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Draw Down Our Higher Souls

Dear Friends,

How do we BE who our souls truly want us to be? How do we live the lives we have come into bodies to live? The answer simple - to live life from the perspective of our Higher Soul. Now, how to do that, right?

The afternoon of this recent Higher Level class was devoted to that topic. When these videos are completely edited, we will offer them for sale, but this process takes a while and we can't wait for that to happen. This is too important.

Dear friends, please accept our gift of this unedited version of this class, "Conscious Connections With The Higher Soul." Please consider implementing it for yourself. This is the most effective way to participate in this particular call to action. If you are reading this after 8/13/13, you can still do this. Truly, all time is now. That isn't just some airy-fairy theory. We worked with that in the next Higher Level Class, "Shifting Space-Time: Tools for Solving BIG Problems."

"This Higher Level Class of Conscious Connection with the Higher Soul has been hugely life-changing for me! It really goes down to the deepest root, solving all the big problems. I got such a deep understanding and awareness about my soul, and I got exact answers for the situations I never knew what to do with. Now I know exactly what my soul is working on, and I know exactly where to change my ways.

"I am changed; I am acting differently in my life. I have unlimited freedom to create who I really am! I am standing at the door. I am very excited about my new life, and about what is starting to happen already. From Saturday to Tuesday the awareness kept coming to me. To come back to my old life wasn't easy; my stomach squeezed when I saw what I've been creating, but at the same time I know exactly where to change it in every moment!!

"My Guides play music in my head to send me messages. I first heard this in our class at Kripalu, and now they are playing it again louder. This is how I feel:

"Celine Dion, New Day Has Come, Click to Hear

"My soul is flying now! Thank you for all the Higher Dimension Beings, and ALWAYS FOR YOU and YOUR BRAVENESS, bringing this to Earth and for us!!! I could never imagine we could have this type of experience in a human body! We truly live in a magical time!"

Olivia Odor, Norwalk CT


FREE Higher Level Class

Conscious Connection: A Higher Level Class with the topic of Tools for Solving BIG Problems: Conscious Connection to the Higher Soul.
Recorded live, Sarasota, FL, July 20-21, 2013

(A $97 Value. Offered here Absolutely FREE!)

Dear Friends,

This is a transmission to help your higher souls come into your bodies, so you can live the lives you have come here to live and BE who your souls want you to be. It came through in the July 2013 Higher Level class, Conscious Connections with the Higher Soul, above.

Unlike all the other transmissions which are available at extremely low cost of $9 apiece when you buy them in groups, we are giving this one away. Why are we giving it away? Not because it is worth less than the others - but because it is so important and so valuable that it can't wait for people to rise above their financial fears and risk $10 on a recording.

Please, dear friends, accept this gift from us. Download this transmission and absorb it daily. Support yourself in living your life from the perspective of your higher soul. We can DO this, dear friends. We CAN live the lives we came here to live, and BE who our souls want us to be. We can!

Listen to the Day 1 Transmission:
Concurrent Lives and Higher Soul

Dear, dear friends from the Higher Level Class,

In the Level One classes, it's normal for people to be afraid they can't do it, or are doing it wrong. That's why we talk about it being the stumble-through. Not a run-through, not a walk-through. It's going to be a mess but that's okay, it's supposed to be bad, right? No worries, no pressure to do it right, yes? This is the first step, yes? This is how we get to opening night, yes? Just try?

So dear friends. This is how it feels to our Higher Souls, who came in during the class 10 days ago and have now had their stumble-through. Most of them have skedaddled, in "Holy Moly" mode. Right?

Now I am talking to your Higher Souls, dear friends. Calling them out through your eyes, so they can read these words on this page. HIGHER SOULS. BE HERE NOW.

My dear Higher-Soul friends, that was the stumble-through! See, it IS harder to be present in your body than it seemed from upstairs, right? No worries! That's why you're coming more fully into your own body now, as a Higher Soul, to support yourself to live the life you wanted to live. Isn't it great that this was just the stumble-through? No worries about running away! No pressure to do it right the first time! It's the stumble-through!

So my dear Higher-Soul-Friends, take a deep breath or 17. Refresh, relax, allow Divine Light to flow through you and around you. Through you and around you. Here's the transmission to support yourself, attached to the email. You also have it in Dropbox, but here it is, all ready to go. If for some reason this link doesn't download right, just go to the Dropbox link Rik already sent. Plus, we're getting ready to share this online. This is too important to wait for people to take this class or buy this recording.

This class can make all the difference. It can. This transmission is the most important part of this class. Absorb it lots of times, over and over and over, until you feel restored and your eyes are alive again as they were over the weekend.

We can do this, my dear dear friends. We can. We can come back into our bodies and go for a walk-through. We can do this. You don't have to do it alone. I am here for you, but more importantly your GUIDES are here for and with you, in every moment. All the Higher Dimension beings are here for you. Angels, Lightbeings. All of them. There is a 20-to-1 ratio of HD support to people in bodies. 20 HD beings supporting each of us, on average. Don't be afraid. We can do this, with all this support both HD and 3D.

Today is a NEW day. Every moment life begins again. Every MOMENT. Begin again with the transmission. Much much love. Much love.


Soul Growth
Draw Down Our Higher Souls
"I am feeling everything viscerally----a sensation of being microcosm and macrocosm simultaneously with the main experience being immediate. Not so much having a clear view as an observer but an immersion and feeling a full soulful participation in shifting in the universe and within. There is a heightened clarity and an upsurging of the eternal energy present in the earth (no surprise to you I am sure) bringing a spinning sort of sensation on a vertical axis within me. Since flowing of Source from without (usually do not refer to things as coming 'down' but I suppose it is a good descriptor) has always flowed abundantly it feels the focus for me is on the upsurging, contributing calibration to the world.

"Keep me on team universe! Thank you for creating the opportunity for us to consciously unite."

Kimberly Braun, Florida
"I have found joy by being part of Team Universe. It's truly a wonderful way to heal and to make a difference on the planet. In the work, I think about my central challenges, my goals for myself, and how can I do better. I use them as intentions for the planetary healing work knowing I'm not the only one with these challenges and goals, and that we are all ONE. I am grateful that the more I live my life on this path, I truly feel joy. Love to you, and us all."
Rebecca Harp, LMT, Florida
"When asked to be a part of team universe by my beloved teacher Lynn McGonagill, of course I wanted to be a part of such a sacred task. I consider it a privilege and and a duty to contribute to the healing of our planet and our universe. It is through the collective, the interconnectedness of everything, that each person's offering results in a sum greater than its parts. The end result is a reverberation of loving energy that circles back around, picking each of us up and enveloping us into grace even further. This beautiful interweaving stirs the soul, and opens the heart. It is something I cannot ever get enough of, and I will come back again and again to be a part of this birthright of service that belongs to each of us. Love and light!"
Tammy Cambria, CRNA, Pennsylvania
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