a loving and safe environment to let go of our burdens and transform ourselves. I'm very, very grateful."
Gizel Molnar, Australia
Webinar student
Lightworkers Healing Method®
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The Lightworkers Healing Method® is a system of Angelically guided energy healing and a powerful spiritual growth vehicle with the exceptional goal of aligning us with our own soul's life purpose.

The Lightworkers Healing Method is an all-volunteer organization on a mission to help all beings live their own soul plans, creating lives of JOY in a world that works.

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