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Angels Class

Step Up 2014.03.03

7:00 Opening Process
The foundational process of creating Sacred Space for ourselves and our lives.

7:10 Background

Like everyone else, we're spiritual beings having a human experience. Our souls have a plan for our lives; it's harder than we thought. Luckily our Guides are here continually supporting us to live our soul plans, not anything else. This is what we asked them to do - "Help me remember! Help me do it!"

We are also part of a grand experiment in embodiment that has already been declared successful even as it continues. The purpose of the experiment was to find a way that works better to manifest the Divine Plan into 3D "reality." We still face the challenges all incarnates face: how to relate to life as our higher soul rather than as the body-mind. In order to truly fulfill our individual life missions, we must bring our Angelic selves into play in the 3D world. To do this, it helps to identify with ourselves as Angels. How can we do that? One way is to work with our wings.

Coming from it from the perspective of the body-mind is normal. Think of it as a three- legged race, partnered with an Angel. Our Angel partner brings in the blessings - our right work, our right life-partners, right results for our efforts, all the "rightness" of life. Our job is to draw up enough Truth and enough Upward-Rising Earth Energy (UREE) so the Angel-feet can touch the ground.

TRUTH is especially important to Higher Souls. Telling ourselves the truth is especially important to maintaining a relationship with our higher souls, our Angel- partners. It's important to maintain our Lighthouse well enough that the interior remains a Sacred space of Truth and Love. Without our soul energy present, we struggle. Life doesn't work well. Our bodies can suffer too. Being willing to acknowledge inconvenient, ugly truths empowers us to change them, and allows us to keep our souls in our bodies.

7:15 Wing Grooming and Exercising

Draw them out, flatten and expand them, groom the feathers, balance them. Bad at flying? I am. Start with gliding. Find a cliff, hold out your wings, jump.

Exercise them. Not just for decoration. "When in Doubt, Flap."
Practice flapping hard to draw down truth.
Practice flapping hard to move forward in life.
Practice flapping hard to connect to our Guides.
As with all Lightworkers Healing Method techniques, this only works when it's what is needed. If it isn't working, that isn't what's needed. Try something else.

7:25 Step Up

We have come to trigger the Awakening. This is a challenging Soul Plan, but one we are ready for. The wings are proof. Right? The pressure is coming on. Our Guides are calling for us to STEP UP, and to do it NOW not later. Now is the time.

Nothing matters more than the vertical alignment: training the channels all the way up through the Astral Planes, and a strong Vortex. This is a NEW configuration. It is DIFFERENT. Therefore it isn't easy. People think they have it WAY before they actually do. When we stretch ourselves, we engage Grace, and through Grace the access opens up. When we take the easy way, the Grace evaporates.

The Astral Planes are full of fake "Higher Dimension" spaces. Last week's Higher Level class exercise in trying to open time portals showed that people think they are in the HD but are in the Astrals. Look around. Push on the walls; they fall down like stage sets.

Turn things over; they are only painted on the front. Look at the cheap costumes and the fake ID's. It's false. That's the Astral Planes.

It's EASY to open portals in the HD; almost impossible to open them in the Astrals. Results prove the theory. Those portals weren't opening. People are in the Astrals, in the Fake "HD." No worries! This is good information!

Knowledge empowers us to change. Being willing to see mistakes as GOOD not bad is crucial. Being willing to accept mentoring as helpful not hurtful is crucial.

Search for Truth classes have the best of the best of the best students in them. No one else is ready, just the best students. By the old standards, these people were certified. The Search for Truth classes are 90 minutes long, and everyone's channels heave a big sigh of relief as the people leave. "Whew. Glad that's over." They drop down in less than two minutes. They are exhausted. (SFT students, is this true?)

Our channels can develop muscle memory to stay up, but that takes focus, effort, and time. Intuition comes from whatever source our intuitive channels are drawing from. If the channels are in the Astrals, we aren't picking up truth; we are picking up something else. Only when our channels are UP to the Guides do we really have Guidance, as opposed to intuition. Our Guides are encouraging us to STEP UP. It sounds scary.

Wishful thinking masquerades as "guidance."

What does it take to get our channels UP?

Over and over we hear that facilitating sessions in the classes are easier than out of them. This is because the Vertical space is held in the classes, for the students. Will getting the vertical alignment happen without being in the classes where Vertical space is held, every chance you have?

Will getting the Vertical alignment happen without also facilitating sessions with the intention to achieve the Merge/channels UP alignment, which means submitting them to a mentor and responding to the mentoring?

Will getting the Vertical alignment for your life happen without building a Vortex where you live, sleep, and work?

We can do this for REAL not pretend. It's time to Step UP. The energy has shifted; everything is very speeded up. Now is the time to Step UP. We can still do it, but all the slack is out of the schedule. Now is the time to start asking, "What MORE can I do?" Where to begin? Nothing matters more than the Vortex, and getting our channels UP.

8:10 Merge with the Vertical Community

We have come to trigger the Awakening. Now is the time. We can do it, but it won't happen without the power of community. Merge with the group of TRUE Lightworkers who are actually helping to evolve Human Civilization. Let the Guides define both parts of that equation, both what actually helps to evolve Human Civilization, and who is actually helping to do so. We don't have to decide; let the Guides sort that out. Merge in, join into the Vertical space that is already being held, and stand strong. Hold space for Spirit in the world.

8:25 Closing Thoughts

Two aspects matter most: creating and tending a Vortex, and getting our channels UP to the Guides. It's easy to create and tend a Vortex; it only takes commitment, humility, and a willingness to serve. We can all do that, individually, where we sleep, live, and work. It's extraordinarily difficult to get our channels UP. That only happens in Vertical space, with the support of a community who is working toward the same goal. Start somewhere; do something. Build a Vortex; facilitate healing sessions; write up and submit case studies, and take the mentoring to heart. Do the scary things your Guides suggest. They love you SO MUCH! They aren't tricking you! They have made a Sacred Vow o help you live your own Soul Plan. You can trust them! Be willing to leave the fake-HD in the Astrals, and go for the real deal. You can do it!

You yourself wrote your Soul Plan. This is what YOU want to do with your life. It is YOUR plan for your life. Your Guides LOVE you and are eternally focused on helping you live your Soul Plan. They haven't brought you this far to drop you on your head. Source has your back. The Divine Plan is the Plan because it's the best plan. If there were a better plan, it would be the Plan. No one is ever being sacrificed - not you or anyone else. For all of us, our life plan is the best plan for us; it is the path that leads us most directly to JOY. No need for fear - it's safe!

We can do this, dear friends. We CAN relate to life as our SOULS not our ego-minds. We CAN fulfill our destinies, do our individual part of the overall Divine Plan, whatever our part is, and live lives of JOY! Many wings makes light work - and don't be afraid to claim a big role. NOW IS THE TIME. By working together, each doing our part, the world transforms. We can do it, we can do it, we can do it!

Closing Process

Thank you Guides, Lightbeings, and Angels!
Until we meet again - walk in light, live in light, BE light!

Hugs - web first!


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Led by: Lynn McGongaill

Angels Classes - Discover and live your life purpose and find JOY. A team of Awakening Angels, we work to transform the world.
"What an amazing opportunity we have to join a class like this. It is amazing to have the Higher-dimension Teachers teaching us from upstairs. It is amazing that Lynn gives her time and that we are offered such a class. What a support!!!

"The most important things I take away from this class are to remember who we are and not to lose focus; that we are here for a Higher Purpose and to know we can make a difference on Earth.

"The class recordings are one of the best parts. I can listen again, maybe in a quiet afternoon, when I need to tune back. Each time there is a deeper understanding than before. I have no problem paying for the recordings. They are a gift for the price."

Olivia Odor, Norwalk, CT
"I started the Angel Classes in October. Each one is like a mini workshop in itself! There is a high level of healing energies and love that come through in the classes. I missed January due to travels, and can't wait to listen to the recording."
Madhavi Chalasani, The Woodlands, TX
"I've been working my way through the Harry Potter series and of course it is not lost on me that the wizards are going to classes with Professor McGonagall. I often find myself thinking "Oh, that must be fun...potions class or divination." But tonight, I went to ANGEL CLASS.

"I mean, COME ON!

"I think sometimes it's just so UNBELIEVABLE...or I should say INCOMPREHENSIBLE...that I don't fully absorb it. The portion on merging into our own molecules in tonight's class was quite PROFOUND and I just kept typing "thank you" into the chat box. I wrote it so many times the monitor stopped saying it.


"I am so grateful for your service to this Universe, and to me personally. You are teaching me what unconditional love really means. It's magnificent and I thank you."

Kristen Coury, Naples, Florida
"Thank You for opening your home and heart and Awakening Angels Circle to me. All are transforming me, my life and my mission.... I had asked "Source" to be shown the next level of my soul/spirit journey and instantly you appeared! Your mind-blowing knowing and understanding of truth and your occasional loving/endearing goofiness-moments had my human side perplexed at first, yet all the while my soul/spirit encouraged me to just let go and see what transpires and to TRUST the TRUTH!

Yesterday, my Guides asked me to enroll and start your Level One course, and they asked that I start it immediately. Lynn, I LOVE IT! I love you!!!! I LOVE the gift you are sharing (even though you say it is not a gift) and the JOY surrounding you. I know, on some level, we are doing the course together and you are with me and guiding me personally. And you are smiling :)

As I am going through the course, I am blown away by your subtly throwing in answers to life-altering questions I have been asking recently, and your casually mentioning information that is world changing (sort of sneaking mind-blowing truths in between the lines) that I was wondering if anyone else was aware of! I can hardly wait to absorb the information and re-connect with the TRUE Lightworker-healer that is the true me. I can hardly wait to see what my next step of service will be. I am humbled and I am grateful. I am flapping my wings as fast as I can!"

Carol Vengroff, Florida
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