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Closing Process

The Closing Process (CP) of separating and creating a Sacred seal is the Lightworker's responsibility. We speak the words out loud, but we are narrating what we are doing as we do it to increase the effectiveness, not to tell the subject what to do. In other words, we don't talk our subjects through these steps and expect them to be closing the session. This is our responsibility.

The CP is written here as if I were walking you through it. "You" means you the Lightworker, not your subject. It is written in outline form so you can learn its structure as well as its details.

Optimize the Session

  1. While your energies are still merged with the subject's, lift all work into perfection, step by step. Let the Divine make it right. Ask for any errors to be corrected, and for any omissions to be included. Ask for poorly done work to be done well, and well-done work to be made Divinely perfect. This raises the vibrations of the session to their Divine right result.
  2. Ask that the subject's Energy body and your Energy body both be brought into their optimal frequency, alignment, pitch, balance, vibration, a full state of empowerment, and into harmony with the Oneness.

Internalize, Ground, Separate

  1. Have the intention that the energies be stabilized and set into the appropriate body; your Energy stabilized into your body, his/her Energy to his/her body. Draw the Energy into skin, soft tissues, muscles, organs, glands, and into the bones for both of you.
  2. Draw the Souls down toward the Earth for both of you, beginning the process of returning to the physical dimension. Draw up Earth Energy (UREE) through both of you to stabilize. Fill your pillars with UREE, allowing it to flow at its full capacity.
  3. Ask the Lightbeings to help both of you optimize your UREE, and to stabilize and set the Energy for both of you.
  4. Separate your energies from the subject's with your Energy hands and with your full intention, drawing your Energy back to you, sending his/hers back to him/her. Small steps away from the subject can help to firm up the intention to separate fully. Be firm. The gifts have been received for both of you, and now you are complete.
  5. Call your Energy back for both of you from wherever you've left it.
  6. Continue to internalize, stabilize, set, and separate until it feels complete.

Sacred Seal

  1. Focus on the bubble of light; expand it a million times over so there's so much light it's more than enough for all, and split that light into individual bubbles, one each for you, for your subject, and all others you touched.
  2. Draw those bubbles down into the Divine plan until they lock in place.
  3. Declare the session complete and give thanks.

After your subject leaves, repeat the separation process again.

Revised 05/2014

Channeling Divine healing is not a gift.
It is a teachable, learnable skill.
"These practices are amazing times 10,000! This method works, and it's Divinely directed. I am so grateful for the GIANT growth experience your classes have offered me and the others, and for the way and means to aid others...again...through the Guides."
Cynthia Snyder, Florida
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