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Awaken the Angels

Greetings, dear friends of Team Universe! Much love to all of you this beautiful day. The jasmine and gardenias are in bloom, the air is soft and sweet, and baby birds are fluttering from branch to branch. Yay Spring! Yay Earth! Thank you so much for your beautiful teamwork so far on this Divine project of manifesting the Divine Plan on our beautiful blue planet. Bit by bit, we are eating this elephant.

Once again in my Planetary Healing work, the assignment has come ask for help. In this case, the deadline is Sunday 6/2/13 at 10:45 am EDT. The goal is a lofty one. It is to Awaken the Angels. Let me explain by pasting in a section from the upcoming Level Four class booklet.


Angels are always from the Higher Dimensions. They don't typically incarnate, but they can project their energy to let us think they do. They can be those people who help us when we desperately need it and then disappear; when we turn around for a second look they are gone. They can also step into a person temporarily to help get him/her through a crisis. Stories of moms lifting cars off their children are examples of what could be acts of Angels stepping in.

I used to think Angels never occupied human bodies for long periods of time, but I now know that happens. The phenomenon of the walk-in is real, and some of those walk-ins are Angels. Once I began looking, I have seen thousands of Angels who have walked into human bodies. While most embodied Angels are walk-ins, I now know this is not always true. I have also found an Angel who was born in a protective bubble inside a human baby, ready to awaken when the time was right.

Some embodied Angels remember who they are, and some don't. When Angels are awake to their identity, they can be truly powerful servants of the Divine. Since society doesn't react well to people walking around claiming to be Angels - those people can end up in the psych wards - most awakened Angels keep it quiet.

Those who don't remember they are Angels can feel they are supposed to DO SOMETHING but don't recall what it is. Their soul purpose tugs at them, but the cellular memory of the body is also strong. The body has its own memories of the previous non-Angelic soul, along with all the past life and future life experiences of that previous soul. What's more, there are people around that continually want to relate to the previous identity or previous soul of the body - so there is pressure both from within and without to forget. As a result, embodied Angels can forget; they can "drown" in the body. ...

Who can awaken an Angel most effectively? Other Angels. My friend, you are receiving this call to action because certain signals indicate you may be one. The clearest indicator is whether or not you have wings. See if you can feel me pushing on the crest of your wings, right now as you read this email. If you cough, feel pressure in your back or crown, or have some other response, you can take it as your working theory that you are an embodied Angel. There are other signs too, and we can talk about those later on.

What does this mean? First, it means you are here to make a big difference in this world. Second, that now is the time for you to awaken, and then to turn around and call for the Angels who are still sleeping to also awaken. Now is the time for the entire embodied Angelic community to Awaken. Once that is accomplished, the rest of the Awakening on Earth will fall into place.

It's normal to have a lot of questions at this point, and those of us who are already aware are here to support you through this process. We have Angelic gatherings, to support each other in our awareness and in fulfilling our life missions. In this way we enlist the power of community to fulfill our own individual soul purposes. Please let me know if you wish to be included in those gatherings. It will be an honor to have you with us.

For now, my friend, will you join us in this call to action? Will you call for all embodied Angels to awaken, to remember who they are, right now? We are so close. Now is the time. We can do it, my friends. By June 2 at 10:45 Eastern, all the embodied Angels can awaken.

Teamwork makes the dream work - both here in the 3D world, and in the multi-dimensional effort we are blessed to participate in. On to an overall, full manifestation of the Divine Plan on Earth by 02/2/20. So be it, so be it, so be it. Thank you dear friends - and Happy Awakening!

Awaken the Angels
"I am feeling everything viscerally----a sensation of being microcosm and macrocosm simultaneously with the main experience being immediate. Not so much having a clear view as an observer but an immersion and feeling a full soulful participation in shifting in the universe and within. There is a heightened clarity and an upsurging of the eternal energy present in the earth (no surprise to you I am sure) bringing a spinning sort of sensation on a vertical axis within me. Since flowing of Source from without (usually do not refer to things as coming 'down' but I suppose it is a good descriptor) has always flowed abundantly it feels the focus for me is on the upsurging, contributing calibration to the world.

"Keep me on team universe! Thank you for creating the opportunity for us to consciously unite."

Kimberly Braun, Florida
"I have found joy by being part of Team Universe. It's truly a wonderful way to heal and to make a difference on the planet. In the work, I think about my central challenges, my goals for myself, and how can I do better. I use them as intentions for the planetary healing work knowing I'm not the only one with these challenges and goals, and that we are all ONE. I am grateful that the more I live my life on this path, I truly feel joy. Love to you, and us all."
Rebecca Harp, LMT, Florida
"When asked to be a part of team universe by my beloved teacher Lynn McGonagill, of course I wanted to be a part of such a sacred task. I consider it a privilege and and a duty to contribute to the healing of our planet and our universe. It is through the collective, the interconnectedness of everything, that each person's offering results in a sum greater than its parts. The end result is a reverberation of loving energy that circles back around, picking each of us up and enveloping us into grace even further. This beautiful interweaving stirs the soul, and opens the heart. It is something I cannot ever get enough of, and I will come back again and again to be a part of this birthright of service that belongs to each of us. Love and light!"
Tammy Cambria, CRNA, Pennsylvania
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