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Request a Private Spiritual Healing Session with Lynn McGonagill

Greetings, dear friend! How wonderful to hear from you. Thank you for your inquiry about a private session. Let me explain how I work so you can feel if this is a match for what you are looking for.

I am a Channel for Angelically guided multi-dimensional energy healing. I work with your own Guides, as well as many other Higher Dimension Lightbeings and Angels. We work with your past lives and future lives to heal the present life, and bring you into alignment with your soul plan. We help you BE who your soul wants you to be - to fulfill your mission, live your life purpose, and step into your destiny. This is a three-way dance between these Higher Dimension beings, you, and me. We each have our part to play for your soul growth and spiritual healing.

My Guides' instructions to me for my private practice are to call my clients into their greatness, rather than just enabling them in staying stuck. As a result I am required to set a high standard for the people I work with. I am to work with motivated people who are ready to move forward in their own life. In other words, with people who are ready to deal with their "stuff" and do their homework, rather than denying or resisting or acting helpless. If you are also ready, willing, and able to make a difference in the world, you may qualify as a Fast Track or CHANGE THE WORLD client. More on that below.

For all clients, your part of the healing journey includes preparation. To prepare most powerfully, consider your intentions for our healing work. All aspects of life are fair game: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, financial, and interpersonal. Nothing is off limits and the full power of the Universe is available to us. Don't limit it to "tell me what to do" type questions. Open up to "help me have the breakthrough" intentions. Between three and five intentions is great. Often they all interact, and by putting it on the table we can get to the common cause.

The most important part of your responsibility is not so much the preparation as it is what comes after the session. We record the sessions, but that does nothing unless you listen to them. The vibrations of the sessions are contained in the recordings. Listen to the recordings repeatedly and deeply (i.e. not just as background or info, but once again open to receive), and you can receive the energetic support every time.

Make a list of all the things your Guides tell you to do, and actually do them. They consistently give out "homework," but of course we must actually do the homework in order to benefit. When you pick up the phone or walk in the door for your next session, you should have done your best to do your part of the dance.

Does this make sense? Feel true?

This is something on which I must stand firm: I won't compromise my standards for the motivation level of the people I work with. Does this feel like a match? If so, we can move to the next questions of logistics, fees, and scheduling. I love my "standard clients" and am blessed to watch their lives transform. There is no shame in working at this level, and no pressure to move at a faster pace. However, if you are also ready, willing, and able to make a difference in the world, you may qualify as a Fast Track or CHANGE THE WORLD client, and different details would apply. Scroll down for that information.

First, logistics.

We can work in person, by email, by phone, or by Skype. If you believe healing is possible without direct contact, then email is fine. Most people find it easier to believe - and therefore to receive benefit - with in-person, phone, or Skype contact. Plus that gives a more personal feel and an immediate chance to resolve your questions.

It is important to record these sessions to send the proper message to Spirit, which is that you intend to do your part of our three-way dance of healing or transforming your life. The vibration of the session is contained in the recording, and listening to the recording (or re-reading the email) can support you in holding the new vibration. If you are with me in person, I will record the session to a CD for you. With email, the record is right there. With phone, you can sign up with either or, and get a recording in that way. With Skype, you can simply put an iPhone or other recording device next to your computer's speakers, and it usually works well enough. All methods are fine with me; it is your choice.

Next, cost.

The standard rate is $200 an hour. Sessions vary in length from 75 minutes to two hours, and therefore vary in cost from $250 to $400. We can limit the time to 75 minutes if you wish. Most people prefer a slightly longer time of 90 minutes, or $300. Whatever you decide is fine with me, and you don't need to tell me in advance.

If you have the motivation but are in dire straits, explain your situation. I work with people of all income and health levels, and give assistance where merited.

Finally, scheduling.

Lightworkers Healing Method® sessions are deep spiritual healing, not a fluff-n-buff. As such they do not happen more than once a month under normal circumstances. Even so my schedule is typically full for months in advance, but of course cancellations do happen from time to time. Unfortunately that isn't reliable. Sometimes they happen; sometimes they don't.

What I recommend is this: Set a firm time for the first available opening. It sends a signal to Source that you mean it. That actually increases your chances of an opening happening earlier. Plus, we are layered beings and you may very well want the later time even if something does open up earlier. Let us know how flexible you are - how many days notice would you need, if an opening comes up? Also give us all your contact info (phone numbers too) just in case.

If you believe you may be a Fast Track or CHANGE THE WORLD client, please let me know. I will create an opening for you if none exists, so we can explore the possibilities.

If this scheduling or pricing is an issue for you, I encourage you to contact a Certified Lightworker (CL). The certification process is quite rigorous; all of them are good at the Lightworkers Healing Method®. Most of their schedules are much more flexible than mine. Most of their rates are in the $75 to $100 per hour range.

The best CL's are listed on the website (View the List of Certified Lightworkers). Unlike many other programs, we do not charge our CL's for their listings. Because the listings are free, we are able to remove people if their skill levels drop below our certification standards. We truly show the people doing the best work, not the people who have paid to be listed.

My friend, you are safe, you are loved, and you can be who your soul wants you to be. No matter how it looks to you right now, that is the truth. If it was truly hopeless, your soul would have left your body. Since you are still breathing, there is still the possibility of creating a life of JOY and FULFILLMENT. Hope! Trust! Act!

Much love, my friend.

Lynn McGonagill
Founder and Teaching Channel of the Lightworkers Healing Method®

Are you ready to BE who your Soul wants you to be?
Email us at to take the next step. We are an all-volunteer organization. None of us is paid, not even our Teacher Lynn. Please be patient, and one of our volunteers will respond as soon as possible.


Request a Private Spiritual Healing Session with Lynn McGonagill, Channel for Angelically guided multi-dimensional energy healing

Fast Track Program

My dear friend, if you are not only ready to deal with your own "stuff" but also ready, willing, and able to make a real difference in the world now, read on.

One of the Higher Dimension beings that I channel is an Archangel newly arrived in Earth's biosphere. Archangel Azara was the Angel of Love and Mercy on another planet, now destroyed by its inhabitants. She has come from a great distance, called here by our need to awaken before we do the same thing to Earth.

Archangel Azara has accepted 02/2/20 as the deadline by which she must help a critical mass of people on Earth fulfill their destinies and step into their personal life missions, in order to avoid an irreversible disaster. We are closer to this crucial point in history than we think. However, since most people do not think about consciously evolving our species by their own personal intention, it only takes a small percentage of people living with a high level of intentionality to head our ship in a new direction. Considering our situation from every angle, it's clear that NOW is the time to make a difference.

Therefore, Azara wishes to work with people of vision and influence who are in a position to make a real difference now rather than at some indeterminate time in the future - with people who can pull this cruise ship hard to port before we crash into the iceberg that's dead ahead. We are rendering our planet uninhabitable for humans. The planet and the cockroaches will be fine, but we won't be here. NOW is the time for change. We don't have much time left before it's too late. Are you working on a big project with the potential to make a real difference? Perhaps this program is for you.

Speeding up the pace of change is crucial. Because work expands to fill the time allowed, it is important to have a deadline in mind. Feel for yourself the difference in urgency a deadline makes. Say, out loud, "I will personally do something to change the course of history and improve life on Earth." Yes, that is already a powerful stance. Then say, out loud, "I will personally do something to change the course of history and improve life on Earth by February 2, 2020." Can you feel how much more compelling this statement is?

There is absolutely no pressure for you to join in this mission of being the change we wish to see in the world, and to do it now rather than at some vague, unspecified future time. However, if you feel ready, a commitment at this level will trigger an amazing experience of soul growth for you, and transform your life and your work in the world beyond belief. This is what you will be working hand-in-hand with an Archangel to accomplish: to fulfill your own destiny, your own personal life purpose, and in such a way to help change the course of history. As we each do our part, the world transforms.

If you have a vision of what you could do to make a real difference in the world, a sphere of influence of a certain level, and the motivation to make it happen, let's explore the possibilities.

As a Fast Track client, you would have both a higher level of commitment and a higher level of support. You would commit to having a traditional Lightworkers Healing Method® session once every two weeks, and to stepping up to your responsibilities in the interim. Give them your very best effort, not your "pretend best," as Archangel Azara calls it. Don't flinch when fear arises, but rather, move past it. That which simultaneously inspires and terrifies shows us our life path. When we continue past the fear, powerful breakthroughs happen in our lives and in our work.

As the Channel, I commit to allowing Azara to work through me to assist you - not only during the sessions themselves, but 24/7, as long as you are in the program. At first this support comes through me, the Channel. Eventually it will also come directly to you, as your own abilities to access the higher dimensions expand. This is a significant step up from the way we interact in the standard program. In the standard program, you receive my support during the session, but when the session ends, my involvement also ends. In other words, in the standard program you are responsible for maintaining your between-session connection with the higher dimensions, but in the fast track program I continually lift you up and facilitate the interaction.

In addition, unlike in the standard client sessions in which the work between sessions is all your responsibility, I also receive "off-hours" assignments, work that I must accomplish for the good of your project, in that two-week interval. Historically the ratio of my on-the-clock billable time to total project time is about 25%. 75% of my time on these projects occurs between the sessions and is not charged for. This is an entirely different working arrangement than for standard clients, in which our entire interaction occurs inside the sessions themselves.

My off-hours work is entirely focused in the higher dimensions, to create changes at that level that can then be downloaded into the physical dimension during the on-the-clock sessions themselves as well as by your execution of your own assignments. In other words, my work is to create the shifts, which go into "energy escrow" in the higher dimensions. Your work creates the withdrawal from the escrow account upstairs, and draws the changes into manifested reality.

I schedule a higher-dimension session to work on your project in the weeks in which we do not have a traditional session. I will report the results of these higher-dimension efforts for your project to you in writing. Please, my friend - ask questions and get clarification as needed so you can be effective in doing your part, and then act. Email is a wonderful tool for busy people, and the one we use for these off-the-clock efforts. That way we both have the written record of the higher-dimension work, and misunderstandings are hopefully minimized.

When billed at an hourly rate for on-the-clock efforts, this Fast Track level of support averages about $2,000 per month. Some people prefer to pay a flat rate and that's fine. Others prefer an hourly rate; in that case you would pay a retainer of $2,000. You would be billed $500 an hour for on-the-clock sessions; the off-hours support is included in the rate. Either option is fine with me.

Personally I would prefer it if you pay the flat rate and then get ten times the value out of it by just tearing through your agreed-upon role. In the sessions themselves Azara will fill our plates full at this level of commitment; it's up to us to empty our plates before we come back to the table again. I assure you I bring that level of commitment to the table. I am fully focused on making a difference and doing it NOW. I will complete my assignments of higher-dimension work on your project until you are able to do it for yourself. As you do whatever your assignments are, you will draw my work on your project into the physical dimension. Let's DO it. Let's work as a three-way team to fulfill your destiny, bring your project to successful fruition in the shortest possible time, and help to manifest the Divine Plan into the physical dimension by 02/2/20.

If you are new to me and to this work, but suspect this Fast Track program may be for you, let me know. We would work together with the standard arrangement until we both agree to give the Fast Track program a try. If you let me know you are potentially interested, I will find a space for you on my calendar now rather than months from now. Time is of the essence; we have a tight deadline. I will fit you in so we can test the waters.

If after a trial run you believe the Fast Track program is for you, Archangel Azara will give her ruling as to whether or not you are ready. If she accepts you into the program, get ready. Your life and your work are about to power up on all levels. I wish to emphasize that the choice to accept or not accept is hers, not mine; I am just the Channel. Please don't be hurt if, in her assessment, you aren't ready to step up at this level. She is looking for the top 1% to work with in this amplified fashion.

There is no shame in being part of the 99%. No worries! Working as a standard client can groom you to be ready to work with an Archangel on a personal basis. Do your part well as a standard client and your energy body will absolutely increase in both clarity and strength. Your belief levels will shift as you come to feel the power this work has. In a few months, we can always ask her again. Maybe at that point you will be ready. On the other hand, if she accepts you into the program, get ready. Your life and your work are about to power up on all levels.

Obviously this program has a limited number of spaces. If you truly qualify but there isn't an open seat, just wait. Fast Track clients commit a month at a time, and the Universe will bump someone who is less ready to step up than you are. It always works out. Source knows what it's doing.

Does this make sense, my friend? Does it feel true? Does it call to you? If so, let me know. I will fit you in for a standard session and we can explore the possibilities together.

If as you read this you feel your own motivation level, vision, and sphere of influence are even greater than what I have already described, read on.

Are you ready to BE who your Soul wants you to be?
Email us at to take the next step. We are an all-volunteer organization. None of us is paid, not even our Teacher Lynn. Please be patient, and one of our volunteers will respond as soon as possible.



Spiritual Healing to Change the World. Private sessions with Lynn McGonagill

An extremely select group of people is truly ready to take on the world now. If you are one of those people, Archangel Azara will take you under her wing at an entirely different level. You would have one on-the-clock session a week and I would facilitate one higher-dimension session a week as well. This means more actionable items for both of us, and we will each be expected to execute our steps in the dance to the very best of our abilities even as the tempo increases.

Ignoring signals when out for a stroll is not nearly the problem it is to ignore signals when flying a supersonic jet. This program has the capacity to pull you forward at a tremendous pace, right through your barriers - IF you also do your part. There are truly no limits, you see - but if we believe they exist, we can make it so for ourselves. I have absolutely no doubt of what we can accomplish in this three-way multi-dimensional effort. For your part, you must be willing to at least suspend disbelief in order to keep the pace this program will set for you. You must be able to Hope, Trust, and Act, to do your part.

My friend, please don't ask to enroll in the CHANGE THE WORLD Program unless you are ready to do your part. We can have either excuses or results, not both. This is a program for those who are ready to create results NOW. If you try it and it's too much, no worries. Just being on the Fast Track is an awesome accomplishment. Don't beat yourself up. Set a sustainable pace and go for it. Start where you are, use what you have, do what you can. However, if you can keep up with Archangel Azara, you can change the course of history. Your name will go down in whatever records replace books. People thousands of years from now will know the part you played.

Like the Fast Track program, the CHANGE THE WORLD program means 24/7 energetic support from Archangel Azara through me and approximately three times the on-the-clock time spent in off-hours higher dimension assignments that support your project. In addition, the CHANGE THE WORLD program also means my cell phone number and 24/7 access to Azara through me, the Channel. Any time I am not in front of a camera, a microphone, or a group of people, Archangel Azara is available to you through me, until you are able to access her on your own. I trust you to not abuse this number, and to keep it absolutely private. Please do not give my cell number to anyone else, for any reason. Please don't test me on this. There may not be a second chance.

When billed at the $500 hourly rate for on-the-clock work, this CHANGE THE WORLD level of support averages about $4,000 per month. There is no charge for the time spent off-the-clock higher-dimension work, which typically is about 75% of the total time I spend working directly on your project. Again, if you prefer a flat rate that's fine; a retainer against billable hours is also fine. This is entirely your call.

What matters most is the pace you are able to keep. If you are ready to fly, Archangel Azara will pull you into her slipstream. If you choose the flat rate, please, my friend. Abuse the privilege. Push me to do more by acting on what we have already handed you from the higher dimensions. I assure you I won't be the one to hold up our mutual progress toward your goal. Work your heart out, I will match your every effort, and you will get twenty times the value.

This is what Azara wants - to help people of vision, influence, and ability as much as possible so they can do their part to avert the disaster headed our way. NOW is the time to make a difference in the world. As a team we have enough, as a team we are enough, together we can DO it.

It has been a blessing beyond belief to serve as the Channel for Archangel Azara, and to watch the impact her work has had in the lives and work of those who are ready. Soon you will be able to read more of her story at I'm working on that in my "free" time.

My friend, please search inside yourself for the answer as to what level of program calls to you. The answer lies within. Is it the Standard program, to work for your own growth and spiritual healing? There is no shame in that. Is it the Standard program, with an added interest in making a difference in the world? Kudos. Is it the Fast Track? Thank you for stepping into a leadership role to make a difference in the greater sphere. I am honored to work with you. Is it the CHANGE THE WORLD program? Namaste, my friend. Here we go to change the course of history.

Whatever level calls to you, I will be glad to work with you and am here to match your efforts. I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

Much love, dear friend!

Lynn McGonagill
Founder and Teaching Channel of the Lightworkers Healing Method®
Channel of Archangel Azara

Do you believe you are ready, willing, and able to take on the challenge of creating both a life of JOY and also a world that works?

Email us at to take the next step. All applicants for the Change The World program begin with a few Standard Sessions. If your Soul Plan is a match for the Soul Plan of the Angelic Initiative, you will be able to move into the Change The World program. We are an all-volunteer organization. None of us is paid, not even our Teacher Lynn. Please be patient, and one of our volunteers will respond as soon as possible.


Request a Private Spiritual Healing Session with Lynn McGonagill
Private Spiritual Healing Session with Lynn McGonagill for your soul growth and spiritual healing.

"I am walking on truly new ground for me...I have felt bits and pieces of these feelings my entire life while not having any portion of my life reflecting such impressions.... I am surprised at how I feel differently here and now...I see things in a new way and while it is all still familiar, my perspective has changed dramatically."
S.B., Jacksonville FL
"It was great meeting you. You have an incredible talent. It was worth all the driving*. You changed my life. I will listen to the CD's over and over...Big Hug,"
Roland W. Springall, Houston TX
*estimated at 2,500 miles total
"I was privileged to watch this practice session at the Level 3 workshop. Because I am a client of Lynn McGonagill's, now almost a year, and having healing sessions with her, I am aware of how wonderfully honed her skills of channeling are. I have never met a more disciplined person/energy in my life. If you observe her closely, you can see in her mannerisms and hear how her voice changes as various higher dimension beings use her to heal, reveal, teach and even make passionate statements (i.e., don't cage the Orangutans). This is a beautiful, loving, quiet spoken, soul doing her best to follow her assigned path."
Carole Seffrin, Gainesville FL
"It's amazing how fast, deep and powerful this method is."
YB, Munich, Germany
"I never knew the purpose of my life, now I do. For that I am eternally grateful."
Joan, Florida
"I have more clear direction for my own life, a stronger connection to Source, and amazing insight into the healing method."
HF, Florida
"We found that our visits with Lynn provided profound knowledge and information that is still working in our everyday lives, many years later."
S&BE, Alabama
"That is the most incredible experience I have ever had. English doesn't have words to express how this energy feels. All I can say is 'wow'."
Pauline, Florida
"You have changed my life completely. Now joy rings all around me, and I can hear the Angels whispering "Grow, grow." Thank You Thank You Thank You!"
Luci Belknap, California
"I love the humor and laughter that will occur at times, in spite of whatever lifetime may be surfacing. There is no judgment ever of what happened or what is being felt."
Cynthia Snyder, Florida
"Working directly with an Archangel is profound beyond anything I have ever experienced. It not only feels like but IS a direct connection to Divine Guidance. Following their instructions has created miracles before my eyes and I am deeply grateful."
KC, Naples, Florida
"Thank you for a profound healing resulting from our last interaction. I have had absolutely no abdominal pain whatsoever. This is a more than 30 year issue. It's a total miracle. Thank you...thank you...thank you...from all my physical cells and all my energy bodies."
CC, AP/DOM, Florida
"Thank you for an amazing session! I feel so free and light, like something heavy has been released. I am looking forward to releasing even more, and finding more support in my life. This work with you is so exciting; grounding and yet so expansive. Thank you so much!"
BD, Florida
"This method is completely unique. I am so grateful you had that cancellation. I was on the edge and if this help hadn't been there I would have literally gone insane. I've had a dramatic improvement in my mental and emotional well-being. I feel freed to love that certain person without obsessing about him. The changes happen so easily it feels like we are cheating. It's been miraculous."
KE, Florida
"The very first time I asked my guides for help with my business in a Lightworkers session, they sent light under my path and then my work schedule picked up. When asked a second time, things really took off. Now I have a second person helping me handle all the work. Thank you, guides!"
SEA, Florida
"I want you to know the value your work has. After our session, the leg pain I had for 39 years disappeared. It's been a year since that session, and it still hasn't returned. I value my legs now and have become a runner. I've even run a half marathon, and have lost 46 pounds. I also released a bad relationship that I felt very stuck in. Thank you."
Sherry Gerodimos, Florida
"I've gotten more out of two sessions with Lynn than in 17 years of psychiatrists and therapists. It has made such a huge difference; it's amazing. I feel lighter and better in every way.
RJ, Tampa, Florida
"I have had panic and anxiety attacks for 30 years. I heard Miss Lynn on You Wealth Revolution and I purchased the offer. I have listened to it, keep listening daily, and am reading her book. I feel my whole soul came back to me, and that daily I'm becoming more congruent, as is a state of rebirth. I have tried so many healers; no one improved my state like she did. Allow my excitement to speak without redefining the reality."
TT, Lebanon
"Dear Lynn, I am so grateful and appreciate all that you are doing for me and my family. It is one miracle after another. I needed a job and didn't know how to find one. After one Lightworkers Healing Method® session, out of the blue a friend approached me to manage her business, and now I have the job.

"I also wrote you about my long-term stomach pain. We didn't even talk, you just did the work by email, and now the pain in my stomach is completely gone. Wow wow this is amazing. I am overwhelmed and have no words to express myself - except to say, 'Yay Source!'

Gillian Hoops, Tanzania
"Having a private session with Lynn is an experience one should not miss. In an hour, Lynn reaches through all the barriers to self-discovery with ease, and exposes our biggest obstacles for us to see. With kindness that is unmatched, and the power of divine forces behind her, she leads one to the precipice and gently takes us over into the start of a new way of life. The jump may scare, but the other side is freedom. The experience is life-changing and priceless. She could charge $2500, and people would happily pay it. It's definitely worth it! To have her ongoing powerful energetic support after the session would be such a blessing, helping one to stay in that space of what has transpired. Do this as a kindness to yourself. You only live once (in this body)!"
Tammy Cambria, PA
"My daughter's suicide attempt had shaken me to the core, to a place where I couldn't even talk about it to those closest to me, and I haven't been able to sit and reflect about it either. I felt consumed with despair and terror and coped by just not thinking about it except when despair and terror crept up on me once again, whisking me away before I became aware. There were days when I felt successful by being able to put one foot in front of the other. I had not talked with Lynn or anyone about my feelings of blame toward myself, but my guides knew, of course, and the love and reassurance expressed were healing for me in such a profound way. I trust completely that my guides know my daughter's strong desire to live and to work on her life goals. Knowing that releases me from the deep fear of loss and the shame of judgment and allows me to let go of the clinging or resistance once again. This is an ongoing process, but I am lighter by a thousand pounds. (Is that how much fear weighs?) I feel at peace for the first time in a very long time and know that I can honor my daughter in her journey, whatever form that takes. Thank you, Lynn, with all my heart for the life-changing work you do with me."
JM, Florida
"Whether Lynn knows it or not, she is always very dear and close to my heart. Our Lightworkers Healing Method® session last February impacted me deeply, and was instrumental in helping me embrace a deeper relationship with an aspect of my own higher self and being open to receiving important messages for my life. After that session, I took two months just clearing and cleaning out lots of old stuff through the house (physically, psychologically and spiritually), all the while being supported by the Universe. On the morning of May 25th a surge of energy flooded through my entire Being while doing yoga, and I could see, hear, smell, touch, and taste what I was supposed to do next. Now I am finally back to writing my book, Sacred Typology; but at a whole new level. Plus I have begun writing a new book called Conscious Entertainment; sharing how to "read energy" and the meta-meanings of our experiences (messages from our soul). My session with Lynn was one of the instrumental pieces in this journey of writing my book...the catalyst for the jump start. It has been a privilege and an honor to have tapped into the Lightworkers Healing Method® journey and the depth of Love and Light that Lynn and the Light Beings share with others. Lynn and Lightworkers Healing Method® have been a Bright Light along my journey that I love and appreciate the specialness of."
EW, Florida"
"In working with my guides and Lynn, I am aware of the sacredness of the task at hand, and also their respect for me and for our work together. A strong connection is made between us and the guides, for my highest good on all levels. I love the humor and laughter that will occur at times, in spite of whatever lifetime may be surfacing. There is no judgment ever of what happened or what is being felt. Initially, before we begin, I experience a holy welcoming and this continues throughout until the work is completed. My life has been graced by my work with Lynn and my guides."
CS, Florida
"I know many people who have also experienced the Lightworkers method, and there is a theme in the comments they make about it. They feel a release, as if they are free to move forward again. They have an increase in inner peace and greater acceptance of life's challenges. Even though the details of life may not change, it feels less stressful. In addition, they feel an internal excitement about life's potential or opportunities that was not felt before. Life's journey is more clear, more enlightened and more inspirational. I myself have been working with Lightworkers for approximately two years now. This has been instrumental in shifting things, both directly and indirectly, to fulfill my soul's purpose. I also feel that the Unity flowing through all things has been blessed with Divine energy from the work."
NS, Florida
"Lynn has a unique way of using second sight. This method allows her to see, hear and feel the communication from guides and transmit divine pranahuti and assistance. With many seers and psychics you experience communication with guides and with others you may undergo a healing. The uniqueness of her method is this: you receive blessings, guidance and healing. Receiving a treatment session is taking a journey into the depth of your soul to meet the person you really are and find pieces of your self that were hidden beneath layers of samskara. There is also the issue of authenticity and safety, and Lynn takes every measure to ensure both. I am deeply thankful to have this connection and attest to the pure joy of having this present of transmission available."
CWR, Ohio
"Thank you so much for our session today. It was amazing! Afterward, I walked on the beach for about 20-30 minutes and then I went to the exercise room and get on an exercise bike. I must say this is unheard of for me! I have not been on an exercise machine of any kind in several years, and have only taken a handful of walks in the past few years. I was extremely sedentary. Today it feels like my spirit or body is saying, 'wow what a load got lifted today! We are (literally) running with this profound new freedom we feel! Let's get this girl moving!' Since then I feel so much better I don't know what to do with myself."
HP, Illinois
"Having worked with you for years now, and having covered so much time and so many changing periods of my life, I want to thank you for all your support. I am grateful for your clarity, integrity, and talent. Working with you has been a contribution to me on many levels; my own personal journey, my relationship to my work, my relationship to my family are but a few. Clearing away the energetic blockages, creating a clear and open path for the present and the future, connecting me to me and to support that is available to me daily has been so valuable. You are truly gifted and I appreciate you!"
ST, Florida
"This past Monday I had a checkup with my pain specialist, who was astounded to discover how much less pain/narcotic medication I've been taking due to a decrease in my bone pain, especially since my last visit with you. I shared with her I have been having sessions with you once a month for the past six months, and that in the last few we began to work for relief of the bone pain. The last visit, my sixth, resulted in my being nearly pain free for a full five days, after two years of having pain as my constant companion! I have gone from taking pills two to four times a day to taking them only when I'm feeling overwhelmed by the pain, which is now intermittent.

"My doctor is open to 'alternative' forms of pain relief if it will enable a patient to discontinue or decrease narcotics, and is asking for brochures or other information regarding the energy healing I have been receiving from you. My heart is overjoyed to have one of my doctors express an interest in my recovery when, to her, there is no reason I should be feeling so good. She may be mystified, but I feel as though my eyes are finally open."

BJ Seffrin, St. Petersburg FL
"How lucky I was to have known Lynn McGonagill, when my son was found unconscious in his home. We did not know how long he had been there unconscious laying on his arm. As he was taken to ICU at the hospital, I was afraid for his life. We were advised by the doctors that he had a multi-system failure, his heart, liver, kidney, and lungs were all not functioning properly. Also, the surgeon warned us that they may need to amputate his right arm.

"I remember sending Lynn a email asking for anything she could do. The doctors gave him 25% chance to live. It was so grim to hear that.

"Then I got an email from Lynn, where she gave me hope for grace for him. Lynn was regularly sending me emails explaining the healing process my son was going through. Each and every step she informed me of, was lived out only days after I was advised by her. The emails between us during those difficult times, helped me and gave me so much hope.

"I knew she was helping in a powerful way, which I have never felt before.

"She gave me advice which I was able to use directly for my sons recovery.

"My son today, only 3 weeks of being in the hospital, is now off the breathing machine. His kidneys are not yet fully recovered but have showed signs of progression. The doctors have been able to save his right arm and any day now he will be transferred out of the ICU unit of the hospital.

"I am forever thankful to Lynn for all the help and support she gave me and my son. What a wonderful gift she has for healing. Now that my son is on the road to recovery, though it will take a long time, I am feeling much better, with all the help Lynn gave. I look forward to reading and learning from her book, The Lightworkers Healing Method®."

Gudrun I. Jenkins, Orlando Florida
Lightworkers Healing Method®
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The Lightworkers Healing Method® is a system of Angelically guided energy healing and a powerful spiritual growth vehicle with the exceptional goal of aligning us with our own soul's life purpose.

The Lightworkers Healing Method is an all-volunteer organization on a mission to help all beings live their own soul plans, creating lives of JOY in a world that works.

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