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The Search for Truth

In our weekly advanced class series, "The Search for Truth," we work with the art of discerning what is actually happening. The path to peace and joy begins right here: with learning to discern what is true. Until we can recognize Truth with some degree of accuracy, life is confusing.

We can believe we are telling ourselves the truth about something, when in reality it is our crazy-mind, our ego-self, who is speaking. It is the DDD, the Dilemma of Delusion and Denial, to some degree or another. This is the gift of being part of a community that has learned how to objectively assess energy alignment. The alignment shows the source of the messages: Guides vs. Dead People vs. Societal Shared Beliefs vs. the Mental Body, and more. By observing the alignment, the truth comes out.

The purpose of the Search for Truth (SFT) classes is to help people gain awareness of where their intuitive channels are, moment to moment. It's a shocking eye-opener to see how rare the channels-UP moments actually are. In the SFT classes, topics are put on the table, we get our alignment on to the best of our varying abilities, go into "Session Mode," and call each other out when the channels drop down or other out-of-alignment issues occur; as they do, moment to moment. It's the only way for us to gain the self-awareness necessary to let go of faking it and move into doing this for REAL, not for pretend. These classes are quite intense; they support us in confronting the craziness of our delusions. Once we become aware of them, we are empowered to begin to break free of them.

We know there is no such thing as "your truth" or "my truth." There is only TRUTH and our ability to perceive it. In this class series we practice what to do when we see things differently. Until consensus exists, we know that one or both or all of us is in the DDD* to some degree or another, not clearly seeing truth. In this class series, we practice continuing discussions until we come to consensus as to what exactly is true.

Participants must already have some practice in assessing alignments. Typically this means the person is already a Certified Lightworker and has begun to serve the students as either a Teaching Assistant or a Mentor, but there may be exceptions to this. What matters is the ability to assess alignment.

A love offering is required. The amount of the offering is entirely up to the student; there is no minimum and no maximum.

This class series has the capacity to free its participants from the grasp of the crazy ego-mind that keeps us trapped in suffering. Its intention is to allow participants to re-anchor themselves to a higher source of Truth, and thereby break free into a life of JOY.

Dear friend, please contact us if you have an interest in participating in this Higher Level class series. We will begin the conversation.

Much love!

*DDD: the Dilemma of Delusion and Denial

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"Dear Lynn,

The Level Four in the Search for Truth format was an incredible class. My experience is that it was indeed priceless. Thank you!

Love and Gratitude,"

Mara Bjornstad, Sarasota FL
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