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Spiritual Healing Transmissions

Become a Vessel for Divine healing

Learning to be a vessel for Divine Energy Healing is infinitely easier with Divine assistance. A Spiritual healing transmission provides that help. It is an infusion of Divine Energy that will not only increase your ability to heal yourself and others, but also accelerate your personal spiritual growth. In the Lightworkers Healing Method® core curriculum, there are eleven Spiritual healing transmissions. Each one prepares you for the next step in the process of becoming both an energy healer and who your soul wants you to be. With this help, you can learn to be a vessel for Divine healing. We all can.

Many students appreciate having the audio recordings of the Spiritual healing transmissions. This allows them to absorb this pure form of Higher Dimension healing, gifts, blessings, and teachings, over and over as need. This is an awesome way to supplement your mental learning with energetic learning. The entire series of 11 Spiritual healing transmissions of the core curriculum are continually updated with the latest recordings from our classes, so it's like having a lifetime subscription of Higher Dimension support at $9 apiece. Best deal on the planet.

We recommend you listen to and absorb these Spiritual healing transmissions (as well as our Opening Process) repeatedly, and in order. Higher-level transmissions are more effective if the earlier Spiritual healing transmissions have been well absorbed.

The Bundle
All 11 Spiritual Healing Transmissions: a $275 value at 64% off

Spiritual Healing Transmissions

Dear Friends,

This is a Spiritual healing transmission to help your higher souls come into your bodies, so you can live the lives you have come here to live and BE who your souls want you to be. It came through in the July 2013 Higher Level class, Conscious Connections with the Higher Soul.

Unlike all the other Spiritual healing transmissions which are available at extremely low cost of $9 apiece when you buy them in groups, we are giving this one away. Why are we giving it away? Not because it is worth less than the other Spiritual healing transmissions - but because it is so important and so valuable that it can't wait for people to rise above their financial fears and risk $10 on a recording.

Please, dear friends, accept this gift from us. Download this Spiritual healing transmission and absorb it daily. Support yourself in living your life from the perspective of your higher soul. We can DO this, dear friends. We CAN live the lives we came here to live, and BE who our souls want us to be. We can!

Listen to the Day 1 Spiritual Healing Transmission:
Concurrent Lives and Higher Soul


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Level One-Day One:
Open to Guides,
Angels and Lightbeings
(13.40 minutes)

This transmission draws your focus UP to the higher-dimension beings who are here to help and guide all of us. This crucial step of opening to guidance supports the process of developing your pillar of light so you can live your life in sacred space. Your energy body learns to be open to the higher dimensions while being strongly grounded in the planet.

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A $25 value at 60% off!

Spiritual Healing Transmissions
Level One-Day Two:
Become a
Healing Vessel
(8.32 minutes)

The merge is a pivotal step in activating the miracle of simultaneous healing. As you let go of the illusions of separation, you can be healed as you heal others. Releasing the need to force particular healing outcomes allows truly Divine healing to occur. This transmission supports both processes and is fundamentally a way to increase your ability to trust the Universe.

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Spiritual Healing Transmissions
Level Two-Day One:
Trauma Release and
Soul Fragment Healing
(12.49 minutes)

An important part of letting go of the past is releasing buried traumas and healing wounds. Your healing ability for all stages of this process - from locating the traumas through integrating the recovered soul energy - is enhanced with this transmission.

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Spiritual Healing Transmissions
Level Two-Day Two:
Past Lives
(11.37 minutes)

It is natural to connect with past lives, both for yourself and for others. By opening the doors to other lives and other times, this transmission gives you access to healing the very deepest, oldest wounds.

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Spiritual Healing Transmissions
Level Three-Day One:
Life Paths and
Soul Contracts
(11.51 minutes)

In Level Three, the Lightworkers Healing Method®'s focus turns to the question of life purpose and moving forward in life. The future chakra, life path, and soul contract all provide access to the central goal of living the lives our souls have come into our bodies to live. This transmission opens those access points for you, so you can BE who your soul came here to be and help others do the same.

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Spiritual Healing Transmissions
Level Three-Day Two:
Future Lives and
Space Time Fabric
(9.04 minutes)

You are an eternal being on an eternal growth path, and all time is now. There are truly no limits. Miracles occur by connecting to wiser, more powerful future lives, both for yourself and for others. Illnesses heal, troubles dissolve, relationships and lives transform. Support the process with this transmission.

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Spiritual Healing Transmissions
Level Four Transmissions

There is so much higher-dimension support available to you, both for yourself and for others. By opening up to various groups of higher-dimension healers, you can become a vessel for Divine healing in the world. These transmissions invite both true Angels and Lightbeings (higher-dimension healers who support individual healing; they are commonly called Angels) to move through you to create miracles. Each transmission provides access to a particular group of Lightbeings or Angels.

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Level Four-1: Day One:
Tiny Hands Lightbeings
(6.23 minutes)

The Tiny Hands Lightbeings are some of the first Higher-Dimension beings that approach us to help with healing. Perhaps because they are so small and therefore not intimidating in the least, very few people have resistance to them. They are gentle, tender, loving, and very clear channels for Source. The Tiny Hands are generalists and can help your subjects in almost all areas of life.

Often the first sign of the Tiny Hands Lightbeings is that we get an impression of tiny hands doing work in the subject's Energy body. These Lightbeings are approximately the size of Tinkerbelle, with appropriately tiny hands. Because of this, they can do extremely delicate and precise work in a person's Energy body. They help with meticulous repairs and make subtle improvements to an Energy body that full-sized fingers can't accomplish.

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Spiritual Healing Transmissions
Level 4-2: Day One:
Miners Lightbeings
(6.52 minutes)

The Miners are the most commonly available grounding Lightbeings to work with, although other groups also exist. Grounding can develop through many different layers, and its benefits can be expanded in many ways. Strong grounding forms the chalice to firmly hold the downward flow of Source Energies, to be a strong steward for the Divine on Earth. The more strongly we are grounded, the more Light our systems can hold in the physical dimension, the more we can be a Pillar that brings Light to the planet. The Miners are here to assist in that process.

Miners know their job isn't glamorous, but is absolutely necessary. Even more than other Lightbeings, they appreciate being properly thanked for their help. They reach their hands up, grab our feet or ankles to pull us down, and ground us properly. They are humble, unusually strong, patient, kind, loving, and extremely effective. Their combination of physical strength and emotional gentleness makes it clear that when they are with us, we are safe in the physical dimension. We can go ahead and be grounded. The Miners are here.

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Spiritual Healing Transmissions
Level 4-3: Day One
Medics Lightbeings
(7.01 minutes)

The Medics work at the level of the physical body's Energy, healing the ills of the physical form. They help with Energies lodged in the physical body down to the cellular, molecular, and atomic levels. They can shift beliefs, traumas, and emotions lodged in the cells, molecules, and atoms to create healing. The Medics will sometimes take the subject to the "hospital in the sky" for deep work. During this time the subject can feel immobilized. If that creates anxiety for your subject, help him understand it's perfectly fine, he is safe, higher-dimension healers are working on him, and normal feeling and motion will return in a few minutes.

The Medics typically wear white scrubs and appear as full-sized human beings. They can signal their presence with the thought of an operating room, or with stretchers or ambulances. You may detect a very clean antiseptic scent. Medics don't want us to learn their techniques, but prefer to do the work themselves. They are in-charge, capable, competent, expert, thorough, confident, compassionate, and Loving. Stand back and let them do their job.

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Spiritual Healing Transmissions
Level 4-4: Day Two
Magnetic Services Lightbeings
(5.06 minutes)

Magnetic Services Lightbeings work with the electrical system of the Light body. They repair as well as upgrade individuals' electrical systems, which include the acupuncture meridians and nervous system, but extend far beyond the physical body in many different ways. These electrical systems include the merkaba, for example. Their work typically results in an expansion of the Energy body, and therefore a spurt of growth. Growth typically results in life changes, which the subject will either welcome or resist. Free will choices and working with the subconscious mind are the subject's contribution to the process.

When they appear, Magnetic Services reps may show up in orange jumpsuits such as electricians might wear. There might be an impression of electric circuitry or wiring, a feeling of static electricity in the air, the smell of lightning, or a current such as giant magnets might generate. They are extremely competent and efficient but have a great sense of humor and often crack a string of jokes as they work. Like the Medics, they don't want us to learn their techniques, but prefer to do the work themselves. It is dangerous work; they work with electricity. The tone is, "Kids, don't try this at home." What a blessing to have them simply do the work for us and for our healing subjects.

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Spiritual Healing Transmissions
Level 4-5: Day Two
Protective Angels
(5.18 minutes)

Protective Angels are true Angels, and opening to them opens the door into the true Angelic realm. They have offered to extend their hand through to you, to provide that link. Protective Angels provide the highest levels of protection in many different ways. When we shout for help in times of perceived danger, this is often who comes.

Our goal is to be so strong in our Pillar of Light that we are invulnerable, but growing into that is a process. Until we are able to keep ourselves safe with a strong Pillar of Light, Protective Angels can fill the gap exponentially better than any shielding techniques. We have to be doing our best to build our Pillar-to do what is ours to do-but in the meantime we still have the right to live our lives in sacred space and the Angels will help if we ask. They can protect both spaces and people against unhelpful Energy intrusions. They can be with us for short or long periods of time.

Protective Angels can be the size of a full-grown human or larger. They are as big and as numerous as is needed for us to both be safe and feel safe. They always seem to have angel-wings, but they present a variety of different ways. Sometimes they look like big, burly, winged bodyguards, sometimes like winged secret service agents, sometimes like classic Angels with robes, but always winged, always strong. An unmistakable feeling of security is present wherever they are.

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Spiritual Healing Transmissions
Spiritual Healing Transmissions
Spiritual Healing Transmissions Activate Your Potential
"I have been practicing yoga and reading spiritual texts for 35 years. Nothing prepared me for the profound depth of these Higher Level (HL) class teachings and transmissions. They are simple, direct teachings. Truth is always like that. I will attend any future HL class when it is offered if it is within my possibilities."
Rik Tackenberg, Florida
"This is fascinating work...opening up to the Universe and Source. I have never experienced meditation success like I have with your transmission tapes. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Many good blessings."
Pauline Horvath, Michigan
"I have had panic and anxiety attacks for 30 years. I heard Miss Lynn on You Wealth Revolution and I purchased the offer. I have listened to it, keep listening daily, and am reading her book. I feel my whole soul came back to me, and that daily I'm becoming more congruent, as is a state of rebirth. I have tried so many healers; no one improved my state like she did. Allow my excitement to speak without redefining the reality."
TT, Lebanon
"After the transmission last night for connecting with my Guides, I experienced a connection in my meditation this morning unlike anything I had before."
Bob Sanda, DMT, MSW, MA, Florida
"I have more clear direction for my own life, a stronger connection to Source, and amazing insight into the healing method."
HF, Florida
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The Lightworkers Healing Method is an all-volunteer organization on a mission to help all beings live their own soul plans, creating lives of JOY in a world that works.

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