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Thanksgiving Thoughts: Gratitude for Soul Plan

Happy Thanksgiving, my dear friends!

I got another assignment from my Guides this morning: to get really clear about what I'm most grateful for. Now HERE is a challenge, because truly, I'm grateful for SO MUCH: the way the sun lights up the Spanish Moss at Sattvic times (early morning and late afternoon). Rabbits not running away as I walk right past them. The way the tip of my nose gets cold in the winter to remind me that it (the nose-tip) matters, too. Strong fingernails. However, what am I most grateful for? Hmmm. This IS an interesting assignment.

Some time later, I believe I understand what, at the heart of it, I'm truly most grateful for. I'm grateful almost beyond description to the Guides, who HOLD FAST to their commitment to help us live our individual Soul Plans. But in my innermost heart, I'm most grateful for the Divine Plan itself, the overall tapestry for this Free Will Universe that Wise Divine Minds have woven out of all our individual plans.

What an amazing, magical experience life is, when we engage with it as a grand game, and follow our Soul Plans! It is a challenging, eternally evolving, wild, fast-and-furious free-wheeling fun game, with a fascinating blend of destiny and free will choices. How glorious! I'm most grateful for the overall Divine Plan, for the way all our individual Soul Plans fit into the overall tapestry to give our lives meaning, and for the way our Guides patiently, lovingly, firmly, and inexorably draw us forward on this plan.

Over, through, and around our fear-barriers and resistance, over and over again, our Guides draw us forward. They never give up on anyone or anything. They just keep going, drawing us forward on our individual Soul Plans. In this way, they manifest the glorious overall Divine Plan - for, with, and through all of us.

This is how it is for me, for you, and for all of us. We all have the chance to live a deeply meaningful life. We can all be part of manifesting the Divine Plan on Earth. This is precisely what I'm most grateful for: the amazing, eternally evolving Plan itself. Thank you Spirit!

Dear friends, I love you all, deeply and truly. May you enjoy this beautiful holiday with your loved ones. Don't go shopping. Don't slip into meaninglessness. Speak the truth, not social lies. Have deep conversations, not superficial ones. Sit and speak with peace, love, hope, and JOY in your hearts, making sacred moments for yourselves. Open up to the next level of life. We can learn to live in such a way that EVERY moment is sacred - and in that way, our lives and the entire world transform.

We can do it! We can. Much love dear friends. Much love!


soul plan
Live Your Soul Plan and Live in JOY
"Thank you Lynn for speaking of the guides, spirit and the divine plan.... And of Love. Happy Thanksgiving.


Lisheyna Hurvitz, Boca Raton FL
"Thank you, Lynn, for this message from the heart. It reads to me like a prayer of thanks and of affirmation of the divine plan. I am so grateful to be receiving it. Love,"
Damaris Rowland, Hatfield MA
"Thank you for your words of love and hope, peace and joy. The truth of them brings me to tears, the last paragraph in particular. I love you."
Donna Wylly Sarasota, Florida
"To see and feel as your words allow for the Divine Plan not to be feared but embraced and not to be a chore but a joyous activity is a great thing.

Now to keep reading it and breathing it in.

Thank you."

Nancy Senior, MA
"This message rings so true and loving. I notice that it seems like the pull to slip into meaninglessness around the holiday becomes stronger. I am grateful for the already huge wave of Love, Peace, and Joy that runs through my life and the knowing that at every moment I have the opportunity to dive into each even deeper, even more fully. So much ground has already been taken and in my become sacred. Truly I have blossomed in huge and magnificent ways since participating in Level one in February ( tears flowing now). I am grateful for your presence in my life, for the Guides and Teachers, and for Source, and for the opportunity to live my purpose.

Love and Light"

Mara Bjornstad, Sarasota FL
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