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Incorporate this unique and powerful healing art into your practice and create lasting change in your patients' lives. Science has begun to understand the link between healthy mind, body, and soul. Use the Lightworkers Healing Method™ to heal the whole person and transform dis-ease and illness to health and well-being.

As a healing professional you were called to help others, and yet it can leave you feeling drained unless you learn how to manage your energy body. Learn a self-care program that will keep you energized throughout the day; avoid that energy drain and the burnout common in so many healing professions. Learn to use the healing treatments you give to others to actually improve your own physical, mental, and emotional well-being so you are healed rather than drained by the process.

Use the Lightworkers Healing Method™ to strengthen your own natural healing abilities and move into a higher expression of your healing art. Lightworkers Healing Method™ Lightworkers include:

This Is What I Have To Do
Testimonial during the Closing Circle of the Level 2 Class of the Lightworkers Healing Method in Boston Somerville on September 22, 2013. The Level 2 Class is part of the Core Curriculum of The Lightworkers Healing Method. It is called: "Letting Go Of The Past".

  • Body Workers
  • Doctors of Oriental Medicine
  • Psychotherapists
  • Hypnotherapists
  • Complementary Medicine Practitioners
  • Energy Workers
  • Shamanic Practitioners
  • Chiropractors
  • Social Workers
  • Holistic Practitioners
  • Body Talk Practitioners
  • Alternative Medicine Practitioners
  • Therapeutic Touch Practitioners
  • Naturopathic Physicians
"I have been a nurse for 23 years and a CRNA for 12. I felt called to work in healing, which is why I've chosen this profession. Most nurses understand the power of a person's energy or spirit, even though it's not taught in school. Most nurses look at the healing Western medicine offers and know that it's lacking something we just can't put our fingers on. Nurses seem to understand the energy work from the laying on of hands, family interactions, spiritual connections, and general caring expressions.

"When I was a pediatric oncology RN my colleagues and I could determine rather correctly which patients would go into a remission from a standard chemotherapy round and which would end up in bone marrow transplant. This we saw through the family interactions, not the blood work. The children who were the emotional sponges of the families were the ones who would end up in transplant more often than the others. This energy the little patients absorbed seemed toxic to them, something the radiation and chemo just couldn't touch. Just another one of those things you could see, but hardly put into words or study or dissect. I wheeled many tiny bodies to the morgue and pondered my role in the healing that we offered.

"I believed in nursing as a sacred profession and became an anesthetist because I felt it was the paragon of the nursing profession. Surgery can be necessary, and when you need it you do want good anesthesia. I have loved the profession and endeavored to perfect my practice. However, I see that when a patient consults a surgeon, surgery is most always their answer. I see that patients who would've been refused major back surgeries years ago because of their pre-existing conditions and frequent lack of self care are now the regulars on the schedule. I see that surgery is now the answer for morbid obesity. I see repeat plastic surgery patients who never seem happy with their physical bodies. Again in my field I have pondered my role in the healing that we offered.

"My spiritual journey has been long, varied, and shaped by much of what I've experienced in my career. As a Christian I believe we are all here to help each other and I certainly believed the Bible when Jesus said we could heal in his name. My role in this was limited to my skills and just taking time to pray with patients when they requested. I volunteered as a staff RN at a free clinic and the previous supervisor and I had kept in touch. I had a continuing nagging need to contact her and we played phone tag for weeks. When I finally reached her she told me of the Lightworkers Healing Method™ classes. I can't even recall how she explained this energy work, I just felt the pull.

"It has been more than a year since I attended my first Level One class (I had to go through twice because my wheels were so blown off) and it has altered the course of my life. I feel all the truths I have been chasing have become answered and that ultimate calling to healing fulfilled. In this work of energy healing I don't need a stethoscope, a syringe, a narcotic box, an order or any instruments- I become the instrument to hold and create the sacred space to allow God to perform the deep healing we all are capable of giving each other, just as Jesus said.

"I hope if you feel called to healing as I was you will explore this path and be a gift to the world."

Stephanie Aaronson, CRNA
Continuing Education Opportunities

Special CE Opportunity at Kripalu

Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health Retreat Workshop
in the Berkshires of Western Massachusetts

Provider #886631978

Levels One and Two Combined: 30 CE Hours (886631978-2002)

Provider #451929-12

Levels One and Two Combined: 30 CE Hours

Yoga Alliance Board
Levels One and Two Combined: 30 CE Hours

PDA Provider #1115

Level One, The Foundation: 6 Adjunctive Therapy PDA Points
Level Two, Letting Go of the Past: 5 Adjunctive Therapy PDA Points

National Association of Social Workers
Provider #886631978

This program is Approved by the National Association of Social Workers (Approvals below) for Social Work continuing education contact hours.

Level One, The Foundation: 12 CE Hours (886631978-2000)
Level Two, Letting Go of the Past: 12 CE Hours (886631978-2001)
Level Three, Using the Powerful Future: 12 CE Hours (886631978-2185)
Level Four, Lightbeing Connections: 12 CE Hours (886631978-2181)

National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork
Provider #451929-12

Lynn McGonagill, Founder and Teaching Channel of the Lightworkers Healing Method™, is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuing education Approved Provider.

Level One, The Foundation: 14 CE Hours
Level Two, Letting Go of the Past: 12 CE Hours
Level Three, Using the Power of the Future: 12 CE Hours

National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine
PDA Provider #1115

Level One, The Foundation: 6 Adjunctive Therapy PDA Points
Level Two, Letting Go of the Past: 5 Adjunctive Therapy PDA Points

This activity has been submitted to the American Holistic Nurses Association (AHNA) for approval to award contact hours. The American Holistic Nurses Association is accredited as an approver of continuing nursing education by the American Nurses Credentialing Center's Commission on Accreditation.


We are actively expanding our Continuing Education offerings. Please check back often for additional CE Approved Provider categories.

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Through the paradox of simultaneous healing, learn how you can be healed as you learn to heal others.
"The Lightworkers Healing Method™ is an extraordinary and wonderful method that teaches Lightworkers to channel powerful healing energy to alleviate pain and suffering. Lynn and her teaching staff present in-depth workshops and on-line webinars demonstrating the Lightworkers Healing Method™, they instruct and coach students in the method, and they identify the guiding principles for this amazing healing method. I have been in nursing for over thirty-five years and am thrilled to learn a healing method that reduces pain and suffering without using medication or invasive techniques or procedures. I highly recommend everyone involved in the healing arts to learn and practice this approach to health and wellness."
Doreen Barrera, RN from Boston
"I've gotten more out of two sessions with Lynn than in 17 years of psychiatrists and therapists. It has made such a huge difference; it's amazing. I feel lighter and better in every way.
RJ, Tampa, Florida
"My daughter's suicide attempt had shaken me to the core, to a place where I couldn't even talk about it to those closest to me, and I haven't been able to sit and reflect about it either. I felt consumed with despair and terror and coped by just not thinking about it except when despair and terror crept up on me once again, whisking me away before I became aware. There were days when I felt successful by being able to put one foot in front of the other. I had not talked with Lynn or anyone about my feelings of blame toward myself, but my guides knew, of course, and the love and reassurance expressed were healing for me in such a profound way. I trust completely that my guides know my daughter's strong desire to live and to work on her life goals. Knowing that releases me from the deep fear of loss and the shame of judgment and allows me to let go of the clinging or resistance once again. This is an ongoing process, but I am lighter by a thousand pounds. (Is that how much fear weighs?) I feel at peace for the first time in a very long time and know that I can honor my daughter in her journey, whatever form that takes. Thank you, Lynn, with all my heart for the life-changing work you do with me."
JM, Florida
"This past Monday I had a checkup with my pain specialist, who was astounded to discover how much less pain/narcotic medication I've been taking due to a decrease in my bone pain, especially since my last visit with you. I shared with her I have been having sessions with you once a month for the past six months, and that in the last few we began to work for relief of the bone pain. The last visit, my sixth, resulted in my being nearly pain free for a full five days, after two years of having pain as my constant companion! I have gone from taking pills two to four times a day to taking them only when I'm feeling overwhelmed by the pain, which is now intermittent.

"My doctor is open to 'alternative' forms of pain relief if it will enable a patient to discontinue or decrease narcotics, and is asking for brochures or other information regarding the energy healing I have been receiving from you. My heart is overjoyed to have one of my doctors express an interest in my recovery when, to her, there is no reason I should be feeling so good. She may be mystified, but I feel as though my eyes are finally open."

BJ Seffrin, St. Petersburg FL
"Regardless of the modality you practice the goal is always the same, to find the root cause of a person's ailment, illness, or condition, so these limitations can be released and the vital force restored and regenerated. I've found in my own practice as an Acupuncture Physician, Doctor of Oriental Medicine and Energy Practitioner that every illness permeates all layers of our being, both physical and non-physical. In order to obtain the sensitivity necessary to be a conduit for the healing life force one calls upon in every session, one must prepare oneself to one's highest potential. The Lightworkers Healing Method™ is an avenue for this sacred preparation to create the connection to the inner guidance necessary to be that clear clean conduit of Divine grace used in all modalities."
Carol Wentz Randaci OMD, AP
Doctor of Oriental Medicine
"I have served as a Catholic Priest for 10 years, a Minister for 18 years, and an energy worker for 20. Healing and spiritual growth have always been my passion. Recently I came across a program (Lightworkers Healing Method™) that addresses both areas in a significantly different way. I always wondered why people kept coming back with the same symptoms and stories, or why change was so slow for them. The Lightworkers Healing Method™ is a program that teaches how to get beyond the client's story to the real issue, and work with the Lightbeings in the healing process."
Bob Sanda, DMT, MSW, MA
"This is the best class I have ever taken. I don't just mean the best class in energy healing, or even the best class about spirituality. I mean the best class I have ever taken on any topic. Period."
Patrick McManus
Licensed Massage Therapist
"I completed the Level 2 class this weekend in Boston and it was as incredible as I hoped. As energy medicine fields thankfully become more mainstream, the Lightworkers Healing Method™ is the next step forward. I am so thankful to Lynn for all of her efforts to bring this to us. I am excited to continue learning and practicing and knowing as this makes a big difference in my life it will do the same in some big or little but incredible fashion for everyone I now come in contact with. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"
Nancy Senior
Boston, MA
Spiritual Life Coach
Lightworkers Healing Method®
Angelically Guided Energy Healing

The Lightworkers Healing Method® is a system of Angelically guided energy healing and a powerful spiritual growth vehicle with the exceptional goal of aligning us with our own soul's life purpose.

The Lightworkers Healing Method is an all-volunteer organization on a mission to help all beings live their own soul plans, creating lives of JOY in a world that works.

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