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Working With Dreams For Guidance
A Higher Level Class

Recorded live, Sarasota FL, July, 2012
Total Length: 1 hour, 44 minutes, 2 seconds
Includes 14 minutes, 7 seconds of the powerful "Safe Travels Light Path to the Higher Dimensions" Energy Transmission (38 audio files)

Lynn McGonagill, Instructor

Dreamwork classes typically focus on dream interpretations, completely missing some of the most significant aspects of our dreaming life. Just like the rest of life, dreams are real events, although they are often presented metaphorically. Learn to identify where your "sleeping" activities are occurring, and decide if that is truly serving you.

As we learn to manage our sleeping and dreaming activities effectively, we can learn to move beyond the astral planes into the Fifth Dimension during those precious hours. In this way we can catapult ourselves along our evolutionary path at warp speed. Healing and growth can occur overnight. Literally. You can make the free will choice to go to the Fifth Dimension every night. Your life will transform so fast it will make your head spin.

Students who have completed the Core Curriculum of the Lightworkers Healing Method™ are eligible to participate in all of the eight Higher-Level Classes. For the first time, class recordings are now being made available. For best results, we recommend you absorb the Core Curriculum Energy Transmissions and read The Lightworkers Healing Method: BE Who Your Soul Wants You To Be before listening to these Higher Level Classes.

Audio Tracks:

DISK 1 Recording Time Disk 1: 1:00:46
Track 01: General Introduction
Track 02: Opening Process
Track 03: Introduction to Dreams
Track 04: Directing Dream Activities - Go to Higher Dimensions
Track 05: Dreams in Astral Planes vs Higher Dimensions
Track 06: Range of Brainwaves: Awake or Dreaming
Track 07: Utilizing Cellular Memory
Track 08: Recognizing the Trail to Higher Dimensions
Track 09: Transmission
Track 10: Mimic the Sleep Cycle
Track 11: Prepare for Sleep

DISK 2 Recording Time Disk 2: 0:43:16
Track 01: Experiential 1
Track 02: Experiential 2
Track 03: Catching our Dream Messages
Track 04: Emotions Are The Key to Interpreting Dreams
Track 05: Interpreting Dream Messages
Track 06: Repetitive Dreams
Track 07: Using Dream Messages
Track 08: Interpreting Dream Messages
Track 09: Working with Dreams in Lightworkers Healing Method™ Sessions
Track 10: Life and Dreams are Full of messages
Track 11: Finding the Gift
Track 12: Finding the Gift 2
Track 13: Ask the Guides
Track 14: Repeating Messages
Track 15: Visitations from Dead People
Track 16: Waking and Dreaming are Seamless
Track 17: Act on the Messages
Track 18: Working with Fear
Track 19: Introduction to Demonstration
Track 20: Opening Process
Track 21: Instructions for Upcoming Practice
Track 22: Deepen the Merge - Don't fear Pain
Track 23: Increasing Clarity by Interpretation
Track 24: Questions and Answers Clear Things Up
Track 25: Engage in the Hunt for Source
Track 26: St John of the Cross Poem
Track 27: Closing Process and Giving Thanks

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"The Lightworkers Healing Method™ Working With Dreams For Guidance class was entirely different from any other dream work I had experienced. I learned how individualized our dream messages are, and how to work with and in the higher dimensions for personal growth. Our busy minds blur and / or ignore messages too easily in our waking hours. When you learn to spend your resting hours in the Higher Dimensions, both your personal growth and your work enters a level of fullness that makes all other dreaming time feel empty."
Stephanie Aaronson RN CRNA, St. Petersburg FL
"I really got a lot out of the class on Working With Dreams For Guidance. I usually do not remember my dreams, but one particular dream stayed with me for a couple of weeks. I knew it had a message regarding my life path at the time. Any kind of interpretation I gave the dream seemed shallow. The dream had 4 or 5 characters and I was focused on one in particular and had basically dismissed another character as insignificant. During the Dream class exercise, it became clear that the 'insignificant' character was the key to the message of the dream. This understanding of the dream proved amazingly affirming and energizing. While this class taught a most effective way for understanding the real message of the dream, it also released a healing energy."
Bob Sanda LCSW, Venice FL
"I have been practicing yoga and reading spiritual texts for 35 years. Nothing prepared me for the profound depth of these Higher Level Class teachings and transmissions. They are simple, direct teachings. Truth is always like that. I will attend any future HL class when it is offered if it is within my possibilities."
Rik Tackenberg, Florida
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